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  1. Can’t help with current contact details, but I went to Secondary School with Linda Shirt - Frank Wheldon, I think she was in the year above me, so would have been there between 1969 and 1974.
  2. As an update to this thread, Bingham Police Station on Grantham Road, closed down a few years ago and is currently being redeveloped into a Care Home. I remember when the A52 went through the centre of Bingham in the 1970’s, also went through the centre of Bottesford, both now bypassed.
  3. Further up the road it looks like the Bruno (Earl of Chesterfield) has suffered a similar fate, and the Catholic Club too!
  4. Yes, they knocked down the old Toby Jug on Carlton Hill and turned it into a shop, then they turned the Co-op into the Wetherspoons pub. Not too many of my old watering holes left. I think the Tally Ho on Oakdale Rd and the Elwiss/Lodge at the very end of Oakdale Rd are still there, though I’ve not been up that way for years. They rebuilt the Windsor in Carlton Square, when Tesco opened in the 1980’s, but it was boarded up the last time I went past.
  5. I think someone has already mentioned the Nags Head and the Bruno, but pub names round Carlton used to get abbreviated and an O added on to them, so the Nags Head became the Naggo, the Old Volunteer the Vollo. The Inn for a Penny was the Royal Oak before it was renamed. On a recent visit back to Carlton, I noticed some of the old places have now disappeared. The Grey Goose (where I met my wife) has been knocked down, the Porchester is now some sort of shop, The Carlton Hotel has been knocked down for housing, as has the Cavendish, so I understand. The Westdale Tavern is now the loca
  6. There is, or was, a statue of Bendigo on the roof of the pub named after him on Sneinton Hermitage.
  7. A lot of clubs meet up in Lowdham, or pass through on their rides. A favourite ride is along the river via Hoveringham, Thurgaton, Bleasby, Fiskerton, then either up to Southwell and into the hills into north Notts, or continue out to Averham and Kelham, then a loop through Bathley and the Muskhams back to Newark.
  8. I doubt it. They weren’t actually that good!
  9. I would agree that Freda is probably the steepest, though it’s not very long. There are some tough climbs on a bike out in the county. Bank Hill out of Woodborough is a long old slog, as is Oxton Bank - the hill from Oxton going towards Southwell. The hill out of Lambley, past the Woodlark, going over to Woodborough and Bonner Hill in Calverton, going over to Woodborough are also tough, as is George’s Hill.
  10. I used to be a regular at the Rock Disco at the back of the Imperial. Saw a few bands there too including Gaffer, or was it Gaffa? and Desperate Dan. We also used to see live bands at the Hearty Goodfellow including a band called the Medium Wave Band who had a girl singer. Later on there used to be a rock disco at the Old Volunteer in Carlton, and we also used to go to Rock night at the Grey Goose, which is where I met my wife, 35 years ago.
  11. Long time (and long suffering) Forest fan here. My first match was in 1968, I believe. My dad got given some tickets to a Forest home game against Blackpool, and took me along. I was 9 at the time. I think Forest won 2-0. I didn’t start going regularly until the mid-70’s. I remember watching Duncan McKenzie playing for Forest before his transfer to Leeds. I had a break until 1981 (missing the absolute glory years), but I then went to every home game for most of the early to mid 80’s. I remember Forest beating Watford 7-3 (Can’t remember the exact score) in the League Cup. I went
  12. Did any of you cyclists ever ride the track at Harvey Hadden? It sadly closed in 2003, when they redeveloped the athletics track. I used to ride in the early 80’s. The track league was on a Wednesday night in the summer. I rode it for about 5 years before I got married. I never plucked up enough courage to ride the much steeper Leicester track at Saffron Lane. My son Steve started riding at the Nottingham track in 1997, at the age of 9 and won the Schoolboys Track League trophy in 2003.
  13. Although it was before I started riding, Ed told me about it. They closed one carriageway of the A46 between Widmerpool and Leicester, to host the Team Time Trial. I think Les West finished 4th in the road race. i went to the World Track Champs in Leicester in 1982. I cycled down and rode back with Ed at midnight, up the A46. Some great racing, especially the sprints with Koichi Nakano and Gordon Singleton. I also went to the 82 road world champs at Goodwood, where Giuseppe Saronni won the men’s race and Britain’s Mandy Jones won the women’s race. ive met Johnny Aslin
  14. Main roads are busy now, but the country lanes are still quiet, especially in the Vale of Belvoir, where we do most of our riding. We still shout “Car Up” if there’s a car coming from behind, and we still single out if it’s a narrow road. Roads have been even quieter during lockdown, though it’s starting to pick up again now.
  15. Never heard of the Sphere or Hucknall Road Club, but Sherwood had ex-members from Porchester Road Club, Mapperley CC, Arnold Wheelers who had all folded by the 70’s. Ex-Mapperley member Johnny Warner restarted the Mapperley in 1984, after falling out with the Sherwood and Mapperley are still going strong today. Nottingham Wheelers were still going when I started. I remember their blue and white kit. Cycling is booming again in the UK, and a lot of new clubs have started up. West Bridgford alone has 3 clubs - West Bridgford CC, Velo Club Bridgford and OVB. I live in Bingha