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  1. A map dated 1899 shows the signal box and wharf where I thought they were. Am quietly confident I have the right location. The fact this signal box disappeared under Tarmac ninety years ago doesn't help. Actually, it didn't ,the Midland Railway would have dismantled it and used the components elsewhere. I know by 1927, it would have been the L.M.S.however the Midland mentality would have prevailed. Its rural location doesn't help either as there are no landmarks to gauge it's whereabouts. I know it is difficult to try and visualise a scene that is out of living memory.
  2. I thought the signal box was situated on the other side of the colliery line, not as shown on Cliff Tons map. It's not easy, as you have to forget the modernity of the present and try and picture what it would have been. The Radford to Trowell line was constructed circa 1875. It is quite likely the wharf ceased to be used in any capacity shortly after. With Newcastle sidings up and running, the coal wagons would have been transferred via the spur. If you look at the photograph, I think the spur runs where the trees are to the right of the signal box. Pianoman is correct, the wh
  3. The signal box in the photograph is a Midland Railway design. I think it is Babbington Crossing. By taking the line to Trowell from Radford Junction, you would have crossed a colliery line that carried coal to a wharf on Nottingham Canal, where it was loaded onto barges. Adjacent to this line stood a signal box on the right as you headed towards Trowell. I think this is the signal box in the photograph, which would have been taken shortly before closure of the box. As the sun is casting a shadow on the signal box from the telegraph pole, if I am right about the locatio