Rubbish on the floor of my office.

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I'll tidy up next time it needs doing!

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Stan's several hours ahead of you...April......LOL

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Re todays date? if you asked most people when the "Graduated Pension Scheme" started you would probably get a blank stare! It was 1961 and the previous weekend was like this one, Clock changing time! I was a railway fireman at that time and was booked to work at 2.47am on that Sunday morning, things went wrong on the Saturday evening when I unfortunately put my alarm clock forward before going to bed so losing an hours sleep when it went off at 12.30 instead of 1.30 am. Leaving the house at 1.59 am for the 45 minute walk I arrived at Nottm. MPD at 3.45.BST. The job was only Lincoln & back with a 'snap time' of over 2 hours but a derailment at Central involved us so we barely had 20 minutes before bringing the 'hikers' back to Nottm. We were back on the shed with nearly 2 hours to 'make' our day (ie 8 hours=14) at 11.47 BST, the foreman couldn't find us anything to do so 'go home' with over an hour less in the wage packet and as that wasn;t received until the first week in April we were stopped 5/1d. (25 1/2P) GPS and that was NO joke!

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