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  1. Currently awake, again. Fall asleep on the sofa every night around 10ish - so Rockwell n roll - and im up again from around 1. Ill prob go back to sleep at around half 3 then start my day at 7.
  2. Its been a scorcher! Everyone's been bad with hayfever but made most of weather so far, trips to the park & playing in garden. Unfortunately my biscuits are starting to melt in the barrel, meaning there's only one thing - to eat em all muahaha! Cracking storm last night too!
  3. Thanks for all replies, I appreciate the heads up on a lot of things! I'm usually ok planning trips to coastal villages/cities, but there just seems so much to do in london for our three days. I'm mostly looking forward to quality time with the other half, it's been two years since we've spent proper time together without little ones and even then it's only been a few hours
  4. We was hoping to go as we go most years, didn't fancy chancing the pushchair on the soggy field. Which is a shame because it seemed like a right little nottstalgian meet up! I ended up giving the fishtank a good clean and water change and chasing an escaped (ours) rabbit around the garden! Eventful.
  5. I forgot about the natural history museum! The eye and tausards are two things we both want to do, so might do that on the Sunday before heading home. We'll be arriving Friday midday so I think a restaurant and a few drinks is on the cards & a walk around. It seems such a magical place with all this history, i have a feeling I'm going to be in complete awe of the place! Definitely going to visit some of the free things, I love art and history. I did wonder how the secret room thing worked, I felt abit dodgey about not knowing what hotel it was when I looked last night, but thankfully som
  6. Ooh I'll be sure to visit those, especially Camden market! We were planning on booking at the last minute as its what he did when working away and got good deals. Hoping I can visit my dads hostel while there too to meet the people who helped him in his final few years and where he lived, I'm sure it'll be very bitter sweet. Can't wait!
  7. Believe it or not, iv been many of places but never london! iv been once with school to the dome in 2000 but no where else. We've decided to go for a 'romantic' weekend there for the fact it has a lot to see and do, were stopping two nights and 3 days, thinking about getting the ticket for £55 that entitles us to four major attractions - the eye, dungeons, tausards and the sea life centre. Will we be able to do all four in a weekend? I'm also after some nice hotel or b&b suggestions, everywhere seems very pricey but we're willing to spend upto £200 for somewhere nice (were treating ourse
  8. I wouldn't say family life is boring, far from it. But the whole doing everything at the same time, every day being predictable is the boring part. Bringing up the children is a blessing, and trust me, I feel extremely lucky to have them each and every day, even if my eldest is currently acting like the spawn of the devil but we are trying with her, but at her age she's had alot of changes to deal with this year - starting preschool, a new baby sister, tired parents when she was used to us being full of energy. I just wondered if it was the same for all families, the predictable days etc o
  9. I think something might go wrong, sending a 3 year old into school with vodka! Haha!
  10. Don't get me wrong, I love it! There's nothing more precious than bringing up children. we do things in the day - paddling pool when its hot, lunch in the garden, lots of arts and crafts, silly games, days out at the weekend. It's just when I wake up in the morning, I already know how my day is going to go and our evenings. Friends are always busy with work or their children, I have one friend who also has two kids, we rarely see each other but when we do we go for some drinks or bingo. Our routine may be boring at times, but I'm sure I'd be lost without it! Even on holidays it takes a day o
  11. Yeah it unfortunately has been gutted by a recent fire, the progress looks good from the updates iv seen on the Facebook. Original manager left when I was off on sick leave... I haven't met my new manager, going back after maternity leave will be fun with all the changes! Apparently they're aiming to open in July.
  12. When our mum's would send us to school with crisps during snack time. I remember the monster munch that turned peoples mouth blue! Now I'm not allowed to send my daughter to school with a snack, and if I must send a drink, it HAS to be water!
