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  1. I’m one of the original Mod voices in a new book available about the Mod culture from the 60s to date, in the voices of the people who were there. My contribution, in words and pictures, covers Nottingham in the 60s, especially one of the best clubs in the country, the Dungeon. Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices by Tony Beesley is published next Thursday, August 21st and available for pre-order now.
  2. Micky remembers going to Coleman's for individual ballroom dance lessons with Aubrey Coleman in the later 60s or early 70s. I also remember my sister going there on I think Saturday mornings. Micky has just said, does anyone remember Mrs Varton's dancing classes held at the YMCA during school holidays? I seem to remember Coleman's being used for some band gigs in probably the late 70s. I think I saw Dr Feelgood and Gong there.
  3. Why do my links appear as a URL and not the actual video?
  4. The Sleaford Mods video was made by James Turner who is a big friend of my son. Here's another video made in Nottingham by Fraser Lowrie who is the son of one of MozMicDawn's drummers.
  5. I can't remember the first single I actually bought - I think some were bought for me. I did have some 78's including one by Rosemary Clooney but don't know the title. 45's came out the year I was born but probably the first I do remember was 'Hoots Mon' by Lord Rockingham's XI.
  6. And the only cinema still standing and operating as a cinema from our youth is the Savoy.
  7. We went there in the 60s - it was known as the 'Funnies'. We'd go on a Sunday after the afternoon session at the Dungeon for a cuddle in those double seats.
  8. I've already changed mine
  9. Yes MHS was part of GUS. They did a lot of mail order business - you probably had or at least bought something out of one of their catalogues in the past. They also had furniture shops. Do you remember Cavendish or Woodhouse. They also owned several buildings in Nottingham. At some stage, 70s or 80s, they had a building at the top of Hockley where employees or those in the know could buy ex-catalogue items at a very cheap price. I first worked for MHS in the 70s, and my team leader then was Sir John Peace who is now the Chairman of Experian. I remember the name Sir Isaac Wolfson, but ne
  10. My wife has some pictures taken at Carrington Lido when she was a child - I'll search them out and see if there's anything of interest. I lived near Highfield's Lido, so went there regularly.
  11. MHS or Midland Household Stores was the name of the company in Talbot House, later to become CCN & later still Experian who still have several buildings in Nottingham. I worked for them on and off for several years. Talbot House contains several very nice art deco features which I hope are being kept or have been taken out for use elsewhere - a staircase, pictures, statues, wall friezes and had rooms very typically act deco in which I've attended many meetings.
  12. I remember Mario - he was into ten-pin bowling big time. Just checked him out on Google and see that he was coach for the national Saudi Arabian bowling team.
  13. Basfordred, I remember seeing Chicken Shack at the Boat Club just after Christine Perfect and John McVie got married. John & Peter Green joined them on stage during the second set.
  14. I was there when the 'Shortest skirt' competition was held - some seemed to be just wearing 'large' belts.
  15. Vintageann asked me to put up her photograph, so here it is - Ann & Pat taken in 1966 standing by the jukebox in the Dungeon.
  16. I had short hair with a mod style when I went to the Dungeon in the 60s. At one point a girlfriend cut it for me and I had bald patches all over my head - maybe I was thr original skinhead. After taking my A levels at school, I started growing a moustache. In the later 60s my hair grew longer and longer and by the 70s, I had very long hair and a full beard and looked like a member of ZZ Top. Then I had it cut short and it stayed like that for many years, the beard went, the moustache stayed. Eventually I stopped working and grew my hair long again, as it is now (but no moustache).
  17. I remember Rik Kenton and I remember the trip to Ilkeston. I think he did play occasionally with the Salty Dogs, certainly in practise sessions if not on stage. He did play bass briefly with Roxy Music and later formed a band called Savage Progress in the 80s. You can see him on Youtube with both bands. I don't know if he's done anything since then. I do remember the Salty Dogs playing at the Sherwood Rooms along with his band - maybe this is your diary reference, Ann?
  18. I saw Stevie Winwood with the Spencer Davis Group at the Dancing Slipper, with Traffic certainly in Leicester (De Montfort ?) and maybe at the Theatre Royal all in the 60s and much later solo at the Royal Concert Hall. I've always liked him & his music.
  19. Ann, Stan (Richard Staniland) was the drummer in our group, the Salty Dogs. George (Siddall) was a guy I met at school (he joined us in the 6th form) - I think his friends were people like Alf & Richard? I remember all the coffee bars but not the Causerie - maybe someone else on here can throw a light on this? I don't remember the party or gig you mention.
  20. So will your memoirs be published one day - I hope I'm not mentioned in your diaries (at least not in bad way).
  21. Hello VintageAnn and welcome. You've joined something at last. Will you be sharing your memories on here and putting all the records straight?
  22. All my golly badges have been 'lost in transit' but I still have an orchestra of the golly pottery musician figures.
  23. Yes Paul, I've got a picture of a poster for a gig at the Theatre Royal in 1967 which I went to - Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Move, Pink Floyd, Amen Corner, the Nice, Eire Apparent and Outer Limits. Prices ranged from 5/- to 17/6. (If any young people are reading this, that's 25p to 75p).
  24. Saw LJB at the Dungeon with Steam Packet and at the Sherwood Rooms (probably with Bluesology including Elton John) - he was one of several acts on, the only others I can remember are Jimmy James & the Vagabonds and the Jimi Hendrix Experience.