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  1. Andys on the corner of Central Ave Stabbo best fish for miles
  2. and he spilt the tartare sauce
  3. they do get battered sometimes
  4. I,ll mullet over for abit
  5. just seen on telly the bloke with the wine,sorry and all that he knew the score,if you cant do the time don,t do the crime
  6. #29#34 Chulla just read these two ,very droll nearly wet myself laughing
  7. I think I,ll leave on my motor pike and sidecarp!
  8. my missus moans like hell if I have the wireless in the car loud but if I. have to move hers it nearly blows you out of the seat when you switch on the ignition.
  9. SS100 Brough Superior ,my mate bought one for £10 years ago they are the best part of £75'000 now!
  10. the japs copied British bikes"but they,ll never catch on"!
  11. Still on the grub tack has anyone been here, and what is the menu like?
  12. #6 Barclaycon it wasn,t wildly expensive and the food is great ,Lovelace and our girls are off there again on saturday for a nosh and natter!
  13. my thoughts exactly FLY2 ,your post made me laugh!
  14. well I got dragged to Jamie Olivers Restaurant onTuesday by our lass much to my disgust and I am sorry to say the place was brilliant the food was superb and the young lady who served was lovely,
  15. We had friends from Devon to stay with us early last week,and we visited the town centre, they thought that it was fantastic,!We have become too used to it and forget to look ,familiarity and all that ! When I showed them pictures of Victoria Station and Drury Hill etc they thought the council had committed acts of vandalism
  16. #2 that brings back memories NCWW stamp on taps and tanks ,and the green water board Lambretta scooter combinations with Watsonion Bambi sidecars,I wonder if any of those are still around?
  17. thanks all we went to Beeston last night and visited the Crown and The Star .Two cracking pubs!
  18. we have two friends visiting from Devon apart from the Trip and the Bell where else is worth a visit ,they are only here for tomorrow,any ideas ta
  19. the wheel rotation is sensed by the Anti lock braking system if the car is on rollers at the front or rear the abs senses that two wheels are not turning and puts the electronic control unit for the engine into a low fuel mode,I suspect that mondeos with two litre ford diesel engines have the same set up ,
  20. Seymores mother always gives him a drink of water
  21. #54 I would name one CoCo the clown as the whole thing is a joke
  22. #308 they were not that good Catfan
  23. my mate still has Dennis Rodgers three wheeler Morgan