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  1. I did my driving test around there in 1969 and had to reverse around a corner on Morval road. There was a huge,overgrown field in front of Old Park Farm. It used to house the library before the one on Bracebridge Drive was built and the Guides did shows there. Sometimes on a Saturday there were Old Tyme Dancing classes there too.
  2. I asked someone about Brenda Thompson - I knew her before we went to BGS. Someone said that they thought she had emigrated to Australia. I organised the 1997 Re-union and discovered that there are a large number of Bilborough pupils in Oz and NZ. Mr/Dr Jacob asked me to organise another reunion at Phil Soar's bash in 2014 but I told him it was someone else's turn to have a go but that I would help them, if they wanted me to do so. In 1997 the school was still standing so we could have a reunion there but now it has gone, so a venue would be a problem.
  3. I remember all of the people listed - I used to go to St Martins and was in the Brownies and Guides there for a while. I remember the Glebe field and the rump of Goose Fair used to pitch up on the Sunday after the end of Goose Fair. There was a service on the dodgems! My name was Janice Matkin and I arranged the 1997 re-union of Bilborough Grammar on the site, sadly no longer there, neither is Glenbrook Junior Girls' school.
  4. Was one of them called Rosemary Theaker? If so, I think she went to Glenbrook Junior Girls.
  5. Jim Sullivan the Maths Teacher used to front the Friday Barn dancing or any other day when we couldn't go 'OUT' One day he jumped off the stage on to a chair and went right through it! I happened to drive past Glenbrook Junior Girls' school recently and it has suffered the same fate as Bilborough GS - knocked down with a new school on the site!
  6. Didn't Mr Sullivan, Maths teacher take dancing on a friday lunch time if it was raining and an IN day?
  7. I used to go Old Tyme dancing at Old Park Farm and there were a couple of Brownie/Guide dos there too. The library was there before they built the 'new' one behind the Pelican Pub on Bracebridge drive. When I took my driving test in 1969 I had to reverse around a corner in Morval road and saw the building as shown on this site. Unfortunately it caught fire and was demolished shortly afterwards. One wonders if the fire played into the hands of developers...........................................
  8. The Fire extinguisher was in the classroom at the YHA in Swanage, not at BGS.
  9. When we went to the Lakes we too were dropped off at various points and as we wandered down the road found various other little groups of BGS people. We then flagged down a farm truck which happened to be flat-backed so the people on the outside held on to the outside board of the truck and we all held on to each other's legs to stop rolling off when we went round the tight corners. Of course it was raining, it always does in the Lakes! We regarded that as using initiative! When we got to Ambleside we went into a café and the lady had made some flapjacks but they weren't good enough to sell a
  10. I went to the Lakes in 1967 and then to Swanage in 1968. We had to get out of the Camm's coach at the bottom of the hill, ( Isn't it strange how YHAs are always at the top of hills?) as it couldn't get up the hill and also the Warden of the YHA in Swanage died just as we got back to Nottm; we were his last group visit. I remember the cliffs at Kimmeridge Bay burning due to the oil in them and Nigel Hoad catching all sorts of things which were destined for various sleeping bags and also him picking up jelly fish too. We always walked miles on the first couple of days. Talking of Camm's coaches
  11. I did go on the Field Trip to Swanage in 1968, the year before was to the Lake District (Elterwater) and I did take Geography A level. I don't remember anyone arriving late called Pearson in my year and I thought that Stuart Gregory had gone long before 1965. We did O levels in 1965/6 and, if you recall, you couldn't stay on to the Sixth Form unless you had 5 O's mimimum, if not you had to repeat the year.
  12. Of course I wasn't in the Dick Cooper gang, I am female! Donald Scrimshaw was at Glenbrook Jnr Boys and I heard he'd gone off to be a jockey, don't know if it's true. So, if you were the year below me you must have come across Eileen Asher + Liz Clipson but I can't remember any other names. A guy I do remember and don't know what happened to him was Stuart Gregory aka Tats, he suddenly disappeared round about the third year and was never heard of again. Not many of my year came to the 1997 Re-union so there are a large number of people whom I haven't seen since 1966 after O levels or 1968, pos
  13. I have been reading this with great interest. I have to tell you that some of the teachers mentioned are no longer with us - Mr Redding, Mr Robshaw, Mr Gilliver, Mr Newcombe, Miss England, Mr Bristow, Dr Peake, Mr Williams. I last heard a few years ago that Miss Betts had Alzheimers Disease and I have no doubt that some of the other Members of Staff have gone to the Staffroom in the sky. It was Miss Louden, Lois, who was the Maths Teacher and played cricket for England Ladies. Her nickname was Passion Flower or Pash when I was there 1961-8, then on to University. I still go up to Nottingham f
  14. Bilbraborn - if you were in 1L and had Miss Louden for Maths and a Form Teacher then we were in the same form! Also you talked about Mr Pither - I think you will find that Mr Bartlett was i/c music when we were in the first year. I think it was a shame that the place was allowed to fall into disrepair. When I went to the Re-union in 2005 before it was knocked down I was astonished at some of the delapidation. There are schools near where I now live which are much older and still being used, in fact I used to teach in some!