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  1. True enough NB. I've seen all sorts in my time. Everything from nails, kitchen foil, bell wire and even a broken portable radio aerial.
  2. In some ways HV is safer than LV. The protection breakers for HV are very sensitive and really fast. LV on the other hand has quite coarse protection via fuses and will carry quite a large overload for a long time before they let go. The safe approach distance for 132kV is around 5m and for 66 its 4. If the hair on your arms and the nape of your neck start to rise you might want to get the hell outa Dodge pretty pronto regardless of how far away you are. Protection is all academic if like those unfortunates you're on the supply side and not the load.
  3. So long as the hours are 12 till 1 with an hour for lunch..........
  4. My dad fell for several postal scams. You know the sort, "you have defiantly won a prize in our mutli thousand pound competition, ring this number to claim -09####". Of course it cost him about £7 a shot ringing the premium number to win a voucher that gave a discount on some super dooper, top of the range watches worth nearly £500, yours for only £299 with the vouchers. He finished up with four sets of his and hers watches that are total garbage and can be bought on Skeggy front for less than a fiver. There then followed an avalanche of post (really, it came bundled up with elastic
  5. So not as nasty as cleaning after someone tried to steal the bus-bars from Cotgrave Primary - whilst it was still alive at 33kV. It didn't go well for them.
  6. So really two average elephants are equal to a double-decker bus!
  7. As of 01:40 (today) France is supplying just over 8%. Holland just over 4% and Ireland just over 0,5% of the total load on the UK grid.
  8. From the ' Boys own book of useless facts' (Google) Heaviest elephant weighed in at eleven tonnes Average bull elephant six and a half tonnes
  9. Our electricity grid is connected to France, Holland and Ireland. Great big fat juicy cables under the sea, and they are all HVDC (High Voltage Direct current).
  10. Margie you will probably remember from previous posts I'm atheist but I have absolutely no objection to your posts. As I see it your beliefs are your own as are mine and can see no reason for anyone to fall out about it.
  11. I hated Dr who! I could never understand how Daleks could get up stairs. We did not have a TV until I was about 13/14 but as a child a neighbour of my grandma occasionally let me watch hers. The two I most remember are Torchy the battery boy and and a very silly one (even to a child) Twizzle who stretched his arms. One presenter scared me, he looked into the camera and said " are you being good because I'm watching you" I really thought he could see me and I'd just told the lady a fib so I could stay longer and watch more. I suddenly remembered I had to be home tout damn swee
  12. I always worried about my feet. When I stand up they only just reach the ground, lucky or what?
  13. A friend of mine had a Velo 350, I've done many kick-start dances when my foot slipped. Starting them was definitely a skill that had to be learnt, usually the hard way...
  14. I stopped drinking some years ago so the price of beer makes no difference to me. My brother on the other hand is a heavy drinker, 8 to 10 pints when he has a 'session' and can easily spend £50/60 on a night out with his missus. He also pops in for a 'cheeky couple' after work. His bar bill must be half the national debt!
  15. It's a Norton Dominator 650, Corker helmet and a silly moustache.....
  16. Brew


    Qz, you have limited understanding of the issues. I suspect that statement applies to most of the UK population. In discussions among friends and colleagues It appears most formed their decision on a single emotive issue rather than sound reasoning. It's quite a list but most often quoted were: Leavers: Immigration Stupid EU laws Federalisation . . .Remainers Farming subsidies Bigger market Better peeing out than peeing in (easily the most quoted among the remain group) Better the devil you know Not a exactly a s
  17. Brew


    'We could probably allow that as spin' ... really? It has always irked me that the general public are so willing to accept 'spin' as legitimate way to win an argument. Lets called it what it is - deceit, a deliberate act of out of context, misinformation and twisted facts propaganda designed purely to hoodwink us. Both sides of the Brexit farrago have been, to put it politely, disingenuous and economical with the truth. Cols point that only one side, so far, have been shown to break the law does need to be answered. I don't think the situation will go away any time soon. I'm sure ev
  18. Never heard of it but could it be through linkages rather than direct into the gear box - or an automatic (doubtful) or a pre-select (even more doubtful). Failing those it must be a guy with a remote control 'clicker' in the back seat..
  19. As my mam used to say, "they're just too full of themselves"
  20. A site agent told me that soil has a 25/30% bulking factor when dug up.
  21. Well I know what he means, lighten up for goodness sake.
  22. It's a question I've asked several candidates. "why do you want to be on the council" . Never had a satisfactory answer and some of the BS is laughable.
  23. Whilst I agree about these quaint areas being potential tourist traps I have no doubt I would be joining in the chorus of protest about the ruination and commercialisation of Nottingham's heritage if it were so. I worked on Fletcher Gate for awhile and walked up Drury Hill and the steps up to Weekday Cross every day. When they pulled it down there were no protests, no demonstrations , everyone in my experience thought it was OK and looked forward to something 'new, modern and state of the art' to make tired old Nottingham a better, brighter place. It was of its age. Sadly they got it