  13. Complicated. ...what female isnt? :D
  14. Tell me, is it what happens when you finally grow up and have children of your own? It seems now we wake up, my partner will take our eldest to school and go to work. I'll have breakfast, get baby sorted, do housework, go to the shops and then collect eldest. Come home, do lunch, clean again, play for abit, tidy... Then dinner time rolls around and it's cook, tidy, eldest goes to bed and were both tidying, washing up, washing and sterilizing bottles and I can almost bet that every evening well be sat down with a tea watching tv by half 9. By 10 I'm usually fast off! Me and my other half we
  15. Bilbraborn, sorry to hear about your wife's experiences. With my first I had a great pregnancy, no problems but a difficult labour, she too had to be out quickly and I was in and out of hospital for a few weeks after. Pregnancy with Evelyn was no end of problems, couldn't work past 13 weeks thanks to crippling spd, could barely walk, even had my partner pull me out the bath once when my hips locked, couldn't even indulge in some cake thanks to the gestational diabetes. Was iinduced two weeks early due to my placenta failing but she just wasn't budging. They couldn't believe I went through two
  16. Thanks guys! We really do love our walks, most of the places only cost for parking and my three year old loves exploring. It's great fun and easy on the pocket! Tempted to go away for a weekend in the peak district, I remember camping there when a kid with my friend and their parents, we walks down monstral head?? It was great from what I remember, not sure if id get a pushchair on that walk though!
  17. Thank you! Took me a few weeks to get on my feet properly, and a couple of months to be discomfort free. I was so jealous of seeing friends have the same procedure and be up and about after a few days. Very frustrating but worth it now
  18. During my csection recovery, iv started to really enjoy walks again around the beautiful parts of Nottinghamshire. Now I'm 'better' we've enjoyed walks around places like rufford, newstead Abbey and last weekend we did the whole of clumber park. Gives me a chance to try and shift some baby weight, get Evelyn some fresh air and explore with Paige - we climb trees, look for fairies, play hide and seek, take some ball or outdoor games and a picnic. Iv really enjoyed it. Wanted to know what your favourite walks around notts are! We're always on the hunt for somewhere new to explore. Bonus if the
  19. Hi all! I received a message from compo about the thread and I want to thank you all for your kind words! I had a difficult pregnancy, it made me quite poorly and I could barely walk, I found myself spending less time online so just fizzled away from my social media and forums. I have a couple of Facebook groups iv recently had to play catch up on and today I will be doing the same on the forum. I apologize for my disappearing act Evelyn (evlin as it seems to be pronounced all sorts of ways) is doing fantastically, started sleeping better during the night, I'm back to normal finally as it
  20. Iv always had my shopping delivered to my door since having my own house. It's very convenient and iv tried all the super markets. The cheapest and great quality for price I found was asda of course. Does anyone on here use them? I'm interested to know if it's just me with problems. I'm pretty sure they're asserting their dominance by turning up 3 hours before the time I chose. Substituting rediculous amounts of things, some for silly things. I already ordered spring onions, why sub my spring greens for them despite it being cabbage? Items missing and when I call, I'm told nothing was missed
  21. In town a while back, waiting for my other half to catch up with us, walking past the gadget shop I grabbed a guys arm continuing to walk 'should get one of those!' I said to a remote controll car going up walls. Continuing to walk along, I said so where we grabbing lunch? I then decided to look at who I was talking to, to see a few confused chap walking along, looking at me quite confused. What confused me was why he didn't say anything? Most recent was at work, I was about to polish some cutlery, I stood holding a jug of hot water with forks in when I started talking to someone, holding the
  22. Still maroon inside lol! If always thought it had potential to be a decent pub. Which it was becoming. Shame really
  23. Feeling much better ta! It took 3 weeks to start clearing up, it was awful! Haha oh bless her compo! Luckily these days the underwear is much more tasteful now haha!
  24. Went Victoria retail park in Netherfield yesterday to see two of their rubber duckies casually on one of the trees. We took a pic + shared it as it said on the bottom of em. At first we thought a kid must of left them behind!