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  1. Infamy infamy they've all got it in for me!!! Oops! Sorry! that was Carry on Cleo.
  2. My greenhouse is doing quite well with many bedding plants growing and pricked out. Also tomato and Runner Beans waiting for frosts to clear. Front garden a profusion of Bluebells, Muscari with Heuchera and Solomon's Seal waiting in the wings for their turn. I have jet washed the coloured slabs all that is needed in the front are containers of summer flowering bedding plants. The back garden is alive with Snow in summer, Red Hot Poker and Bleeding Heart preparing for the Summer show. Strawberry plants, Rhubarb and fruit trees all waking up. Other herbaceous perennials showing through. Natur
  3. I wonder how many times I went in there with Dad. Must be still loads of the stuff he bought in the shed at top of the garden which I also inherited along with the house. I remember walking up on the embankment near the railway on Radford Bridge Road. I saw the Swimming baths, the Ambulance station, the library and the corner building being built from the top of the bus over the years, taking me to see relatives in Radford. As a child of Radford Woodhouse ger would have played on that wasteland before they were built. I think there were allotments where they built the library on Beechdale Roa
  4. Benjamin. My plants are also God's creation. I never saw my plants eating the slugs.
  5. We had freedom in our teen years. They only had war.
  6. By the way Old Rec, my Dad was interested in buying the hardware shop on the corner of Gate St (or was it Vane Street) when the owner talked about retiring. But my mum wouldn't let him. My uncle lived on Radford Bridge Road. The name was Stevenson - they had a son called Terrence (Stevenson) They also had a toddler girl called Linda. Then they moved to Wollaton Park. I remember Terrence had a friend (next door) called Annette.
  7. We were quite young then. We were given the choice. Bus both ways and no sweets, or bus back only (loaded shopping bags) and sweets if we walked from Bilborough cutting over New Bridge. Always wor willies if it rained because the Leen usually flooded near Hartley Road. I remember Marsdens and Dewhurst and also Maypole Dairy. There were lots of Butchers on Denman Street. Often we would visit her sister on Bright Street. and then catch the bus back. Standing at the bus stop watching the electric lorries going from Raleigh to Radford Station. I went to cubs at All Souls Church. Funny thing. At th
  8. My dad felt a lot of guilt and sorrow about the Hood.
  9. Born in a Tarran on Wigman Road (literally) and moved to a BISF house when I was two. Mum and Dad bought it years later and when Dad died 2 years ago I moved back in and that's where I am now. But I remember so much more freedom. Walking up the road to play with friends at five years. Going up to Hoylake park on my own when not much older. The woods on Glaisdale Drive were a huge adventure playground, and also the canal (forbidden territory but still played there). I often wander around with my grand kids and show them my old stamping ground. Beat the hell out of X boxes.
  10. Certainly interest old rec. Dad grew up on Croyden Road, Mum grew up on Salisbury street, Aunt and Uncle lived on Bright street. Another uncle lived on Denman Street. Usually in the Dover Castle. My mum always took us shopping along Denman Street.
  11. Slugs and snails? AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Snails don't half crunch when you stand on them. If I am up early on a wet morning, I nip round the garden with a torch and take a few out.
  12. Just caught up with stuff posted by GER. Welcome mate. Of the names you mentioned, David Airy rings a bell. If it is the one who went to Glenbrook school. He would be my age. (65 years young). Come on GER. You should know what we Bilborough Baby Boomers were like. After the war, New Beginning, New Estate, New Babies. New range of mischief. But at least our parents kept us under control. (well.............most of the time).
  13. I was at Bilborough Grammar School with a Susan Crewe. She was in my year and so was probably born in 1951.
  14. My Dad was so lucky. He went to join the Navy along with lots of his Radford friends. He failed his medical and ended up in the RAF Regiment. All the others went on the HMS Hood. Say no more. Most of the time he was guarding aerodromes in the south but did follow the invasion force through Europe before he was sent to Australia to await the invasion of Japan. As this never happened, he had a great holiday in Australia instead lucky fellah. It could have been so different. After the war he trained to be a joiner at Long Eaton College then spending much of his time doing first and second fix
  15. I see Jackson at the Bilborough Local History Society. She helps a lot at the old church. She is very well.
  16. Can't remember him ever raising his hand to anyone. His method was to make you look an idiot. He did that to me a couple of times and I really did deserve it.
  17. The Phil Soar that I mentioned did indeed become the Chairman of Nottingham Forest.
  18. The original HS2 and what happened to that will happen to the next one when politicians get fed up with it (if it ever gets built).
  19. You lucky beggar. That town is the place my mate in Scotland many years ago called lowgerburger. I remember having hysterics.
  20. Although it is easy to apply this only to the present bunch of control freaks, I think the word politician means lying bar steward in another language.
  21. I was driving home from work tonight and was a little late as I had to call in and get a tyre sorted. As the traffic on Western Boulevard was a little heavier at that later time, I took a short cut along Trentham Drive. I just got to Prestwood Drive and saw Mr Jacobs (or is it now Dr Jacobs) walking along the pavement, presumably going home as he lives that way. I just had to stop for a chat. He must be quite old now but looks really well and is still very alert. I told him who I was but he actually recognised me. The first thing he asked me was if I still collected stamps. He used to run th
  22. For a start Merkel would terrify the hell out of me. And by the way, the UK is not Germany.