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  1. Yes I remember now, collaluca, Reid (did he do sports as well?) Wallace, who was it that took ri? I can only think of him as holy Joe. Was his name Reid as well. And your correct about sue Best she was fancied by most of the lad's, but you would get a rap across the knuckles with a ruler if she caught you peeking up her mini skirt when she sat on the table. Why she didn't sit on a chair behind her desk I just don't know.
  2. I also went to Roland Green 1968.Jake was the head master then. Eggleton was the metalwork teacher, Miss Best was our English teacher can't remember many others till I get my memory jogged
  3. Hi Den, no you didn't dream it, I also went to see him. Old Cliff was the doorman at the time and I used to get in for nowt. if i remember correctly, the lone ranger supposedly fired one of his silver bullets into the ceiling of the cavvo.
  4. I remember the place well, my Gran would her pork sausage from there for the café (Nora's cafe)
  5. I can remember the coal yard on the left going up Union rd from commercial sq but not the one on the right.
  6. Hi catfan.yes I was there from 55 _ mid 70s
  7. Hi beach bum, I would think you were at carnills the same time that my Gran would get her pork saus (about 4lb a day) for the cafe. She would get her beef from Winfield's across the rd.


  8. Hi everyone, just reading some of the posts, it seems like a few of you are familiar with the same things that jog my memories. when i get to go through them I will be able to be a bit more accurate with some of the finer details. There are some that are as clear today as if it happened yesterday, andos pawnshop, the cavo, I will try to run through the different post's and reply accordingly. My grandmother's café was in between nobles the cleaners and the coachmakers arms right opposite the admiral dundas. Old Joe Anderson had 4 terraced houses in our back Yard the first one was Mary rooks who
  9. Hi folks hope I have the right place. I have just joined. I lived on st Anne's well Rd from 1955 until the mid 80s. My father had the welding shop at 101 and my grandparents had the cafe at 107 nobles the cleaners were in between.