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  1. god bless Firbeck, may the wishes of members and myself speed you on your heavenly way.
  2. Fly2, if you went upstairs at Capitol Shoe Reps, walter did ladies heels mainly upstairs, the glue he used to fix material to the heel was very potent, forget Es LSD etc, one whiff of that stuff and you were a happy chappy all day. those shops opposite the Grande, didn't realise at the time, how dependant they were on Players workers, it was after they closed the players factories that they went into decline, i think
  3. Fly2, #69, crikey what a memory jogger, Mrs Ling, now Mr Ling was a partner with a Mr Wallace, they owned the shoe repair shop called Capitol Shoe Repairs, bit further along from the Greengrocers, opposite The Grande pub, i worked there when i was about 17, remember him very well, his daughter used to come into the shop, lovely girl, Mr Wallace drove a big green Jag. i used to have to clean it every saturday, Never saw Mrs Ling, but do remember MR. There was Walter, heel man upstairs, Arthur, foreman, Ali, he got his own shop eventually on Aspley Lane, David, he was a Deaf Mute, lovely man, m
  4. plantfit, #891 pic of bus collection smashing, would like to start collecting similar now on me own, thank you for the inspiration
  5. CliffTon, pic #174, real bilborough bus service 56 to Wigman Rd, Strelley Rd, probably got on it when i was a kid, corner of Wigman and Bracebridge, many many thanks for showing pic and memories it restored, again thank you CliffTon, beautiful
  6. your as old as the person your feeling
  7. this year 71 years old, its took 70 years but just feel this year is my lifes beginning, feel like i am 40 again, diet, exercise you cannot beat it.
  8. 82547, remember a co op on bracebridge drive, we lived in a prefab on wigman rd, used it regularly
  9. there was about eight of us rented a bedsit in a house opposite the grosvenor hotel, knocked down now Savoy there i think, one of the lads was named Fred, trying to remember some of the others, on night we walked from city centre to Watnall bakery heard you could get a job for a night and paid next day, three of us worked, i was on a machine marking bread as it came out of the baking machine, not heavy work and we got paid next day about 09.30 had to hang about waiting for office staff. must have been a right twit, still good memories of lazy days, and palais girls
  10. alisoncc #42, when i was 17 i left home and joined a bunch of hippies where, in the pic, the 2 lads are sitting is where we used to sit most of the day, long haired idle buggers, the only time we left off sitting there was to go to the Palais de dance to get girls to pay for us to go in, use to have lunch dances then, be about 1963-4 about then.
  11. Chulla, in my talks with doctors who have prescribed inhalers for my asthma, COPD, i am told all inhalers are taken as routine, the idea is to prevent attacks so only taking them when you feel you need them is not helping in the long term to prevent asthma attacks, air pollution and quality effects greatly people with breathing difficulties so taking your inhaler as routine helps the airways in your body to cope with bad air, also, if you only take the inhalor when you think you are getting breathless you might be already on the way to an attack and the period, usually app. 15-20 minutes it ta
  12. Chulla #747, used inhalers for about 55 years now, at the moment using Symbicort and Brycanil, two puffs of each twice daily, symbicort is an inhibitor, (long term prevents attacks, Brycanil, reliever, instant relief when breathless and take when needed, also works with Symbicort to prevent attacks. other inhalers such as Ventolin, Beclaforte, etc work the same way. just remember these inhalers usually contain steroid, mild form, so wash mouth out with water after taking inhaler, i found my mouth gets quite dry and have to take more liquid especially on hot dusty days. hope this helps, for
  13. had camp coffee every morning for over 25 years, they changed the glass bottle to some plasticky thingy, they changed the taste and thickness per spoonful, now its crap, stopped having it, far as i know so has thousands of others, have Nescafe original now, not the same but like me coffee first thing
  14. radfordred #4 isnt that opposite Staddens on hyson green no, wrong opposite Old General Radford Rd
  15. Alan White #29, knew an alan white, of broxtowe, about 1960s, we lived on shipley rd, my cousins went to Crane school, ernie Allen left about 1962, they lived on sherbourne rd, next door to the co op