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  1. Good God is that the best they could have designed . . . . . . It looks terrible, really terrible
  2. Hello Alexandra many thanks for sharing your memory of Diana Dors. I run the project "Re-Introducing Diana Dors" and always enjoy hearing the stories of Diana Dors many visit's to Nottingham. I've a few signed items relating to her opening Barry Noble's amusement arcades, aswell as a photograph of her opening an amusement arcade in Clifton circa 1979.
  3. She used to teach us when I went to St Augustines (now the Sacred Heart in Carlton). I always remember as Mrs Townsend....
  4. Personally I don't mind them . . . . . but I don't like how the University of Nottingham are taking over..... The Raleigh site now looks more of an eyesore than the Players Warehouses. . . . . If there's such a housing shortage then why not convert them into apartments? That's right Nottingham needs yet more student accommodation
  5. Many thanks. I'll be in Nottingham in May, so I'll have a look round Arnold to see if the lady is still running her business from there. Although my Parents have a wedding album, there was another album created which had all the photographs taken at their wedding for people to order their copies - my Mum always regretted not getting all of the photo's for her album.
  6. Hello All It's a great hope that a member of this forum can assist me in my request. Many years ago on Front Street in Arnold there was a photographic studio located there - it is my belief that the studio ceased trading on Front Streetin 1987/1988. It was this very same photographic studio that took my parents wedding photographs. I know it may be an incredibly long shot but it would be my great hope to purchase the negatives if they still exist. This is where I need to know if the photographic studio's negative archive was relocated elsewhere or if it was thrown away or if the photographic
  7. Many thanks Cliff Ton for sharing the image I posted on both the Nottingham FB pages The photograph appeared in the 1960 edition of Guy Denison's This Is Your Nottingham.
  8. Many thanks Cliff Ton. I'll have to wait till I'm back in Nottingham to check the yellow pages at the library. All my Mum can remember is that the photographer had a studio in Sherwood and one in Arnold. It would be interesting to know if the photographer in your photo was the same person. Thank you once again
  9. Hello Michael There was a sticker of the photographer studio attached to the album, but sadly I think me or my brother took it off, but I will check the photo's within the album and see if there's a stamp with any details.
  10. Hello It is my great hope that someone within the forum may be able to help me. My Mum and Dad married in 1976, and the photographs of their wedding were taken by a photographer who had studios in Sherwood and Arnold. My Mum's wedding portrait was displayed in the front window of the Sherwood studio. Sadly my parents are unable to remember the name of the photographers, which is why I hope someone maybe able to help with the name. My parents are 18 months away from their 40th wedding anniversary, and if the studio is still in operation it is my hope that they may have in their archive the ful
  11. Why did they demolish the building??? Are they extending the nightclub I wonder. back in the 1990's my brother and myself used to pop in there before we started work at the Irish Centre.
  12. Stephen Frears who directed the documentary was given by Nottingham City Council guidelines of what to film. To those who didn't live in Nottingham the documentary was shocking, and gave the council the extra strength in their argument that St Ann's had to go . . . Sadly the whole project was fraught with problems and issues. When the first phase of houses were built many it seemed were happy to have the new housing, but wanted to retain the pubs, shops and the sense of community many had lived with...... I was interested to learn yesterday that the Chase Shopping area is now being demolished
  13. Agree completely with you ChrisB. And yes Bubblewrap Drury Hill would make a better addition than what is there now...
  14. This is a great site indeed. Packed full of interesting information and photographs. Although I don't post regularly, I do enjoy popping in to see what new posts have been written, aswell as the new topics. Long may this site continue.
  15. Great photo of the train in the station. Can't wait to see more.....