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  1. Just got up, made a cup of tea and opened door to let boys out. They both peered out the door, Kai immediately laid down, Wolf ventured over threshold, looked round, sighed (no walk today) and then came back in. They were back in front room stretched out before I had picked my cup up. Bet if I got the leads they would go out rain or not although they are not keen on strong winds. Looks like another day of squeaky chickens, throwing a tennis ball about and belly rubs (the boys not me!).
  2. Just had my handyman round to look at my fitted wardrobe where I am still getting a bit of condensation/black mould, it is only on one small section of the wardrobe, but I don’t want to put clothes near it. I don’t like fitted wardrobes, think they are more trouble than they are worth really. The PIV unit I had put in has cured the problem in the rest of the house but it still persists here. He is going to install insulated plasterboard on the offending bit of the outside wall and also on the adjoining wall which, hopefully, should get rid of the problem. The price is very reasonable, he really is a godsend having sorted out the many problems I had when I first moved in. Next project, save up money from stopping smoking and put it towards a new kitchen, might take a while but better than it going up in smoke! I must admit when I went into town I did treat myself to some bling with some of the money I had saved, I do like sparkly things!
  3. I have had my first blood test results since going on my thyroid tablets. Must say it was nice just to have a telephone appointment rather than having to go to QMC. It seems the tablets are starting to work, the readings have improved, although the T4 reading has gone from too high to just 2.5 into range, hopefully this will go up abit as tablets kick in more. Just continuing with 5mg dose, which I am pleased about. I really don’t like taking tablets so am glad the dose hasn’t been increased, but needs must I suppose. I can’t say I feel much different, although the heartbeat thing doesn’t feel quite as strong as it did, I am still hot but at least it saves having the heating on! I just hope I start putting some weight on now, it would be nice to wear clothes that fit and have trousers that don’t feel like they are going to fall down at any minute. Another blood test in 6 weeks which I hope will show more improvement.
  4. Never thought of that, perhaps he only lives near water possibly. You can just see some of my dragons on my mantle piece, have them all over the house. It’s the original dragons den!
  5. Afraid the colours didn’t show up, the dragon is different shades of blue but didn’t want to take him (he is definitely male look at the pose) off the wall.
  6. Hooray finally did it only taken half an hour This is my water dragon.
  7. John Fletcher, I was in the 5th form at Grammar School he was in the 6th form (it was either him or Mick Jagger). I made the mistake of letting on to my friends. One day I went home at dinner time, they stayed for school dinners when I got back they dragged me to the bike sheds and he was there, they had told him. I was so embarrassed, what did I do, I denied everything, Mick Jagger had won! Heartbroken when he started going out with another classmate. There were others after that, one called Tony who I dated for a while, thinking back he was such a p**t, put me off fair haired males after we finished. The one that got away was called Keith, about 6’ tall, dark hair and brown eyes, he was gorgeous. He worked at The Mint bar in the hotel on Maid Marion Way, is it called The Albany? Came from West Bridgford. It ended when he was transferred to another hotel think it was in Manchester. He really stole my heart. Nothing much serious after that really, just enjoyed ourselves drinking, dancing etc. until I met my husband to be. My friend and I went to see a flat, his friend and him had the ground floor one. I first saw him when we went to view it, he was decorating their front with Carly Simons “You’re So Vain” playing. Didn't like him much at first, (his flat mate was a Scouser, a real player or thought he was, he had a thing about my flat mate but she was never that interested and played the player). We became friends and things developed from there.
  8. Why do Amazon tell me the stuff I ordered yesterday will be here on Thursday and it has just been delivered which means I have to run round looking for my keys to open the front door whilst trying to get my 2 dogs in the front room so they don’t cover the delivery driver in hair.
  9. Been trying to download a picture of my water dragon (cross stitch not live) from postimage but can’t remember how to do it, ended up losing the pictures completely. Clicked on everything but nothing seemed to work, going to lie down in a darkened shed with a damp cloth on my forehead and think about fence posts.
