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  1. Soggy seed, been raining here all day
  2. Well he is only a baby, or should i say toddler and they nearly always like to do what they want, when they want lol I have a Cocktiel who needs a detention order slapping on him he can be real naughty sometimes, he is quite old now we rescued him along with his girlfriend a few years back because his previous owners were moving and they didnt want them anymore, they were going to set them free to fend for themselves, well that wasnt going to happen so i took them in, sadly Rosie died two years ago but we still have Jimbo, i have spoilt him rotton he likes to be hand fed like i have to crack o
  3. What a cutie, now who,s the Boss?
  4. Christmas pud and Easter Eggs up your Bum? oh well i suppose its better than piles !rotfl!
  5. i got one it was load of dribble and waffle lol
  6. I think the house and gate you mentioned on Mansfield Rd is still there i pass by it on the bus as i am going into town, also isnt there a tunnel with a statue of Daniel in the lions den in it i heard about this from a cemetry worker aparrently he had been down it and seen the statue
  7. Is it a case of He stoops to Conker then ? !rotfl!
  8. Nothing new i do it all the time lol
  9. What the *^!! is going on then, thats NOT funny !inthebin!
  10. I have one in my house things dissapear only to turn up in a different place from where they were taken from, sometimes we can smell cigarette smoke and none of us smokem, one night it got so bad it felt like i was choking and as i hace asthma it wasnt good so i said i dont mind you coming to visit but dont smoke in my house,if you want a fag go outside we have heard voices and have been touched as well, we call her Nelly because a Nellly lived in my house in 1933 and she has carved her name on the brickwork near the front door. Pictures have fallen off the wal too also i watched a little do
  11. They were taken on my mobile so i never thought about cleaning the lens its so small
  12. It was my volunteer day at the castle today and there were 200 Harley Davison bykers there all parked up on the top field near the castle entrance i took some pics if i cannot get them on here can some one help me to do it please if i e-mailed them to one of you could one of you do it for me please?, i will try my self but dont hold your breath lol
  13. The dustbin is the best place for those kind of posts, what a nutcase
  14. I live near Beech Avenue and i always thought it was in New Basford, also my Grandma lived on Hollis Street before she married at no 21 but the terrace houses only go up to no 19 her house was pulled down to make way for a council house, at least i have some idea what her house looked from the ones rthat are left standing
  15. My thoughts are with you all hope she gets better soon Kat
  16. It was the first shop on the left just after the first railway crossing i remember it because of all the cacti in the window could'nt see much else because of all the grime on the windows
  17. Can any one remember the funny little shop in Netherfield just after the crossing the windows were dirty but you could just make out the cacti on the shelf
  18. I seem to remember a Sheila Pane did she go to the same school as us Babs? i think she was in my class
  19. Sometimes you can get 2 fings for a quid !rotfl!
  20. Yep it sure is a good likeness i am going to try and put one on my profile but i suppose i will make a pigs ear of it lol