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  1. I remember you, Did you used to pal about with Colin Wood?
  2. I knew Neil Oakden, he was in my year at Bilborough Grammar, and in my very early teens I snogged Glenis Scrimshaw a couple of times!
  3. It was down the back of her blouse and not the front!
  4. She's my "little" sister!
  5. Didn't enjoy N I much but as a helicopter tech we weren't on the streets. Although some of us did volunteer for countryside patrols because we were bored!
  6. BT was a year lower than us, knew her from St Martin's youth club.
  7. I thought it was Mr Crompton but I wasn't sure. Yes I can recall Darryl Barker and the question! I also got a lecture from Dr Peake after he saw me stuffing fresh grass cuttings down Brenda Thompson's Blouse one lunchtime....
  8. No longer in the army, they have no use for decrepit old codgers like me, served from '66 to '76. Best ten years of my life , got to live in Germany for 4 years and Hong Kong for 3.
  9. I can remember Peake watching us through the door window But I can't remember who put the note in the register. Had an English teacher, whose name escapes me, set us a short story to write for homework and when it was marked and handed back I had to ask him what "pornographic" meant (yes I was that innocent!) much to the amusement of the class. I got 8/10 for the story but he added the comment "almost pornographic". The plot involved my friend Keith Humphreys and a girl named Sue Brown but I did swap the surnames around...
  10. My girlfriend came from Strelley too, so we must be.
  11. I remember Miss Trail, She was my form teacher in 1964 (Form 4T)
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here who forgot to introduce himself. I have already posted a few messages on specific subjects but not here,,, I am Nottingham born and bred, born in Lenton Abbey, moved to Wollaton as an infant then to Bilborough in the 50's. We lived on Fairnley road (top end of Wigman Road). My first school was Melbury Infants, then on to Glenbrook Junior Boys and finally Bilborough Grammar school. Most of my early and teenage years were spent around Bilborough and Strelley estates. 1966 I left it all behind and joined the Army. There you are - now you know.