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  1. Philip Woodhead, rings a distant bell, but I cannot remember his dad Frank......The only Frank I remember was Frank Peterson, who worked for BBC radio Nottingham, as a sound engineer.....
  2. For those interested in the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre redevelopment, here is a forum that has an interesting thread on the redevelopment ... And other articles about Nottingham, an architect friend sent me the link...
  3. In the early 1980's Radcliffe on Trent golf club had an open day, both me and my father went to visit and were instructed on how to play the game, well my father liked golf a lot and took it up, but as for me, despite going several times to try to learn to play? I never was any good, and lost more balls than could afford, so I gave up and just enjoyed the offerings in the clubhouse bar, until my subscription ran out.
  4. Welcome to Nottstalgia Mick, I hope you'll enjoy it here
  5. Here's an interesting flikr page, about Barton's Buses,
  6. My condolences, to you and your family. and to everyone who knew him..
  7. Am I odd ? I like snow, well you have to where I now live, halfway up a mountain and a short drive from a skiing centre, we have 5 months of it every year...
  8. In every religion there are those who are more fanatical than others, my wife describes herself as a devout catholic, and goes to church when ever she can, but she married me a nonbeliever, who was divorced and with her being younger than me, she uses contraception,
  9. Happy birthday, I hope you both enjoyed your day
  10. They are not pointless, Compo, I and others got some enjoyment from them, so they served for something