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  1. Hoping to have a holiday soon. To one of our favourite resorts. A summery song. There'll be a chip shop, a posh-ish restaurant and an ice cream kiosk and some boats coming and going, plus a promenade for daily excercise. And of course sunshine.
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  2. Point noted, Mr. Catfan. I will try to improve my measuring.
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  3. 12.4 inch actually BK.
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  4. Beekay. I don’t think either an iPad or Amazon tablet would be a satisfactory replacement for a dedicated ‘reader’ tablet. The screens are tailor made for books and importantly visible in bright light and really look like print on paper and a battery life of weeks not hours. I found a kindle ebook tablet for a tenner in a charity shop and I wouldn’t be without it now.
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  5. The iPad would be absolutely perfect for her needs. So easy to set up and use. Relatively inexpensive for an Apple product.
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  6. Covid or not Footballs Coming Home , Ive got a tenner on Italy , the Missus got tenner on Danes ; we both want England to win WIN WIN WIN situation pity our reps at Wimbledon couldn't do better .
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  7. We need to get on with life and get rid of the fear factor. Keep washing your hands and wearing a mask inside shops but goodness me, let’s get this country moving again.
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