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  1. My sister is 69 now, I don't know it that's your era? Her name was Val Allen and her two mates I mention above were Margaret Derry (Moggs) and Lynette Stanfield. There is one who she still sees now called Gillian (I think) from Chilwell but I can't for the life of me remember her surname.
  2. vB can be pretty colours as well I worked for phpBB on support until recently and the number of styles/colours available were almost inexhaustible. There was even an auto-colour application you could use to re-colour your style without having to mess with CSS. I prefer IPB to vB but my favourite without question is phpBB, inventors of the BBCode BTW, for one thing the support there is second to none. The links refer to quoting the previous post and over quoting which I agree with but I find it hard work when #number is used when you have to scroll back and fore to see what's being spoken about.
  3. Talking of schools my sister went to Brincliffe Grammar School for Girls. It seemed it was a tad upmarket to me but I can always remember a few of her mates from there, two especially were drop dead stunning gorgeous. They were five years older than me and I really started to like girls after spending time in their company I remember my sister moaning about having to ride the B8 (I think) over Bullwell Forest every morning on the way to school, she used to say it must be the worst road in the world.
  4. My old man went to Mellish, presumably in the '30's. He was the only boy from Hucknall in the school at the time. I remember him having a hissy fit when he heard they were letting girls in. Him and one of his mates that went there as well went to the school and played up hell with them but, of course, they couldn't do anything about it and it was too late anyway.
  5. There's been a few newspapers in Nottingham, last century alone there was Nottingham Daily Express, Nottingham Guardian, Nottingham Evening Post and the Evening News, maybe more. There was one called the Journal as well but I think that was before my time.
  6. I just wondered as I've never seen it done the way it is here.
  7. Either way, the English aren't the most popular people in the world.
  8. The Lords should be gotten rid of, that part of the establishment bears no resemblance to real life and they should not have a say in any of it. How the hell can you have non-elected individuals deciding what is good for poor old me? Look at the hoo haa the other day because the first female bishop gets to sit in the House of Lords. A bleddy bishop? What has the church got to do with it?
  9. Bean counters rule the world, common sense is out of the window. The company I work for used to be run by engineers and generally decent people with good ideas. We have been taken over by German bean counters, a company called Mutaris, and the first word they said when they bought us was redundancy. I'm mainly pi$$ed off 'cos they didn't offer it to me!! Accountants cannot run companies when all they think about is book balancing, looking useful and profit.
  10. Hmmm, it takes all sorts and not everyone is up with the poppy thing. Some Irish, as do some of the Welsh and Scots, still have some kind of beef with England and, to be honest, I can see where they're coming from. It's generally England and the English not Britain they have an issue with with our total smugness and over bearing attitude to everything political. We seem to think we have all the ideas and have the right to run roughshod over anything we can to get what we want. You only have to listen the words of Bud Flanagan's song "who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler" it's all about England with no mention of the millions of other people who were involved, it was a world war, not an just English war. Living in Wales for so long I hear the moans and groans regularly and they really do hate the English as do many of parts of the world. I think because of all this certain parties paint everything to do with Britain with the same brush as England and it's been dipped in the black pot. I've lived in many places in the UK and abroad including South Africa, the US and Spain as well as Wales and, trust me, I have had this discussion in every place I've been.
  11. And then, after all this discussion, I get home and find my tax summary on the mat. Apparently I owe the taxman £340 under payment (how, I'm on PAYE?) for last year with a list of stuff that I'm apparently contributing my tax money to including over seas aid, housing and utilities, welfare and the national debt and loads more. Come on you scum sucking maggots sort yourselves and the soap dodgers out!
  12. Indeed, that was one of my thoughts. Isn't there a user/forum permission to stop multi/mass-quoting? The jury is still out on over quoting taking up too much space, I don't see any difference in a post with or without a quote, it is, after all, only a BBCode. I think it can only be the nuisance factor? (I don't know IPB, I've only ever administered phpBB boards)
  13. I noticed that a lot of users on here don't use quotes they tend to reference the post they are replying to using the hash symbol and the post number. I find this practice odd, is there any particular reason for this? -Mick
  14. Indeed, I worked on the phpBB forums on technical support and they wouldn't allow ANY off topic whatever, people posting in the wrong forums or people deciding to chat about the weather after they received the support they needed and, I have to say, I agree with it. This board is slightly different, there are many many subjects that can be discussed to do with Nottingham, it's not like a support board where there is only one common product.
  15. I just heard comments from youngsters in work that this is a war thing and none of the conflicts after WWII were wars, they're conflicts. Also, the majority of soldiers in the two WW's were conscripts whereby the solders in the post WWII era were regulars and basically volunteered, dangerous but a job of work. My old man was with the 14th, the forgotten army with Burma honours and survived but his brothers Billy and Will died in France - I never knew either of them.
  16. Since I discovered soul food I always have rice and peas for Christmas.
  17. Kids Charities? Don't make me laugh, what about Kids Company? As far as I'm concerned Batmanwhatsherface [what a crackpot BTW] owes us, the public tax payer, £46,000,000!! If you want to donate to the kids, sidestep the Auntie regime and people trying to show you how good, honest and popular they are by donating to the NSPCC. You can donate per month either via direct debit or via your paypacket, £2/month is the norm, then you can go out and enjoy yourself or watch something decent on TV.
  18. I was on about Epiphone, they can be made in Korea, China, Indonesia and Mexico (Mexico branded as Gibson I think) One sold on eBay for $8,500.00 in 2012 This quote from the Fender site always makes me smile:
  19. Like this? Personally I don't like 'em but each to his own. I can't see how there's enough wood to give any lasting sustain but there must be, there's been enough of them played in the past.
  20. If you fancy a new quality guitar electric or acoustic have a look at PRS guitars. They are now the 3rd largest manufacturer of guitars in the world and are all hand made apart from a CNC routing machine. They have US made ones in the region of £800 to £8000+ and cheaper ones made in Korea usually designated 'SE' which some people say means 'student edition' but that's not true. The main difference with PRS is that the Korean made ones are as revered as much as the US made guitars and, in my experience, play equally as well unlike Fender and Gibson who's non-US made guitars are classed as second rate and really aren't up to the quality of the US made ones. I have a couple of SE's available if anyone wants first dibs before I stick 'em on eBay or Gumtree: This is one of the earliest SE's made by PRS - it a 2001 PRS Santana signature SE This is a 2004 (if I remember correctly) PRS Paul Allender SE signature - it's a proper shredders machine so if you like your heavy stuff this the beasty for you. Note the bat inlays on the fretboard, quite unusual, PRS normally have moons or falcons. Both guitars are used but in good condition fully working with no major dings or scratches. They're both reasonably priced. If anyone is interested please PM me, I don't want to discuss finances in public, I would but the mods may not like it, I dunno. Both are cheap and would make excellent Christmas presents
  21. Notts were dire on Friday, no arguments. You say about local talent/youngsters coming through, look at Florests subs bench. FWIW - most football clubs these days have a plethora of youngsters but not necessarily from the immediate vicinity. When kids are trialling they may suit one club and not another hence they may join a club nowhere near home.
  22. Have you ever been accused of being a gog? You know what? Years ago I used to revere the yanks as being world travellers but they ain't or, at the most, no more than anyone else. During the 70's (my first time working over there) and in the early 2000's when I was living in San José I met many people who had never left the state, one guy from Huntsville Alabama I met was being taken out of Madison County for the first time in his life for his 40th birthday!