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Just a little more to members who wish to know 


Parkinson's UK they are our life line you can get in touch with them any time day or night you can always speak to a nurse if you are really worried no matter what they will help. If interested see there web site.

 A few more facts.

I may have a Tremor.

I may suddenly be unable to move. (its called Frezzing)

I may be slow or unsteady on my feet.

I have difficulty speaking or writing.

I can hear and understand you. Please give me time.


Parkinsons UK  do a lot of Fundraising which is spent on trying to find a cure, and the above so PD people, careers, and family's can get all the help they need.


I myself have arranged two bowling days with Prize's donated by Aldia, Tesco and Morrison's There where winners who had prize's but these were all donated and prize's for the rallel also given by fellow bowlers. 


Of cause this is just a plug for if any of you would like to help there is lots of things out there!!!

OXFORD Hundreds Cycle unique cycling challenge

LOCHS LEGENDS AND LANDSCAPES   opportunity to experience amazing panoramas breath-taking scenary Trekking Scotlands legendary scenary Great Glen Way or Northern Lrelands Causeway Coastal Path.

Most of these you just have to get a sponsor or donations.

Give a Garden Party open your Garden to friends or public

information for Parkinson's UK


These are just a few fund raising we do if any one would like to know more then contact "Parkinson's" UK 

Also they did a treck to base camp Himalayas.


Or if you would like any more info please send a pm. 

Thanking all members who have taken time to read this post.


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I appreciate the info you've posted Mary.


I have a cousin diagnosed with it.  Many of my stroke symptoms mimic some of what you described as Parkinsons.  I don't think I have Parkinsons as well.

A nasty illness.  I'm glad to learn what I can about it.  Forewarned is forearmed.

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On 1/11/2021 at 4:16 PM, Jill Sparrow said:

She will be better now, Lizzie. Lovely photo.

That little bridsmaid looks so sweet and innocent are you sure it's you Lizzy?

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Sorry OZ but i must just post a little more on PD.


"Parkinson's is when your dopamine cells start dying ot have died. This is the chemical messenger in your brain, that controlls movement.


When you first see your nurse she will start you on a very low dose of medication, increasing them when needed.

drugs for pd act as a subsititue for dopamine by simulating parts of the brain where dopamine is lost. these dtugs do have side effects (which I will tak about later) as not every one gets them.

There is not a real test for Parkinson's as yet there is no cure just drugs to help. It doe's not just effect elderly people it can happen to any one young or old. One of the hardest thingsis having to explain to you family what will happen and how it could effect them, it's even harder if you are a young wife/mother/daughter/husband young enough to be at work or pregnant. if our last PD mag there is a young woman who was dianosed with PD  age 29 then   found out that she was  pregnant .  She now has 2 children and with help manages her PD  quite well, her name is Ellie she tells her story of how it is to live with PD and have children.

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Although it sounds quite fantastic, the research from this lady's extraordinary ability




might make diagnosis much more scientific and put an end to those who don't actually have the condition suffering the horrendous side effects of the powerful levadopa drugs at medium to high dosage.

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We have PD in our family tree - in  at least 3 males and one female that we know of in the last century.  
My  brother and myself both lost our sense of smell when we were about 40, with just fleeting returns of it very occasionally.  He is ain his mid eighties now and is still the same but now exhibiting some signs of PD.  Strangely, my sense of smell and taste seems to have permanently returned now.  Very odd.  

We have known (thanks to researching on the internet) for a long time that smell is often lost before someone develops PD. We were both contacted by someone doing research into PD at a London hospital about 15 years ago but after much thought, decided not to go ahead.  It think it involved injecting radioactive dopamine and tracking  it as it entered our brain.  We did fill in all our details of famil history and sent a blood sample which she also requested but that was all.

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They say PD doe's not run in familys but last year my bother was dianosed with the condition. At the begining of the year I lost my taste which to be honest is worse than losing your smell (thts only my opinion) I can reconise textures of food but if I close my eyes i could not tell what I'm eating, They have been saying for quite a while that you can smell People with PD but some times  I think they just don't no what to say, it still seem's up in the aiir to me. They know what the cause is, but have not any test to prove it, each time you get say ache/pain loss of taste/smell, dizzyness, and more  you speak to your GP or nurse and ask iif it's PD 

answer well maybe or might be.

The best thing is to get your meds right, and to take them on time as they only last approx 4 hours and if you don't  your symptoms can becom uncontrolled this is called wearing off symptoms. Also there is a downside to your meds you can get side effects, in a small number of cases some people have problems with impulsive or complulsive behaviour, ex gambling.shopahlic, binge eating and more.

To be cont............. 

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We have just heard from a very dear friends daughter that her father is in hospital with covid and pneumonia. He is also suffering with Parkinson's disease. Absolutely shocked.

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So sorry to read about your friend, nonna.  Does he live near you ?


Mary, when I said I’d lost my sense of smell, this included a part loss of taste as well ((the two senses are closely linked). My taste as well as my sense of smell have both returned over the past few months after years and years of absence, although my taste is still not as acute as I think it should be!  But i must admit, it is good to have both senses back again - long may it last.

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