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  1. Thanks, Rog. I'll pass the gen on.
  2. On teh topic of repeat prescrip[tions; I am on a permanent repeat list for Allopurinol for my gouty leg. I asked the paharmacy if I could have an early prescription because, like Col, I was to be out of the country when it was needed. They said "No bother at all, come in a couple of days before you leave." I did so and of course, they had forgotten.
  3. The missis is looking forward to fish in parsley sauce for tea. I took my eyes off the cat for five minutes.....Wonder how she will like the beans on toast?
  4. Referring to the original post: The American says (Near the bottom of his list) that if you are 60 you get free TV. In fact you have to wait until you are 75 to qualify for the free TV licence.
  5. Viz magazine advertises All wood greenhouses with no glass. "No more broken panes from pesky kids throwing stones!" they claim.
  6. WOW! My sister collects Wasgij jigsaws and there are dozens of them on that stall. I've sent her the photo and although she lives in Northumbrland, she has a daughter in Nottingham who may be able to get out to Retford to take a look for her. What day is the market with jigsaws held? I notice from the internet that there are markets on Thursday and Saturday but a Bric-a-brac market on Friday - would this have been the Friday marlet, Rog?
  7. Here's an unusual use of a Mamod steam engine. It is attached to a number of Goldenn Virginia tobacco tins and a home-made paddle. It was made during working hours at the Q Test department, Plessey, Beeston in about 1976. This is it steaming on one of Attenborough gravel pits during a lunch break. The final photo is another thing you don't see anymore....a steam pulse-jet engine. Again, home made in the test department. Apologies for th equality of pictures; they were taken from a set of badly damaged slides. Note the use of an old cocoa tin a
  8. The film looked at aspects of the war hitherto largely ignored. I have seen and read much about the conflict but this sums it up better than anything else I have seen, Ben.
  9. Back on topic.... Did anyone see the masterpiece of film editing that was "They shall not grow old" last night on bbc2? WWI footage remastered and colourised together with around two hundred ex WWI sildiers' commentary. For me it was the defining film of the great war. Available on iPlayer should you wish to see it.
  10. Paacking ready for holiday, which begins tomorrow......
  11. Always wise to let the refrigerant settle down past the compressor valves or they may break when switched on.
  12. My grandmother was for over forty years a well respected Spiritualist medium, doing guest readings all over England. She once told me that I have "The Gift" but didn't know how to use it. When I was young my father, being a good Catholic, would never allow me to be at my maternal grandmother's without supervision - he was probably afraid she might convert me.
  13. Me too but finding nothing. The message is so vague - could have been born in spondon and killed his family elsewhere. Derby hangings seem to have been stopped between 1862-73. Whether it is correct or not - it was a bit scary seeng the glass fly off like that! Just tried historical Criminal Records but need subs to Ancestry to get in.
  14. Three children died in our house in the 1880s - no ghosts though. My story, which I sort of half-heartedly followed up but gave up after a few enquiries is: Had a Ouja board seance in my little house on Byron Road, Annesley, back in 1969 (Note the year). There were just the two of us, self and wife. The upturned glass began as one might expect but then it suddenly began to go wild, spelling out the name Wilford Wilson. When asked the usual "Any message?" it whizzed around spelling "Spondon - hanged for murder of wife and children, 1869". Then it whizzed off the table and broke in the hearth!
  15. A walk on the moors of central Caithness produced these images. Enjoy! Pancake Ice: The end of thet road: Looking over the moors. Note the deer track on the right. It goes to the river and then stops. Presumably, it is wher the herd drink. 'Er indoors (Mrs Compo): The river in the late afternoon light: A Caithness flagstone wall: A footbridge for intrepid salmon fishermen: A fishermen's hut alongside the river: The River
  16. A walk in the widernes of the Caithness moors yesterday produced this image of "Pancake Ice" on the River Thurso at Dirlot. I have heard about this stuff but never seen it before. For more pictures go to the "Photography" section but give me a wee whiley yet because they are still uploading on my superfast 0.2Mbs internet broadband connection.
  17. Problems with my image hosting site Cliff Ton. I had to reduce my stored photos fromo 5,000 to 1,000 or risk them all being deleted by Flickr. Now back on Google images so hopefully it won't happen again.
  18. Brew: The engineers did their sums and the miners did their tunnelling - they were a bit good at what they did.
  19. Image No.1 A finished Jigsaw puzzle. Image No.2 The same puzzle after the two cats had a five second fight.
  20. Thanks for the gen, Lizzie and I also apologise for the hi-jack funny how one subject can lead to another and so on.....the phenomenon used to be called "Thread Drift"; I wonder what it is called these days?
  21. "Never use the word 'Got' unless you've got to." [T.Delee, deputy head, St B's 1960s. Former classics teacher, Cambs.]