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  1. Hi Keith, I've a feeling I've asked you this before on Friends Reunited? apologies if repeating myself. Senility! I was at the Ellis until 58 and joined the Army Apprentices in August 59. I joined because my best mate had already done so. He was Keith Daws (Dawes) and lived off Nottingham Road. We both went to Scotland Place (Heathfield Primary) pre Ellis. Although I went to the High Pavement 54 to 57! Do you remember him and have any idea of his whereabouts? Regards.
  2. I'm getting totally confused now and used to use the Square regularly in the 50's and early 60s. Wasn't the Moulin Rouge a cinema around the corner? Wasn't there a pub the Golden Keys that used to have cheddar, onion and crusty cobs on the counter?
  3. Those photos certainly take me back. I think I used to catch the number 17 back to Valley Road from there in the mid 50's, and I have the figure of 2d in my mind as the fare! The Toreador also rings a bell.
  4. We had this discussion in another Old Basford thread, I went dances in a building at the top of Lincoln Street, was it a scouts meeting place? I seem to recall a Bleachers Arms somewhere in OB, could it have been in the Vernon Road area?
  5. I seem to remember going to Cannock Chase with the school for some reason, was that Pipewood? I also went spud picking, can only remember how much it made my back ache.
  6. Just paid my annual visit to Friends Re-united. In the Ellis School I have found a Ken Meakin. Just messaged him to check he is the one we were talking about. Also some football teams photos from 1948/9 with Alf Kinder in.
  7. More memory stirrers thanks. Mention of a 'perve' reminds me of a notorious bin man at the time around the Nuthall Road area. Anyone recall 'Johnny' who would offer pupils a bob or two to do whatever? And no, I didn't!
  8. I've just remembered, the lad who stammered was Mick 'Charlie' Bowers who lived next door or very near to Ken Meakin, I think he joined the Navy.
  9. I lived at 258 Valley Road, between Ventnor Rise and the High School playing fields. I had a friend who I think lived in Petworth or just off, Pete 'Knopper' Dickens. Another good pal was Keith Dawes who I joined the Army Apprentices with. He lived up Nottingham Road somewhere. Did you go to Scotland Place school? Good old days?? Regards, Martyn.
  10. Is the name in the bottom left, Fred Barkes? that rings a bell. Now seem to recall names, Pete Sissons, Aubrey Bryan, Mike Barnett, but is it my now mind playing tricks? I was born in 1943, so would we have come across each other?
  11. Oh yes, I remember Black Dan. Also Kenny Meakin, if he was the brother to June who lived near me along Valley Road, and Mick Godfrey rings a bell. Did he have a stutter? and live in the Heathfield area?
  12. I can only remember Alf Kinder, the others don't ring a bell.
  13. Was told it was to the left, on a bend towards Grantham. Red Lion? Black Bull? We lived in Sedgebrook, but left in 77. Haven't been back since so maybe has gone?
  14. Had a chat with Wee Willie in Woolworths at the record bar, certainly mid 50's. Am I dreaming? I'm sure Laurel & Hardy came and they stayed at a relation's who kept a pub in Bottesford? Also saw, Des O'Connor, Terry Dene, the Most Brothers, Ruby Murray and a host of others. Weren't the gods at the Gaumont(sp?) even higher? Great memories
  15. Hi Geoff, I was there 56 to 58, but can't even remember my own name these days! So no help, sorry.