Embankment and Memorial Gardens

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That railway bridge in the background is where we used to shelter our clothes from the snow.

I remember one boat at the steps pontoon was " The Pride Of The Yare". Had a trip on it once.

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Had stroll down the embankment tonight @ dusk     

I, am sorry that I got the wrong end of the stick it followed a sleepless night after posting and I was upset that it had been removed thank you for your kind thoughts and life will go on.....

The early days of the memorial gardens, when everyone wore a hat.

3 hours ago, Alpha said:

Anyone remember the rowing boats on the embankment by the bridge. One acquaintance from those times with the rowing boats was a Neil Gamble. He had a son who was injured in a bus accident. I met him in Teignmouth in Devon where he owned an ex-lifeboat which he used for fishing and diving trips. 


He must have lived somewhere near to where he worked. Perhaps the Meadows or London Road area.

What a coincidence. Around 1964 we moved to a house on Glebe Street in the Meadows, the neighbours told me about a boy that used to live there who lost both his legs in an accident with a bus. We used to get mail for the previous tenants the Gambles. In the attic were books about sailing which had been left behind. Small world.

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I'm not sure but I will find out more if I can. He replaced his converted lifeboat to a more conventional type of fishing boat in the eighties.


His injured son, due to his accident, also suffered from learning difficulties.

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