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Got a mate with one of those great big telescopes from Jesops, he's got tired of watching the moon go round the Earth for 24 hours, so decided to call it a day.

Despite conspiracy theories I’m certain there’s sufficient evidence to confirm that the Americans visited the moon. They did try to open a pub there but it failed to attract customers because there wa

This is a song by an Australian country singer Reg Lindsay about Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon. Please have a listen and think about the words , they were true then and I think even more so t

12 hours ago, trogg said:

I enjoyed listening to it,  your right nothing has changed , will it ever ?

I live in hope but with Boris looking likely to be the next PM, Putin in Russia, Trump in the USA I have real concerns for the future. Glad we are pretty much out of the way down here although we do have some strategic targets, luckily mostly in the outback.

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3 hours ago, Deepdene Boy said:

Oz, perhaps you could invite all three of them down under and then send them on walkabout. Would be doing the rest of the world a massive favour.

Isn't It really about time you Poms stopped dumping the refuse of your society down here.

On second thoughts if it would get rid of them then why not! There are a few others that should be included too, any thoughts?


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