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  1. Commiserations Col, sounds like she was an interesting lady...
  2. You know very well what I mean young Col... take it easy fer gawd sake..
  3. My first copy of Word came on floppies... 13 of 'em... still got them in a drawer somewhere.
  4. I suspect many did Mary, but were too polite to point it out...
  5. Glad your'e feeling better Col, and I do understand the frustration of waiting in A&E. As my beloved is fond of pointing out, I'm not the most patient of people, I can't stand queuing more than a few minutes... Having said that you have a series of problems far more serious than anything I've had to deal with so in your place I just might have been inclined to grin and bear it, not assume I'd be "most likely be told" anything. When the medicine man suggested exercise I'm reasonably confident he meant something a tad less strenuous than weight lifting and marathon sw
  6. Add my congratulations too Col, hope you enjoy the occasion and a good few more to come..
  7. Col you really need to come to the meeting.... so we can bollock you properly. A heart problem, problems with your shoulder and knees, and whilst still suffering from the effects of sinusitis - you decide to lift weights then swim 600 odd metres? See where I'm going with this yet? Dr Col then self diagnoses and self medicates before finally admitting something is not right and seeks professional help - well good for you... but wait there's more. After spending sometime in A&E learning the results are enough of a concern to warrant seeing a doctor, deci
  8. It will revert to default port unless you choose ssl in more/advance settings. When testing it will appear to log in successfully and tell you it can recieve mail, it can't, and won't until it's all setup correctly. I've just reinstated a redundant virgin imap account on Office Outlook 2010... 'aint easy is it..
  9. Excellent nonna, you could start a cottage industry selling them on Ebay...
  10. Carni, there are no words I have that will chase the scaredy-cat away, I wish I had. You've had a long and uncertain journey so far, but the medical team are taking the time and trouble to make absolutely sure everything goes well, so try to relax if you can. Try the stress transference technique, ask for hubs credit card and tell him you're going shopping! You'll soon be back on yer bike mi duck, we're all rooting for you... x
  11. Sounds like it would be e reel pein in the erse...
  12. Don't know, I'll ask her next time she nips round to borrow a cup of sugar..
  13. I've just had a telephone consult about my hearing: Do you work in a noisy environment? No, I'm retired Ever had a head injury No Do you work nights? ? no I'm 77 this year Would you like to make a hospital appointment, or go to Specsavers NHS Do you have problems with balance Yes When at work, in a crowd, or a group of people ............ Give me strength... is there any point? Twenty minutes buggering about on the phone, she even asked what type it was, to answer questions that would take less than 5 minutes face to fa
  14. Nah, maybe the posh version where yo is, its Ey. But proper folk say Ayup like wot I do...
  15. In this day and age it's best not to assume!
  16. The use of 'duck' and 'mi/me duck' were common expressions in my youth, but I don't think it's a particularly Nottingham expression. It was common in Derbyshire and throughout the North, also in London's east end, though they seemed to prefer the plural, as in; "ello ducks". I don't hear it so much now in Nottingham, perhaps due to the influence among the young of our huge student population. I've read that its origin is 'Ducas', an Anglo-Saxon expression of respect, no idea if it's true.
  17. I think kids are nowhere near as adventurous, in fact I don't think they know how! This is not their fault, it's mostly ours, the parents who mollycoddle them. Since 'think of the children' became the battle-cry of the timid, plus elf 'n' safety, we see monsters and bogeymen around every corner, though In fairness the amount of traffic and lack of places to play have dramatically reduced. The rise and availability of technology has also compounded the situation. There are games that need little to no imagination, just quick fingers and entry into a digital world – remote playmates
  18. One of mams saying when toasting on the fire... "when it's brown it's done, when it's black it's buggered"...
  19. Six to eight miles, easy peasy........... when I was a teenager! Thirty miles? in my dreams... Now days six to eight yards is more realistic...
  20. Well at least that's a bit of good news in all the doom 'n' gloom at the moment! Good to hear.
  21. SG manfuenza is a terrible thing, greatly misunderstood by our beloveds!