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  1. Longjohn, Bertalasso's lived on First Ave were neighbours of ours, good people. I have a vague memory of Italians renting next-door and doing shift work at Trent concrete.Rotating in the beds i was told. My Father played a lot of Tennis in the courts behind vale social club and also at Burton Joyce [club Crow... ave?] - he also was a line judge at Nottingham Tennis championship in early 60's, cycled from there to Tommy Johnsons sports shop in Netherfield to get Ken Rosewalls racket restrung and back to him next day. Ive still got all the autographs [ rose wall, head, Gonzales ,
  2. I was a very young kid then and soap factory girls scared the hell out of me at "2nd lane" bus stop by St John the Baptist church in Colwick........they were certainly lively and noisy after work at weekends ........and yes the scent [ smell] its all coming back. Anybody know why that bus stop was called "second lane" ?
  3. Had a lot of fun playing at the Sluice gates with Brian Lloyd - sliding around on the highly polished floor in the control room! Remember Brian sister Jean and his Brother Ronald.
  4. well Nipper I am from that Polish family! I was the youngest, Piat in earlier post is my elder brother, you would probably have known him as "Voisha" [ or however you would have spelt it] - Dobby, and jumping across the tanks theres another memory.....fell off them more times than off spot the horse and had my first tin of baked beans on an open fire in barrel field.remember being put inside a barrel and it being rolled along.... The Bon Fire waste ground was not the bit at side of watsons [ though we did have some there as well as at bottom of the Ave] . it was to right of footpath leadi
  5. I thought the first post in this thread was great - really took me back to a very happy child hood in Cowlick, and then the follow ups with all the memories. I was born and lived on First Ave until mid 1960s. So sad to hear about Steve Maloney. Something that puzzling me....when I lived there the address was OLD Cowlick not just Cowlick as it is now.I wonder what happened to the "OLD"? Nipper - I recall the name from cricket on the rec, I was a lot younger than the rest of you and was always long stop. The shops were Mrs Deans and Parkinsons near church and the Allsops and ?? down Vale ro