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  1. Never had a problem with Laithwaite's but they have an outlet at Denby Pottery if the worst comes to the worst!
  2. Let's hear some growling and howling, Loppy. You've been missed.
  3. How's young Babs this morning, Ben?
  4. Gene Kelly liked Cyd and Lesley because they were both trained in classical ballet and were therefore stronger and had superior techniques to many other dancers around at the time. Kelly was a tough taskmaster and expected a lot from his female dancers who not infrequently went home at night covered in bruises!
  5. Oh, Margie!! You are brave. My mum had cataracts removed from both eyes, then laser treatment to remove the secondary film that sometimes forms. Both eyes again. She also had glaucoma in one eye. I have regular eye tests but at the age of 63 I don't need glasses. If I ever develop those sorts of problems, I'll get a guide dog. I'm not brave enough!
  6. She will forgive you, Ben! Syd must be relieved she's home with her little shaved patch. Bless her!
  7. You kept that quiet our Ben! Happy birthday to you! Form an orderly queue. All the females of Kirkby... Want to cuddle him too!
  8. I may have mentioned this story previously but in December 1947, my maternal grandmother was terminally ill with ovarian cancer. Mr John Barr Cochrane had operated on her at the City Hospital. He was only a young man then but would be associated with that hospital for the rest of his career. As is common with that type of cancer, there were no concerning symptoms until it was too late. He urged my grandfather to persuade my grandmother to stay in the hospital due to the pain she would suffer which could be controlled more easily in that environment but grandma wanted to go home and go home she
  9. You're doing the safe and sensible thing. Nothing worse than irresponsible cat owners who don't spay and neuter, then throw the poor female out when she's in kitten and not much more than a kitten herself! Those people I could happily string up! Babs will need a bit of spoiling when she gets home! Chicken dinner and loads of cuddles!
  10. I'm told there is now a 'knife arch' whatever that is, outside the entrance to ASDA. Police patrolling the car park! Wouldn't dare go shopping in a situation like that.
  11. How could they pass up the opportunity of such a lovely home, PP? They'll be back.
  12. I, too, got separated from my mum in Woolworths on Radford Road when I was very tiny. My mum had a cream mohair coat. They were very popular at the time. I'd been hanging round the biscuit counter, as usual. I just followed a familiar looking mohair coat and when the wearer turned round it wasn't my mum! Never been so frightened in my life! I thought I'd never see her again! I'd just come off the reins. After that, they went back on again!
  13. Welcome GCW. You are absolutely correct that the area was perfectly safe and respectable for decades. My mother knew the area from the 1920s and often told me of the people who lived in the large houses which later became flats and bedsits. It is a terrible shame to see it today.
  14. There was a Mr Ross Wells at The Manning in 1969 but he taught geography.
  15. Welcome, Rob. I'm sure our very own Cliff Ton will be along shortly to swap memories with you. I think you're both around the same age.
  16. Are you taking lessons from young Trogg, AG?
  17. That ought to put some fizz in you, then, Beekay!
  18. I've got the frock...and I can still do the high kicks! Get yer tux on Ben and we'll dance the night away!
  19. Red medicine tastes better than anything made by Pfizer, katyjay!
  20. Just cancelled my jab. Now where's the corkscrew?
  21. I'm more interested in the 1921 census!
  22. It's booked for the weekend, Lizzie!
  23. I had my letter yesterday, Nonna, and I'm 63. Several friends of the same age received their letters yesterday, too.