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  1. The way Stephen has described that sounds exactly like one my mum used to make, except she used to call it Lancashire Courting Cake.
  2. I don't think that type of spoon was for putting loose tea into the pot, you would have a small caddy spoon for that. This type of spoon was for mashing loose tea in a cup or mug, before teabags were widely available. You would put a small amount of tea in, clamp it shut, then pour your water in - and hopefully it mashed!
  3. Stephen, do you happen to know if the 62 and 63 turned off down Glasshouse Street on inward journeys to Huntingdon Street?
  4. It's amazing to think what a busy place the Huntingdon Street area used to be, with the bus station, the central market, the proximity to Victoria Station, it was a hive of activity. Today it's virtually a dead area! To anyone who has a good knowledge of bus services then, am I correct in thinking that the Trent services coming in from Mansfield and Sutton used to turn off right, down Glasshouse Street, so that they could drop people off at the back of Vic Station?
  5. Looking at this got me wondering about a couple of things; Am I correct in thinking that Middle Hill is a new road which didn't exist before Broad Marsh was redeveloped? If so, were Drury Hill and Garners Hill the only ways of getting down from Weekday Cross and High Pavement before? Also, one of the railway arches, near where the signal box was, had a public road under it, was it Cliff Road? If it was, did vehicles use it as a way of getting from Lister Gate, along Broad Marsh, under the arch and along Cliff Road?
  6. Now that one in the link is really interesting. The bridge has obviously been cut back to what it was originally and the ground level appears to have been raised to some extent. Is the space under the bridge now filled in, or is there still a form of bridge under Parliament Street? I guess the photographer would have been standing on Milton St, roughly where John Lewis or Gap is now. I love these, just when you think you've seen all the pictures, another fascinating one comes along!
  7. That's correct Stephen. My mum used to take me on shopping trips to Mansfield when I was a lad and it always seemed ever such a long walk back up Stockwell Gate to get the bus home!
  8. I didn't do very well in Lincoln yesterday. Found two Curtis shops, the one over the level crossing and another up near the stone arch. Both had plenty of nice cakes, sandwiches and filled rolls, hot sausage rolls and pasties, but no pork pies. But it was after 3pm so maybe they had sold out!
  9. Mansfield is about to get better! It's worst feature in recent years has been the horrible bus station, a very unwelcoming, cold, dirty, unsafe feeling place, accessed at one end by a subway and at the other end by some very narrow steps with damaged treads. Well, a brand new bus station opens in a few weeks, actually more convenient in it's location, just a short walk up Queen Street, up the side of Beales Store (used to be the Co-Op) It will be a fully enclosed structure with a covered walkway to the railway station as well. I'm usually sad to see old features of a town swept away but I d
  10. Some absolutely fascinating pictures on that link!
  11. Well, the good news is, at least I've managed to find it. It's just that I can't lock it in, It goes back to West Midlands every time. Still, at least I can watch East Midlands now with a bit of channel hopping!
  12. Have just looked at the thread called 'Great Central Maps' and the reason for the hole became clear. The reason the tunnel didn't start immediately the other side of Parliament Street was because there were too many tracks. All the tracks under Parly St. had to be narrowed down to just two before they could enter the tunnel, The reason for the hole between Clinton St. East & West was to give enough distance to do this. Or to put it another way, coming into Vic Stn. it gave enough space for the tracks to fan out before entering the platforms. Simples! (I bet I'm the last to realise th
  13. Just looked through all the pages in this topic for the first time. I havn't been down Arkwright Street since 2010, I had no idea all the buildings had gone. When I was working, we often used to stop at the cafe for bacon sandwiches in the mornings, can't remember which one, weren't there two cafes (or sandwich shops) on the east side? What struck me though is, when the new tram line is built, it won't need anything like the area of land that's been cleared. I suppose the planners thought let's wipe the whole of Arkwright St off the map while we're at it!
  14. Can anyone help, I'm going mad! I want BBC East Midlands news from Nottingham and all I can get is West Midlands news from Birmingham. I've got a Panasonic LCD telly which uses a communal ariel and I've tried everything I can think of, pressed every button, done complete re-tunes. I had it once, then lost it, now I can't get it back. There must be something I'm missing. Any suggestions?
  15. Mobile shops - can anyone remember those? Many moons ago, I remember a chap going round in an old bus selling groceries, fruit and veg.
  16. Doesn't the law say that any pie called a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie has to be made in Melton Mowbray? So presumably they resort to tricks like this in an attempt to fool people and flout the law. Where in Lincoln? I'm going to be there next Saturday so I'll have a look for them.
  17. Do you mean the shop on Mount Street? Was it this shop that later became Beattys Models shop?
  18. It makes me sad to think I was taken on trips to Nottingham many a time when the station was still there and in use. If only I'd known it was due to be closed and lost forever, I could have gone and had a look. At least I would have some memories of it!
  19. I was passing this afternoon and I stopped and had a good look. Sometimes, perspectives seem to get a bit distorted in photographs and looking at the ones posted on here, the area between the old Miltons Head and Cripps seems longer then than it does now. It seemed difficult to imagine all those buildings, the tobacconist, Paynes, Burtons, Boots, the Original D&P in the space. Then I had a thought, the pavement area outside the Vic Centre entrance is very much greater now than it was then, plus the fact that Milton Street is probably wider too, so perhaps that bit of Parliament Street ha
  20. Well if you go in the Vic centre market from now on, try the one in the very far right hand corner, they make the best milky coffee in Nottingham!
  21. I saw it this afternoon. I was very surprised to see that in there! Nobody seems to stay long in that very end bit though. I used to like the mini Boots where you could get a drink or snack before catching your bus.
  22. Bulwell Hall had it's own station too, Bulwell Hall Halt.
  23. Another couple of tricks I've seen, which should be banned; CLOSING DOWN in massive letters and prices in tiny letters. (i.e. closing down prices) and 70% OFF again in massive letters, but if you look again, it's up to 70% off
  24. Well, the January sales are nearly over and personally, I think they've been a waste of time. Why is it that most big stores always put the good stuff away and bring out a load of rubbish at sale time. Then they put tickets on like 'Was £40 - now £20' when you know perfectly well it was never £40! Some shops put massive SALE signs up when they havn't even got a sale - just to get people in. With money tighter than ever and shops struggling to survive, why do they take people for mugs?
  25. I think that's a real shame. If they do disappear, at least they gave it a good go. They operated frequent services to Long Eaton, Hucknall. Bingham, Loughborough etc. and at fares a good deal cheaper than the big boys. That's what competition is supposed to be about. Trent operate a good service but it's VERY expensive, yet they win again. Oh well, it was good while it lasted, dig a bit deeper in your pockets when they've gone!