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  1. Ball, Barber and Bilk will never be performing again.A very sad loss. Kenny was a typical Essex guy with a great sense of fun. Just think of records such as " I wanna be like you uh uh " and all the monkeying around that went on. Great nights at the Slipper and the parties after. A visit to Nottingham by Ken and his band was always something to look forward to. Nice one Ken - keep blowing your horn up there.
  2. Peter Bowles (To The Manor Born... and lots of other sit coms etc) used to get on the 43 bus outside Henry Mellish school every morning on his way to High Pavement school at Stanley Road, Forest Fields. He was 16 and I was 12 at the time and went to the same school as him. We were both taught by the same English teacher, Stanley Middleton, who won the booker prize after writing scores of novels. He went to Pavement as a boy and returned to teach there and always lived in Nottingham. Firstly on Highbury Vale (Broomhill Road) then Sherwood between Hucknall Road and Mansfield Road below the pr
  3. mick I have 2 machines that cost just over £200 from Tesco..... I can transfer video tape to DVD or other way round... not difficult just put tape in slot and blank dvd in tray and press record. easy peasy - can i help you? Toshiba DVD/Video cassette recorder DVR19DT
  4. When we came home from school (Common Rag Shop) via the River Leen steps in the bogs, then with wet feet we crossed the road to the Olympia in Bulwell Market and they, just like the cinema's, displayed photo stills in glass cases to show who was starring this week at The Olympia Theatre. The photo's pf the nude models were displayed with paper strips pinned across their breasts. Now we being naughty 10 year olds laid down on the steps so that we could look up under the paper strips. Made a change from Spic and Span or Health and Efficiency magazines from Mathews newsagents on Star Lane ( 8 C
  5. take the car to Heanor - Shipley Country park - get on the bikes and ride down the Nutbrook Trail all the way to Sawley marina and back - about 18 miles and 3 hours at a steady crawl. For more excitement and further a field drive to Bakewell and ride along the Monsall Trail - nice and flat ( as it was a railway line originally) ride through 6 tunnels and 3 places to stop for a cuppa. The tunnels are tarmac and lit and a good place to shelter if it comes on to rain. Good advice would ne to call in at the Council information office on Long Row and get some free cycle route maps. or try the int
  6. My son, who will be 50 next week,started at Top Valley Comp in Sept 1972 moving across from Rise Park Juniors. We are fairly certain that it opened the previous year Sept 71. Previous to this the kids from Rise Park went to Alderman Derbyshire (now Bulwell Academy) but what year were the first houses on Brownlow Drive, Rise Park moved into? Number one was the site office in the early 60's
  7. Farrands/Marsdens - as I recall they were both the same compant as Farrands had bought Marsdens in the early 50's - whe supermarkets started to dominate the scene and all the small grocers were closing down this compant closed both trading names and opened small supermarkets to replace them called Savemore. I used to shop in the one on Bulwell Main Street where Fultons is now almost opposite Royal Oak. The Measdow Dairy and Maypole etc belonged to a group called Allied Suppliers - they ran the grocery section in Gem for the first few years (now Asda - Loughborough Road. Farrands also were asso
  8. McCarthys White facing Bricks - made up Thames Street Bulwell with sand fron Culleys Quarry at Linby and Lime made from the Lime kilns constantly burning. Quite a few buildings made from these down Dunkirk opposite the scrap metal dealers. I lived on Dove Street and we used to stand outside Barber Ridge's shop on the corner of Thames Street cadging lifts in the lorry cabs during school holidays.