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  1. I found a photo on the web, of the opening, but all it shows is some unknown dignatries, no other info.
  2. I used to use the libraries a lot but had not been for a few years, about 6 months ago I popped into Stapleford library and got a few books, at the self check out thing my card would not work. I spoke to a librarian and she issued me with a new inspire card. She mentioned that the libraries are coming out of Council control and will be run like a charity. So it is best to support them before we end up losing them.
  3. Just looked on google and found this.
  4. Not quite Lenton but close enough, they have started to demolish the pub at the top of Ilkeston road, I think it was originally the Royal George. Finished up being called Seven or Bar Seven.
  5. It looks like the old petrol station, that is next to the white hart is being demolished as well, workmen moved in last week.
  6. I noticed that they have made the pavements bigger and the road narrower, can't have any of the students being too close to the traffic.
  7. #16 The lenton lane area of town is very popular for car dealers now.
  8. There was a bank on Sherwood rise, I think it was on the corner of Beech avenue.
  9. Best to park, on Parkside and use the pedestrian entrance into Wollaton park.
  10. Most of the high end clothing firms, still have most of the stuff made abroad.
  11. Apparently, they made a lot of clothes for BHS, so this will be the knock on effect.
  12. Its just been announced that Courtaulds have gone into administration.
  13. Regarding Marsdens, I was talking to my mother in law today, she said that there was a Marsdens on Russell drive at Wollaton in the early 50s, nearly opposite doctors corner. She also said that there was one near the Essoldo at Lenton Abbey.
  14. #13 This is a scan of the photo.
  15. Benjamin. There is a photo dated 1897, showing a Marsdens shop, it is probably near to where the Hilton hotel is now. It states that it was one of their earliest shops, and was demolished in order to build Victoria station. The book is A century of Nottingham by Douglas Whitworth.
  16. I worked on the demolition of the old buildings, which were knocked down in order to build the new maternity unit. My daughter was born in July 1992, and I was working there then.
  17. I am not sure, but I believe that eddys still trade online. I delivered a parcel a couple of years ago, it was an address on harrimans lane at Dunkirk, the place was like fort knox.
  18. Steads were still going up to a couple of years ago.
  19. #41, I was talking to someone today, who had just bought a packet of fags, she complained about the price, over £7.00 and then stated that that was only for 17 cigarettes. I wonder if that is another way of raising the price.
  20. Just had our mail delivered today, 13.15 and that is earlier than normal.
  21. Cliff, Yes, that is it. Spencer drive is little more than a farm track.
  22. Cliff, I think spencer house is listed, it is quite an imposing house.
  23. Spencer house is on spencer drive. The boots scientist, that was murdered in France in the 1950s, lived in Spencer house. I presume Drummond drive, on the other side of Nuthall roundabout was named after him.
  24. on an 1895 map, there is a Nuthall Ho marked, on a modern map it would be on either New farm lane or Back lane. The area is still indicated as Nuthall.