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  1. Strangely enough, having been 100% fit all Winter, I’ve been snotty and sneezing all day today. I’ve only ever had proper Flu once in my life and it was grim, I felt like death for a few days but having watched that Covid programme last night it was nothing like those poor people were having to cope with.
  2. I backed a winner at Cheltenham!
  3. Start with ‘baby steps’ Mary, you’ll soon get fit enough to enjoy your bowls again.
  4. I was talking today to a neighbour who got a message the other day about the 40+ being offered vaccines in Nottingham. He quickly got on the website and booked a slot. He thought he was booking for the following day and then realised he’d booked for that same day, in 10 minutes time. He rushed down to The Forest, got his jab but also found out that the system had lots of vaccines that needed to be used up before their expiry date ...... hence the offer open to the younger age group. Now us oldies are wondering if we’ll get the second dose when due.
  5. There are about a dozen different Royal Mail scams going around at the moment. I got a text message this afternoon with a link which I clicked on, even though we’re not expecting a parcel. Up pops a very realistic Royal Mail website requesting £1.99 for re-delivery of a parcel. Rather than clicking on the link on that I went onto the PC and looked on the REAL Royal Mail website, entered the Tracking No and it wasn’t recognised. Some people will be taken in by these scammers. Alarm bells rang in my little brain as we hadn’t had a Royal Mail card in the postbox and how come they’ve got my m
  6. On St Patrick’s Day a year ago we should have been flying to Miami and we still haven’t got a refund from American Airlines!
  7. That’s because none of us are mixing to pick it up anywhere. Still plenty of Covid cases though, which doesn’t make sense does it?
  8. Just found out that Pete Hindley passed away 6 weeks ago, of dementia. Aged 76. RIP Tank.
  9. I thought exactly the same today Margie. Our ‘difficult’ daughter-in-law sent me a WhatsApp message last night, just as I was going to bed, a news article stating that Marvin Hagler had passed away the other day as a result of the Covid vaccine. I didn’t respond but I couldn’t get to sleep because I wanted to find something to prove her wrong. So I googled Marvin Hagler and the first item that came up was an article stating that his wife was denying such an allegation and found it upsetting that people were saying the vaccine was to blame for his death. I then googled the source of the
  10. How sad to find out about your old mate in that way though. Years ago a friend of mine was pressurising me to join Facebook and to be honest I avoided it for a long time because really, deep down, I didn’t want to be found by people from my past! The experience hasn’t been too traumatic and has actually been rather nice connecting with old schoolfriends especially.
  11. I worked in the New Basford factory from 1967 til 1975 and left before the company moved to Blenheim Ind Estate but I did pop in there to see old work colleagues just once. I remember a lot of names but only Don Waltham of those you mention. I worked for 2 Chief Engineers (Don Joyce then Noel Scott) and then Wally Biggs (Personnel Manager ...... HR these days of course). Wonder if I knew you? I really enjoyed working there, lots of fun and banter and all decent people. Being the only girl in the Engineering Department on the top floor was great, loved it and have really great memories
  12. What a pretty little girl you were Margie! Lovely pics
  13. Obviously the ‘go-to’ place for the local captains of industry then
  14. I’m really impressed with the ex pupils of Berridge, I see so many posts and photos relating to the school on Facebook, makes me wish I’d gone there. I never see anything about the schools I attended, except on their dedicated sites, and even then there’s not a lot of interest really.
  15. I’ve never been in FB Jail but my daughter-in-law has been blocked by them on several occasions and I completely understand why they block her. She’s a conspiracy theorist, an anti-vaxxer and a Covid denier. Yes I know ..... it’s a nightmare keeping my mouth shut but I/we do to maintain family harmony.
  16. Yes he was SG, he bought me a Beach Boys LP for my 17th Birthday and I’ve still got it! He used to knock about with Pete Ottoway (?), not sure if they were schoolfriends or if they knew each other from work.
  17. SG, I knew Darryl Barker, after he left school and when he worked at EMEB Carrington Street.
  18. Well done PP. Not sure I’d let my husband loose with the kitchen scissors on my hair but a couple of weeks ago I persuaded him to sort my roots out .... he didn’t do a bad job, it’ll do til my appointment on April 12th, the first day that hairdressers are open, yay!!
  19. But since his soldiering days Rob, well in the past 3 or 4 years, he’s been manipulated and taken in by this young woman and we should all be able to see that what Meghan wants Meghan gets and to hell with the British Monarchy. I’ve noticed that political views seem to dictate which side one supports. Hillary Clinton has been on American TV in support of the Markles and on UK TV we’ve had the lovely articulate Diane Abbott ranting on. I don’t normally get into political discussions but just explain why Socialists appear to support those two.
  20. Oh dear Mary, that was too close to home, I’m sure you were delighted when he popped his little clogs!
  21. I agree with all the points you make SG and having spent several weeks at a time on my own when my husband has been working overseas I’m well used to being out late at night walking our late dog around the block for a last pee. I did vary the routes we took because in the back of my mind I thought ‘someone’ might be taking note of where and when I’d be out. It’s very quiet around our neighbourhood and I very rarely saw another person and I can honestly say that I’ve never had cause to be concerned. However, thinking back to my youth, I had 2 or 3 scary instances. I was followed twice fro
  22. I love 'em too and really wish I'd been able to seen them live when there was more than one left. I'm forever asking Alexa to play The BeeGees! I do have a bit of a connection with a couple of them though. Years ago our first laptop originally belonged to Maurice Gibb .......absolutely true! We had a place in the Bahamas and the bar we used regularly when over there was owned by a really good friend of Maurice's and he'd been given a laptop by Maurice but didn't need it so sold it to us. Then one time we were on the same BA flight from Miami to Heathrow as Robin Gibb and when he arr
  23. That’s nice. I didn’t even know there was a subway there, I’ve always been too busy looking at the traffic to take notice of what’s on the pavement or under the road.
  24. Bit windy last night wasn’t it? We’ve got a close-boarded fence blown down ........ I’ve been twittering on about it for a year or so, since I noticed it leaning with the weight of a lot of ivy/evergreen foliage. I’ve (of course) mentioned many times the need for it being fixed but been told it’s alright, not a problem. Oh well, now it’s going to be a major job including a skip and several new panels. I’ve always lived by the saying “A stitch in time saves nine” but I know nothing!
  25. I like watching real-life programmes, I certainly can’t be bothered with the soaps. Tonight, and other weeks, I’ve watched ‘Police Interceptors’ on Ch 5. Tonight and also a couple of weeks ago the Notts Police were featured. I can normally recognise different areas of Nottingham and the County that they’re racing through, chasing baddies, but tonight I found it difficult to work out ....... but I think Bulwell was featured!!