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  1. There's been a Haggises birth explosion since March last year Phil. The authorities are developing a vaccine against them. Be careful mate, they are aggressive little buggers.
  2. I'm 77, can I stand in front of him? Flippin queue jumpers.
  3. And you want me to come and live there Noddy?
  4. Nonna, looking at your baking list, can I book a delivery slot as we are isolating. Glad to hear your good news about Alex. He don't know me but please give him my very best wishes. B.
  5. Tut tut! The Beatles and Bill Haley, no comparison Noddy. And it's not my fault you're younger than me.
  6. Was the cinema above the Odeon, the "Carlton"? To become ABC Carlton. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. (Corner of Mount st. & Chapel bar).
  7. HSR, Are these the green tiles to which you refer? The flyover could be the bridge over Radford Station.
  8. Thought you got that after a Madras curry and 2 pints of Guinness.
  9. It was the Odeon Noddy ! I went to see The Platters there. I must have been about 13 at the time. Re the Gaumont, didn't it become ABC Nottingham? It started life as The Hippodrome.
  10. Hiya Carni, In reply to your query, I too use Specsavers and have done for a number of years. I agree when you say about insurance, I had the same thing said to me first time I asked. It's fully understandable that they guarantee the lenses but not your own frames. You can't expect them to on frames a couple of years old. But that's the chance I'm willing to take. After all, if owt goes wrong I've still got the prescription. Personally, I don't like bifocals, I find them a pain. When descending stairs you tend to be looking out the reading bit. I had some once but couldn't get on with th
  11. Of course Ben, when you want to renew your prescription, you can always ask the opticians to use your frames. They won't know you found ,'em twenty years ago ! ( I've used the same frames for the last two times. Why should you have to keep buying new frames each time).
  12. Here's another one Ben, the first hit parade, no.1 " Here in my heart", Al Martino.
  13. "Ramblin' Rose", Nat King Cole. "Why you ramble, no one knows".
  14. Well, i had a look at the above CT and I'm sorry to say I hardly recognised anything. I thought one shot was of Mansfield Road, at the junction of Huntingdon Street. Of course I knew the view above Victoria Station clock. The last couple of minutes of the Council ' shed', thought the camera had just aimed the lens at a couple of postcards. This was six years before I left.
  15. You've lost me with this post HSR. Do remember some Nissen huts on Colwick woods, (my Auntie Evelyn lived in one !). The only pubs I know of near the gasometer were the Midland Hotel, (my local) at the end of Kennington Road and the White Horse, Faraday Road. There was another pub on the opposite corner, The (original) Crown Inn, but this was way before our time and demolished and rebuilt at the corner of Radford Bridge Road and Western boulevard.
  16. It's remarkable how this thread has taken so many twists and turns since its inception. That's one of the things I find fascinating about NS. Learning all the time about areas I thought I knew. (but still not come across anybody i used to know).
  17. The only bit I knew about the Cedars was that Tina went up to the top of Upton drive to a rear entrance to go to work. Wasn't sure where the main entrance off Mansfield rd., was. After all, it is 42 years since I went up that road.
  18. Pssst, wanna buy a jab guv? Only used once by a lady I know.
  19. Slightly off target but at the bottom of Woodthorpe, is "The Cedars" opposite, (across Mansfield road)?. 'Er indoors worked there as ward orderly, on evening shift for a while. I believe the Ewing school for the deaf is in the grounds. My lad attended there for some reason I can't recall. Sorry to digress.
  20. Thanks CT, gotta admit, it's difficult to visualise images that were, when one looks at the area present day. Another pub that come to mind is the "Cross Keys" that was up Commercial road. At one time my Aunt and Uncle had the place, so I was informed by my Gran, who lived on that road.
  21. HSR, absolutely no harm in chancing your luck mate. It's a good way of finding out information from knowledgeable compatriots on here. That's how I've had my memory cells jogged about things as diverse as, Colwick woods, The Park tunnel, City transport, Radford, Wollaton canal, etc. to name just a few topics of which there a wealth of stuff on NS. CT has bailed me out many times. I like to think I've made lots of 'pen friends'. So keep 'em coming mate and I'll do me best. If not me, some bugger will know.
  22. Is that anything like snobs or marbles Mary??
  23. Following on from Margies post, the putting area on Valley Road was a very simple affair, like some had just mowed a few rectangles and stuck a hole at one end. You collected your putter and ball from a little shed at the end of the field, (over a little pathway) this was another stretch of field that had I think tennis courts and bowling green. It certainly wasn't near Woodthorpe drive HSR.
  24. One of the things that get me, is all those bloody bins on display. Front gardens ruined.