Barbara Clough

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Barbara Clough described as the rock behind hubby Brian , has died after a "short illness" .

The article says her death follows closely on from Peter Taylors widow who died a couple of months ago.

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It's sad to read that Barbara Clough has died after a short illness. Also, that Lilian Taylor had died. I had no idea she had passed away. I'm sure the different sets of fans will recognise their worth, behind their husbands success. Barbara and Lilian, R.I.P.

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:mellow: Thoughts on: Barbara Clough and Lillian Taylor, women deserving respect: taking a dignified back seat to their husbands who were constantly in the limelight at a certain time in Football History.

Many times I suspect these ladies were called upon to soothe their men's battered egos.............

God Bless :mellow:

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A CHARITY match between Nottingham Forest and Derby County fans will take place at Chilwell Olympia Sports Centre, Nottingham, tomorrow at 1pm.

Before the game, there will be a tribute paid to Barbara Clough, wife of Reds and Rams legend Brian, who died last weekend.

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