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  1. Car tax evasion

    Anybody can check a vehicles tax/mot here: https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-tax
  2. Newspapers in Nottingham

    Was it the Guardian Journal?
  3. I did, 1960 - 1962, my teachers name was Miss Borrell.
  4. Bulwell

    I'd sooner be walking on two legs, free and reasonably fit than have that bleeding' lot.
  5. todays education

    They ought to have had as every year there appears to be record numbers of higher grade passes. All that I do know is that there are a lot of younger people out there who are extremely poor spellers and can't do simple maths.
  6. I think her name was Elsie, but I could be wrong as I was young at the time?
  7. Nottingham & Notts Books

    Just bought this book today, not read it yet but looks interesting.
  8. Radio's obsolete. Surely not.

    I also love the radio, listen to football on 5 (listening to Newcastle v Liverpool as I type), Johnny Walker & Tony Blackburn on Radio 2, Magic Radio on Saturdays and Sundays and on occasion Radio Dead on the internet.
  9. Vinyl discs

    I had to smile to myself Col as I was referring to the record in the image as the thread title is 'vinyl discs'. Thanks for the description anyway!
  10. Vinyl discs

    Is that an original stereo DJ?
  11. Image Attach Test

    Not 100% sure where my photo was taken 'catfan' but I think it's Lyme Regis, I can't seem to find my photo's! Bloody computers lol
  12. Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    On a bit of a downer with the tele recently, even Pointless seems pointless.
  13. A few random photos - 3

    Why does everything just look so much better than today!
  14. There were never any school photos taken when I was there, strange, from 67 to 72. Any chance of a posting Col?