All that great about Nottingham!

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Well fed up of friends telling us that we are mad to be moving back to England, really would like some true but positive feed back. B)

People are quick to complain and rant on about weather, violence and immigrants, but pllleeeaaaassse tell me somethings that you do like about Notts. Crikey this a Nottingham Forum after all.

Would really like some positive info. There must be some good things too.

"Always look on the bright side of Life"


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Yes, There must be summat to be said....

Hang on a minute, lads.

I've got a great idea.

Er... Er...

Animated-MusicalNote.gifThis is

the self-preservation society

The self-preservation society

Put on your almond rocks

and daisy roots

Flash your Hampstead Heath,

wear your whistle and flute

Lots of la-di-das

and cold pig's ear

Look alive and get out of here

Get your skates on, mate

Get your skates on, mate......

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No still not good enough BIP,come over & see for yourself & then tell me if you still want to go back!!!

I buy the International Express for expats & they charge 4.95 AUD, a bit steep I think, especially when I can get Hello/OK magazine for 2 more dollars & read ALL the Goss!!


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Ok lets sort this out.

We can have our papers delivered with TV guide & supplements intact.

We can get sliced bread.

Our farmers dont strike either.

AND we have cheap,succellent steaks so tender you don't even have to cook them!

Good wine ..................& sunshine beat that BIP!


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Sugar Bread, my mouth is watering...

The last time I had that was in Belgium last year. I came home with a recipe to make it but I cannot find the sugar crystal that you need. It is not quite the same with coffee crystals.

I know it is tooooooo sweet and you dip it in your coffee in a morning, but I can only eat a slice at a time and then it is sickly.

Nottingham is famous for its hospitality and happy smiling faces in most places. I wouldn't change it for the world, even though I would like very much to live on the East Coast. Another reason to come home, the lions on the Market Square, I don't think there is a child alive that was born in Nottingham has not had their picture taken astride one of the beasties.

Come home Darcy and live life to the full.

A ;)

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Good on ya Tutanic,she needs a bit of encouragement,if it was left to Bip & myself she would never come back!! Life is what you make it wherever you are, no good living in a beautiful place if you aren't settled or happy. I would love to visit France again,but that doesn't mean I want to live there & the same for Australia too, not every one settles here either. Family are a big draw card & sometimes that's all you need to make the decision to re locate,what ever you do Darcy be happy my love hellothere

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Thanks a million all. We will try. We are young enough i hope to at least try, our daughter is only 4 and also at a good age, that if we decide not to stay and return to France it wont upset too much her schooling.

i agree with both of you, life is short and we should try and make the best of it. As long as we are happy, what does it matter where we live. At least we have the choice, sadly there are people stuck in places that have no choice and incredibly unhappy.

Here we come England!!!!!!! B) bighug englandflag

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Hi Darcy

Good thing about you living in Nottm is when I next visit you can be in on the booze up good is that??


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Might be a while, not sure yet,but you will definately be on the pub crawl list

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You may be right Den,that could well be the case. I think we in Oz give out our fair share of freebies too. I still think both places have their own attractions:

Nottingham has Pork Farms pork pies.

Mushy peas


Tripe & onions

Real snags

Danish Bacon

Plough mans lunches

Good beer

Goose fair

And most important of all for me cold Christmases.

Australia has:

Sunshine most of the time

Lovely beaches

Good wine


Moreton bay bugs

BIG Prawns

Good steak

Lovely fish

Plenty of open spaces

BUT Christmas is hot!!

So make up your minds & when you've decided where you would rather be, why not visit the place you don't live & see for yourself how the other half lives. unionflag

Mick I feel this topic should be in expats but I have tried to moderate & move it but I don't have the neccessery button!!

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Sick as a parrot (but not with bird flu) Hubbie rang me last night, he had just got back from Ilkeston Fair with my little girl. Had great pleasure in telling me how good it was especially the mushy peas and Brandy snap.UMMM!

Told him he doesn't have home to come back to unless he brings me some mushy peas and dumplings!!!!! !jumping!

Sad i know, but it's the little things that you miss.


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Oh ok,I have been away a while Bamber. We spent last Christmas in Melbourne & it was really cold,we had the fire lit, warm clothes etc. My son [who is a nothing to do with the post but I thought I would mention it anyway!!] is visiting from Nottm this year so hope it's really hot


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