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  1. Vinyl discs

    Does the Epi and vox give you a Beatle sound Ian?
  2. 60's wireless memories

    Bought loads of second hand record from both Alberta and Eddy's which is now Nottingham Hi-Fi.
  3. I don't know about the leg but I got the cane for running up the stairs!
  4. Frank, I was there from 1967-1972 and can only remember Mr Middleton from your post. Were Mr E W N Smith, Mr Wass, or the Head Mr Brown there then?
  5. Where is This?

    Where's all the litter in these photos, oh yes they must've been photoshopped back in the day!!!
  6. Old Bulwell Photo's.

    In your photo of the Adelphi caftan, it looks like there's a crane in the background that might be removing the central part of the old CGR viaduct?
  7. Chulla

    So sad, always enjoyed his posts.
  8. The book arrived today, had a quick skip through it ready for a good read. The book is pure quality with great research done by David.
  9. Snow.

    I walked or biked to school every day even during the winter of 1963 and the school was never shut!
  10. Pleasant Past.

    I was in the same year as Nigel at Glade Hill and I think they lived on Mosswood Crescent but could be wrong about that.
  11. The Beatles

    Just wondered if anyone here saw The Beatles at the Odeon on this date and kept their ticket as this one got a good price recently?
  12. How would I get a copy of the Basford Bystander Chulla?
  13. Cruises

    Me and the mrs went on a taster cruise to Bruges, Le Havre and Cherbourg in 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed it. This year we're going to see the Norwegian Fjords and can't wait. Each to their own I say.
  14. The Beatles

    Just reading a book entitled 'Beatles 66' which was a game changing year for them. They changed from a gang of four to four individuals that year, did their last live show at Candlestick Park, Lennon met Yoko and Epstein appeared to have lost overall control of them which probably started the long road to going their separate ways.