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  1. Told ya Ben ! And thanks Brew, now I know my second cousins are in reality are once removed cousins. You learn something every day. Never liked 'em anyway.
  2. Ben, it would be your second cousin, twice removed. B
  3. It's nearly all lanes where I live and I don't mind cyclists at all except, when they are riding four abreast and you dare'nt risk trying to pass them. A lot of our roads are double lined and the bikes stretch out to the middle. You can guarantee the first time you attempt to pass, you meet some nutcase coming the opposite way who thinks he's immortal. Nuff said.
  4. Passed my test on a double decker bus so got a full licence. It was about five years before I ever touched a car, I was very cautious at first and my missus used to say to me, " what you waiting for ? You can get a bus through that gap". I was used to inching my way through lines of parked vehicles when on the bus and it sort of stuck ! Never realised the freedom. But I never made the mistake of thinking the opposite, I.e getting a bus through a narrow gap. For the record, I loved Fleet lines.
  5. You can fail a test by not observing the speed limit. I was once told by an examiner whilst on advanced course that is referred to as " Failure to progress". Incidentally, I passed. !
  6. Don't worry Eileen, a duff clutch can happen to anyone. It happened to me once when I drove for A 2 B taxis. Just happened to have Leslie Crowther in the car to take him back to Perry Barr, from Central TV. , Beekay
  7. So you were the one who made me late dried up meal and no microwave.
  8. How did you manage to get a big space like that Carnie ?? You must have a very big laptop.
  9. It's not me with the zimmer Ben, it's 'er indoors. She asked if she would allowed a mobility scooter on the floor ??
  10. Where does one park ones zimmer frame when going on the dancefloor?
  11. If that's your car Nonna, its got my initials on it. Thou can keep thee snow though. B.
  12. Thought it always snowed in Utopia. Bathing in sunshine here in Sussex. B.
  13. Some blokes have all the luck !!
  14. You can always scan it and print of a new copy. Put it in a frame and no-one will ever know the difference. Or send copies to me and I'll print up for you. Beekay.
  15. There you go !! Just remember, Carni, "you don't get any fat on thoroughbreds"
  16. Drat !!! Another illusion shattered. Will just have to hero worship Harold Lloyd, (not the bank!).
  17. That's all propaganda and ' fake news'. Next they'll be saying there's no such thing as Buster Keaton !
  18. I've every faith in you Carni.
  19. Hope that cygnet dunt get a whiff of your chicken Carni. Is what might be called Chicken con Carni ??
  20. Nobody has mentioned the "Orion", that used to be on Alfreton road, just down from Canning circus. Used to be our local fleapit and Saturday morning rush. Became a Fine Fare after that. Heaven knows what it is now, probably a charity shop or takeaway.
  21. In an earlier post, rob237 mentions the place in Bulwell market, ( Olympia), he said it used to show static nudes. My dad had the dubious part time job of standing offstage, in the wings and putting the robes or dressing gowns on the 'models' as they came offstage. He told on one occasion when I was waiting for him just inside the stage door that 'Jane' from the Daily Mirror had just been on. The girl in a cartoon strip with a little dachshund called Fritz. I could have only been a tiddler at the time. B.
  22. Some people are priceless Fly.
  23. May I repeat an earlier post and say many thanks for all your kind words. One of you very kindly offered to ' pop down' and bring me back up to Nottingham, ( you know who you are). It's when you get a response like this it make you realise its not a bad old world after all ! Thank you Nottstalgians , Barrie.
  24. Many thanks to one and all for your kind words. I'm still a bit dopey at the moment, don't know what to think. Big brother did have one or to ailments which would contribute. That's all three brothers gone now, one older and two younger, and I'm seventy five !! Thanks again, Barrie.