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  1. Hi lived on wimbourne road for 21 years, what a community fantastic place to live ,how lucky were we, i'm Pete stevenso from number 10, be good to here from any one from back then ! cheers Stevo.
  2. Hi re buses on hartley road, no58 came from addington road terminus down hartley rd then along bolavard past raliegh to town it was a petrol bus not a tram.i lived on wimbourne road and as kids when it was a pea soup fog got threepence for giding the 58 up hartley road to the terminus with a white rag and a torch. happy days
  3. Blimey the firm i worked for put the security system in and frankie vaughn was on at the time, we were in the dressing room wiring the fire door, i remember there were lots of his fishing rods in the corner,i tried his top hat on and started singing give me the moonlight! GUESS WHO WALKED IN ??
  4. Trunch lane,yes we used to camp there, 6 of us 2 tents in a consul mk 1 remeber Lincoln hill 3 used to get out and walk up and mostly made it to the top before the car, mad happy days!! thought they'd last forever
  5. what about the Clarence pub on alfreton road ,had some good times in there is it still standing?
  6. yes i was jims apprentice when i first started at co-op,ruddy and bernard remember them too, my brother Ken was a joiner, worked on a few jobs together good times . What happened to all those years?
  7. Hi any one ot there who played for Penerol fc
  8. Yea Mick went climbing with jeff to matlock a couple of times, it scared me stiff, he was like a spider a really good climber. me well tried it a coupleof times then decided to stick to football, and the names you mentioned yes remember most of them, brought back memories, once i was sent from the southchurch drive shop back to abbey st on my push bike to fetch a skirting board ladder and a glass hammer, What a plonker i was, still gave the stores lads a laugh, long ride back though !!
  9. Hi Mick, I remember Jeff, nice lad but he wasn't at my firm, I went from coop to firm called A.f.A Minerva worked on Boots site for 2 years, then to Hornet alarms in daybrook with them for 12 years, nice small family firm , they were bought out by a big company in 1981 so i started my own firm called central alarms, sold that in 1989 and went to Isle of Wight started central alarms again on island and retired in 2008 at 60 years young.
  10. Hi Mick, yes phil was apprentice with me, bill Stringfellow was in charge ,in fact he interviewed me for the job , left to go into security and fire alarms before broad marsh started, worked with Dennis Fisher though, he always had a flask of coffee made with milk and when it was my turn to make the tea i would to have a taste ,lovely it was!
  11. Hi ,i worked as apprentice electrician at coop from 1962 - 1967 , 3 years on beechdale rd Dairy ,worked with Jim Bannister,John bathelor, Pete taylor , Harry ethrington to name a few , great days they were !
  12. Berridge school gold and black, i played in goal for berridge and lost most of my front teeth for my troubles , i remember dixon (mr green) our sports teacher saying "get on with it stevo we'll find your teeth at half time, nice man mr green!
  13. Hi again, yes i saw the midair collision, i was in the playground at Windley school on forest road, it was a clear sky and the sun shone on the silver wreckage as it fell from the sky, didn't realise what it was untill teachers . told us of the plane crash
  14. Hi again ok my first bike in 1963 was a B.S.A bantam 125 did 55mph downhill with a following wind! then a enfiel bullet, triumph 21 , tiger 100, B.S.A shooting star, B.S.A goldie, Tiger cub, Tiger 110, Thunderbird, Ariel arrow and 2 mopeds a raliegh runabout and a nsu quickley, i used to buy them keep them a while and sell them on ( and i apoligize in advance if anyone had problems after buying one of them!) A good friend of mine Terry Woodcock died in a acciedent on Alfreton road, so we all sold our bikes out of respect for his family who lived over the road and i never rode again as i
  15. Well Paul Smith, yes i put an alarm system in his shop, while working for hornet alarms of daybrook