Top of Woodborough Road - Mapperley

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On 3/12/2018 at 8:51 AM, siddha said:

Anyone from 105th St Jude's out there?

Anyone there in St Jude's Choir - Stanley Gunn choir Master -


Dave Rowberry / Head boy - Cantoris he later replaced key board player Alan Price - The Animals.


I later met Dave Rowberry in The Ship, Wardour Street, London where perhaps he was playing at the Marquee Club. He completely BLANKED me when I introduced myself. I later worked on a movie starring Alan Price!

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Dave Rowberry was my older brother's big pal as teenagers , (though not sure my bro was in that choir ) .

Think they formed a skiffle band .


I've got a great moody black and white photo of them somewhere , when they did a trip to France . Must dig it out . 


My claim to fame is that one of The Animals broke my space-gun ! 

It was one of those guns that you wound up a sort of helicopter blade and fired it up into the air . Dave over-wound it and it never worked again ....probably 60 years ago and have never forgotten that  !   

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Liz, I remember there was indeed a milkman a few doors away from Dewsbury's and to my eternal shame, I was one of those young pups who marked the wet concrete, on our way home from school. 


l remember those Space Guns!  I think they were a bit fragile - and they weren't made in China either - could well have been British Hong Kong. 


As for the St Jude's choir, I seem to remember John Luff might have been a member.  St Judes (105th) and Mapperley Methodist (110th) Scouts/Cubs had a fairly close relationship and we had a combined soccer team, run by John Evans(?), in an under 15's league.  We got hammered every week as apart from Andy Firth (from Firth's Grocers), who was a year or so older and an excellent player, we were all nearer 13 than 15 anyway.   

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On 12/12/2018 at 2:52 AM, philmayfield said:

I think the Wheelhouse you were referring to might have been Chick Wheelhouse the car dealer. He had a sales pitch and filling station on The Plains almost opposite the Gedling Miners' Welfare. He tended to specialise in sports cars and the more exotic. I used to fuel up my Healy Sprite there on my way home from work in the 60's and we talked cars. He later moved to Gorse Hill Garage further along the road near to Spring Lane where he had a Lotus dealership. I recollect a test drive there although I never actually bought a Lotus until I was 70! (my birthday present to myself). He then moved to Lortas Rd. at Basford and subsequently to Nuthall Rd. I knew him well but never actually bought a car from him. He's no longer alive but I believe his son Nick is a motor trader.

I bought my lotus elan from him, my father knew him at the time and I got about £150.00 knocked off the price.only had it about 6weeks, before some thieving scrote nicked it. Mind you, in those 6weeks, it spent more time at Mick lovells garage, his place was under the railway arches at broad marsh !.

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