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11 hours ago, sue B 48 said:

mmmmm Limoncello got a taste for it when I was in Italy last year:biggrin:


It is delicious Sue and so easy to make. If you want the recipe just ask.

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Sue recipes do vary. It's a few years since I made it and I can't find the original Limoncello one but the one I'm in the middle of making is as follows. 

This is what I made.

8 organic lemons

1 lt of 95 vol alcohol (or vodka)

Peel the lemons very thinly avoiding getting any white part . Put them into a container ( glass) and pour alcohol over and leave 8-10 days shaking the jars every day. 

Put 600 gr sugar into a pan with a litre of water and bring to boil without actually boiling.,stir to dissolve sugar and leave to cool slightly. Then add jar of alcohol with lemon peels to pan stirring to distribute everything leave to cool again. Strain and filter and bottle it. Place in freezer. Hoping this will make 3 bottles.

Sunday I'm making cream Limoncello.

The process is the same but milk and cream is added.

Good luck.

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