Nottingham on Pathe Newsreel

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I love the comb over of the police officer and to speed in that heap of junk it's a joke surely....and what about the boots those to jokers had on....where did they leave their horses?

Bip. !rotfl!

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Ex War Department vehicle I would imagine. It has a London County Council issued number plate.

As for the cop wearing the boots. They still do in the NYPD Highway Patrol.


Also a superb example of film/TV geography! Speed down Shakespeare Street towards South Sherwood Street and bingo you're in High Pavement.

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Loved the clip.

Popkess pioneered the first Forensic lab which was just opposite Central PS

Behind the pub (Dolphin?)

What was that Car? I just remember my dad having one early 50's.

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  • 10 years later...

Holy thread resurrection Batman!


When I first saw this clip I thought the final shot was of a  police car pulling up on High Pavement.


Now, I am not convinced it is High Pavement. Can any older, and wiser, Nottstalgians identify the street? I have scratched my head and cannot think of a match - maybe it is a street that was demolished when they built Maid Marian Way?


Nottingham video

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Nottingham City Police was always very different from every other force in Britain. No tinkling bells when Nottingham's cars raced to an incident. From the early 1930s they were equipped with wailing sirens. And, until the 1960s, it was the only force to have an identifying badge on its vehicles. And I agree the 4x4 looks remarkably modern when you compare it with the Wolseley's favoured by The Met.

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8 hours ago, bamber said:

The original link to Pathe newsreel is now dead.


It is now on YouTube.


I've just looked at the video again. It's fascinating to see the 'modern' technology being demonstrated. Massive boxes of apparatus with dials and switches, which would now all be done with one mobile phone.


And the sequence with the police car starts on Shakespeare Street, going past the old garage which ended up as the police traffic dept. 

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The equipment in the Police "Hi Tech" Control room is all telephone call routing equipment and switches.

The panel has an Ericsson (later Plessey, of Beeston ) nameplate on it.

I'd guess that as Ericsson used to manufacture and install telephone equipment, they'd probably developed this alarm and were using Nottingham to test it before it was rolled out across other Police Forces.

As it used the GPO phone network it may have been a joint development with Post Office Research.

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I spotted a couple of banks of Post Office 3000 type relays.  They found their way into all sorts of automation as well as telephone systems.

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