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  1. nnsc

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    Nice to see the old Northern Baths in the top right photo!
  2. nnsc

    Anybody in to guitars?

    3 String Bass?
  3. Saw ELO at the Ice Stadium on Sunday and what a spectacular show it was. 13 musicians all in time playing all the greatest hits. Stand out tunes: 10358 Overture and Mr Blue Sky. Did anyone else on here go to see them?
  4. nnsc

    Record shops

    Merge the two threads? How Do You Do It - please excuse the pun!
  5. nnsc

    The Beatles

    No I don't, I never got the laserdisc bug. Of course I have the EP, LP (mono, Stereo) and DVD of MMT. Blue Jay Way i must admit, although inventive is not one of my most played and there is a big difference in the mixes between mono and stereo.
  6. nnsc

    Anybody in to guitars?

    Dave Mann's shop is great if you're into guitars, ukuleles or harmonica's. The service is second to none too.
  7. nnsc

    The Beatles

    Which one Red?
  8. nnsc

    A few random photos - 5

    Maybe the person who took the photo was wrong about the year! Anyway I've tracked down the posters displayed on the wall - see below This one isn't quite the same but maybe the film was renamed 'Revenge' in this country?
  9. nnsc

    A few random photos - 5

    Ian according to the photographer, who gave me the photo it was taken just prior to Britains involvement in WW2.
  10. nnsc

    Elvis Vs The Beatles

    Great track with an unusual ending.
  11. nnsc

    Elvis Vs The Beatles

    I think Faust released the Faust Tapes on Virgin. Groundhogs with Tony McPhee did an album called Split. Heard of the James Gang but have nothing by them.
  12. nnsc

    Elvis Vs The Beatles

    Wow, that's some collection you've got there!
  13. nnsc

    Elvis Vs The Beatles

    Nice photo Ian, you just can't beat a good music collection no matter what someones personal taste is!
  14. nnsc

    Notts County

    What a ridiculous statement for a manager to make: "I'm not happy," added Kewell. "I'm frustrated because I knew what Exeter were going to bring. They changed their whole team up to suit how we play." seems like the Exeter manager did what he's supposed to do!
  15. nnsc

    Raven Terrace enquiry

    mitch1 is correct about the location Terry.