  10. That is a good excuse to have ice cream, choc sauce & nuts.
  11. Had my blood test this morning. Worst one I have ever had. I had to fast so chloresteral(?) could be checked, nurse said she couldn’t do it as the blood test bag thingy was for the hospital and she couldn’t add anything on it and the result would not be sent to doctors anyway. Not sure that is right, I had presumed doctor would be doing separate one but obviously not. Then she stuck the needle in, think it must have been for elephants as it was quite painful. Done and dusted with bit of cotton wool stuck to my arm I went to my book club. There for a bit and my arm felt funny, had a look and it was bleeding. I don’t do blood, usually end up flat out on the floor, but was very brave and stuck the cotton wool down again. Luckily it stopped. Not looking to my next one in 6 weeks
  12. Goodness. Yesterday a new world of breathtaking garden sheds was opened up to me and now it is equally exquisite posts. I am going to have to have a shed with posts outside it, can just see it in my garden with my sewing room overlooking them so I can admire them through my window. Did I mention my shed will have a window and a first fooor? I can hardly contain my excitement. Can’t wait to see what will be next, I await with bated breath.
  13. I don’t have a shed, but after reading these posts I am fired with enthusiasm and am going to start looking for one. Didn’t realise there were so many varieties. I think I will look for a starter shed to begin with and then go on from there.
  14. Been reminiscing. Went with companion to Foxhall Road, Forest Fields to find out where Foxhall Lodge was and parking etc. My husband and I used to rent a flat on Foxhall Road so I walked up the road (didn’t remember just how steep the hill was) and found the house the flat was in. Bought back some very happy memories of a good time. House parties where all 3 flats were involved and weekend parties at the house down the road, if I remember rightly it was a West Indian family that lived there, but anyway the parties were amazing and so was the food. Sunny days sunbathing on the Forest, with games of football and cricket where loads joined in. The Arbritum (spelling) with the mynah birds, wasn’t there one who would swear? It hasn’t changed much round there, the small Indian shop is still there that was open every day from early until late. Then we went to Wiverton Road where we rented a flat as well before we upgraded to the one on Foxhall. Many happy memories and good times. A small ray of sunshine on such a miserable day.
  15. Love it. My friend bought me a dragon in an eggcup ornament for my birthday which is similar (except it is in an eggcup not a teacup!) Tried to download my picture of the water dragon but couldn’t get it to download. Will try again tomorrow when I am not so tired!
  16. Especially if the hobby could result in alcoholic beverages
  17. Is it true that Beagles can be a bit noisy? They bay rather than bark or is that just when they are hunting? They are nice looking dogs, always look happy. Must admit one of mine has his moments - he looks at you and you can see him thinking “I know you called me but I will just do this first”.
  18. Easy to do with my toffee hammer
  19. That is really intricate Nonna. Post the dragon when you are able I would be interested in seeing it. I will try to post a picture of my water dragon which us my favourite if I can remember how to do it. When I am doing them I always like to get the eyes done as quickly as possible makes them seem more alive. Oh dear that sounds a bit creepy
  20. Cut the burnt bits off and had a big bowl of Cornish ice cream with chocolate sauce and crushed nuts as pudding.
  21. Fourth week on my new meds, think things are a bit better although still getting some thumping heartbeats, occasionally feel hot but have noticed this week that I am continually hungry at moment. Not noticed any weight gain yet which is a bit disappointing but perhaps it is too soon yet. Got a blood test on Monday, fasting one so chloresteral(?) can be checked as well, got my book club after appointment so will have to nip to cafe and get some toast before I go there. Phone appointment week after for results to see what is happening. Just hope they are starting to work now.
  22. Not a good end to the day burnt me pizza
  23. Out walking my boys today and they made 2 new friends, a beagle and a beautiful Bermese Water Dog. He was gorgeous, only 8 months old but very calm and friendly. He was very handsome, had legs like tree trunks and enormous paws and stood as tall as my two boys. Dog greetings over we talked to owner, he already weighed 40kg at 8 months old, the same as my boys at 8 years old, will weigh in excess of 50kg when full grown. I had never seen one in real life just on tv rescuing people from water. I was really taken with him, as were my boys afraid the beagle didn’t get much of a look in, could have taken him home. Still my companion loves beagles so we were both happy.
  24. That is absolutely beautiful. As I said I am only doing basic doubles and trebles at the moment. I am hoping to be able to do things like that with the help of the expert in my craft club, she taught me a new stitch on Friday which I am practising. It is so satisfying when you do something like that.