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  1. Is there anyway that I can copy these comments and send them to his family? I know the best way for them to see not only on this thread but all the many other posts he made over the years would be to become a member of Nottstalgia or even just log on but it may not be practical for them at this sad time.
  2. I will be there possibly helping with refreshments.
  3. If I find out what happened I'll keep you posted.
  4. It sure is. I really need to find out what happened. I phoned the funeral place in Braintree today but all they could tell me was that the Coroner was involved. We honestly thought we were indestructible.
  5. On Saturday November 19th There is an event called The Bilborough Local History Fair. It is on at St. Martin of Tours church in Bilborough Village (opposite the Rose Public House) and hosted by the Bilborough Local History Society from 11am until 4 pm. It will cover every aspect of Bilborough (and surrounds) history and will have photographs, maps, family history and other stalls. It is free to get in.
  6. Do you think we can charge Nottingham City Council with a hate crime? After all they do hate motorists and it shows.
  7. I could write a book about our escapades and that was only for a few short years. What did he get up to with others. Pete and I (along with many others of our wider circle of friends) led lively lives full of devilment. From making fake half crowns in metalwork lessons, to going across the tracks at railway stations to avoid giving up our tickets. We had a great day out in Manchester visiting all the railway stations and acquiring platform tickets. We went on the last Nottingham service trolleybus in 1966. We toured all the local locomotive sheds by bicycle and many of the far away ones by ra
  8. I think we can seriously assume that the notice in the Nottingham post is true. It gives his mother's, brother's and son's names which I know is true. Also his age and the location of the funeral on Monday at Braintree at 1pm. I will try to find out what happened but because of work commitments I am unable to attend his funeral.
  9. I looked in the Nottingham Post obituaries last night and found notice of the death of an old friend of mine who resides in Braintree. I believe this to be our member Firbeck. I don't know any details yet but it says he died unexpectedly on October 10th which indicates to me there must have been an inquest. If it is my old mate may God rest his soul.
  10. I've got a tin of green paint somewhere. So what does produce greenhouse gasses in Nottingham? Cars driving in low gear over the multiple speed humps, driving slowly in traffic jams caused by a/ lane removal (as in bus lanes etc) b/ stuck behind buses picking up passengers at those protruding bus stops. c. having to keep stopping at traffic lights having their default changed to the minor route. d/ removal of alternative routes. They think we don't notice. They expect us all to drive newer and more efficient cars, or hybrid/electric cars. Who can afford them? I certainly can't b
  11. My fascination began when I was very young. My dad was in hospital and made friends with a family who lived at Burton Joyce. On our numerous visits to them, the bus went all the way along Carlton Road and the sight of Bluebell Hill Tunnel fired my imagination. I was not happy until I was old enough to go out there and walk the line. Interestingly. My wife's friend lives near Porchester Road. Not long ago she was awaiting the bus into town and got talking with a young lass. She told my wife's friend that she had moved from London and now lives in one of the new houses. She mentioned
  12. During the 1960s myself and my mate who is also a member of this forum, walked the length of the old Suburban Line (as far as we could) and walked through most of the tunnels. Another time a gang of us did that walk and I remember sitting on the parapet of the north portal of Ashwells tunnel eating sandwiches and dangling our legs over the side. We were only sixteen. Happy Days.
  13. At least us oldies don't have sweaty hands from carrying our phones about all day. Mine is in my pocket and only used when necessary. Like Firbeck. I see too much going on in the real world to have any interest in the tiny detail of what everyone else is doing.
  14. I've back-tracked to this thread because of something that has happened across the road (Wigman Road Bilborough) from me. They have rebuilt Glenbrook Primary School and are now in the process of demolishing the old schools. My daughter-in-Law who is a teaching assistant there has alerted me to this. They have discovered a brick lined tunnel under the school near where the junior girls and junior boys (as pre 1980s) met. At first I thought that it might have been part of the sough but I think it was more likely to have been a culvert carrying a stream under the Bilborough Cut. I remember remnan
  15. My wife's mate worked at Bell Fruit. I'll ask her about Debbie when I see her.
  16. Pete I remember old Harry Beadsworth effing it blind in the boiler room under the changing rooms. I once imitated his voice too loud and he heard me. Chased me across the playground.
  17. Sorry I did not look out of the widow. It was the window. LOL
  18. There are too many of them around. Why do I look out of the widow and see young lasses taking their kids to school. They are sauntering along completely engrossed in that silly smart phone rubbish they are reading. Fifty yards behind is a tiny child completely out of range of mother's interest. It only takes a second for that child to see its mate over the road and run under the wheels of a bus. My lovely wifey (and myself of course) never let go of our children's hands when out in the street.
  19. Ayup Pete. Sorry not been posting lately but been too busy. Work work flipping work then I come home and start work on getting the house modernised. Keeps me off the streets mind you. How are you these days?

  20. I know I'm getting old. I just look in the mirror and don't recognise what is looking back at me. Another thing. My grandkids are leaving school one by one. Danielle is 21 at christmas and works all hours like the rest of us. Caprice starts at Nottingham university very soon. She got 3 As and a B so I am quite proud of her.
  21. Sorry I've not been on for weeks but I've been working a lot and also trying to rebuild my kitchen. Also means I've been sleeping a lot. This new format seems rather confusing but I'll just go with the flow as always.
  22. When I saw him not long ago he looked well for his age. He must be quite old now. We did have quite a chat and he seems in possession of all his faculties bless him.
  23. Nice to see the course of the Thomas North railway on that aerial photo.
  24. Not a big lover of politicians. But they all know one thing. They will never be able to please everyone so what do they do? They just please themselves.
  25. My wife tells me that by killing slugs I'm taking away birds food. I think there is enough to go round.