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Out and about in central Sutherland at Forsinard, Garvault and Syre:       Ben Klibreck     Hills around Garvault     Red Deer

Last Thursday saw us off on yet another coastal section of the John O'Groats trail. At the end of our walk we went to the little café in Berriedale, where we met a young girl from New Zealand who was

I wonder if you can see this one, Brew?   Warkworth Castle on a fine November afternoon (2-11-2019)        

Out and about on Boxing Day. I followed the river known locally as "Dunbeath Water" for about six miles before turning back in the gloom of late afternoon semi-darkness. I have posted photos of the lower strath before so this time I will just post images from beyond the lower strath.


The river known as Dunbeath Water.




Ruinous croft house on the moor. Victim of the unscrupulous "Highland Clearances" of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.




The "White Cemetery" at Tutnaguial. This small cemetery is stands all alone, roughly 3 miles into the moors from the village of Dunbeath. It is still in occasional use and acccessed by a moorland track.




Frozen river surface.




Moorland waterfall




Artificial weir built to assist Salmon fishermen by creating a pool for the fish to rest on their way upstream to spawn.

















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Out and about on New Year's day in the hinterlands of Caithness. The day dawned well and the walk was fine but cold.  Here's a few shots of the route. 


Pampas dawn in the garden.




Braemore - the start of the walk




Signpost at Braemore. There are no villages for around 40 miles in that direction - those are names of areas of the moor.




Maiden Pap and Smean




Lochan Nam Bo Riabhach (Translation: The little lake of the brindled cow)




A long and lonely track across the moors



Nora Batty on the long and lonely track to nowhere



Cloud rising from the flanks of Morven - poretending to be a volcano




Walking over the moors involves crossing hundreds of deep rivulets like this one. It is impossible to walk far of the track without getting wet!






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The River's have Salmon; the lochs have brown trout but only small ones. One does occasionally see anglers on the lochs but usually on those that are stocked rather than the natural ones. I have met many Munro baggers that carry a collapsible rod for the purpose of trying to catch dinner :)

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Out and about in central Sutherland at Forsinard, Garvault and Syre:






Ben Klibreck




Hills around Garvault




Red Deer stag




More of the blighters




Dubh Lochans at Forsinard. Translates to small black pools




RSPB viewing platform at Forsinard reserve.




Island in a loch




Travelled along this road from Kinbrace to Syre for over an hour and saw not a single other vehicle or person




Syre church




Syre is a corrugated iron church, well tended.




Syre church interior. I was the first to sign the visitor bok for 2020, which was nice :)













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Theya re all low resolution Barrie. Anyrode miduck, you could copy and paste or right click and "save as" or "copy image address".

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Oztalgian: All footpaths are marked in Kms here in Scotland, whereas roads still use Miles but I don't know why footpaths are Kms - unless the EU paid for some of the signage costs?

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