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  1. So sorry to hear this news Nick, he truly was a legend in his own lifetime, so many laughs, so many misspent Sundays in Radford's most popular church. You take care of your Mum Guess he finally caught the "Last train"...
  2. my van was badly damaged when it was broken into, they were caught red handed about an hour later with lots of other stuff, and were found not guilty, its a joke, and so is vehicle security Vehicles can easily be broken into now, despite "high security" devices and immobilisers, either by tools, lockpicks, or by force (some methods being unnoticable if you dont know where to look). There is a group on facebook named van and tool theft awareness for those with vans. The best security is home made and not mass produced, the old hidden switch trick is still one of the best.
  3. the predecessor to the nissan bluebird
  4. I knew there was a saying to this, i just couldnt remember. Do we get to choose?
  5. i dont care for the game, but i think the wrong person was sacked for underperforming. How many shots has he has this season? not the number that the players on the pitch have, they failed to score. Pay by performance and it would improve
  6. sorry to drag an old thread up, but i was told yesterday that Jeff passed away recently
  7. Appears to have closed for good, was supposedly being sold months ago, never happened, stripped of stock. If i see the manager i'll ask what happened
  8. no probs pal, was nice to see her out and about, was taught to respect my elders, plus she might take the pop bottle to me head lol. plenty of student in the 3 wheatsheafs, only £2 a pint, cheaper than nails was
  9. Mine too, five mins and i'm away elsewhere. The Bag O Nails in lenton has closed now, only one cheap pub left down there now. On another note Radfordred, i saw your Mam puffing and panting on her way home the other week by the old Beechdale baths, so i did the honorable thing and dropped her off at her door, she was surprised i knew where she lived lol, used to have relations living a few doors away.
  10. you can still buy cylinder push mowers, but they are not built like they used to be, quite lightweight and cheap and nasty now. Qualcast used to do one, i think wolf make one too, as well as webb handy and cobra
  11. blimey, that brings back some memories
  12. Fords "the family store", crikey that brings back some memories lol
  13. certainly looks like one of the 47th boys, his Mum still lives in the Lenton flats
  14. i cant remember if it was sketches, or a series, but Jimmy Cricket did some filming in Lenton in the early 90's, and Timothy Spall filmed Outside Edge in Nottingham