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  1. the nags head on carlton hill was always called `naggo` my mams house was right next to it,and my grandparents next door but one from mams,grandad used to send me to the side door with a jug for some ale.,not sure if your age mattered then...the houses were knocked down and now flats stand in their place,the pubs still there.
  2. I remember elsies chip shop on carlton hill,i used to get 6d worth of chips and crispy the photo of the chip shop on burton road is a building that is now a care home,its where the ritz cinema was.
  3. There used to be a bakers shop on Carlton hill called straws ,mr straw would call at my mams with a basket full of bread ,cakes and biscuits.i loved the bread it was never sliced and just wrapped in tissue paper or not wrapped at all.i think it must have been late 50s
  4. Anyone remember jonathan Kane and the freemen ? Also a little known group the vibrants?
  5. I never had school dinner,my sister put me off by saying they had custard on toast......I used to watch popeye ,we always had potted meat sandwiches while we watched it, don't know why though.
  6. Rhubarb and sugar yes,but it could give you awful toothache....Condensed milk straight from the tin.,can you still buy this?
  7. come on now by the the kinks is a brilliant b side. All the b sides by billy fury are great.
  8. no not me ,i think people who lived nearby complained about the noise ,wish i could hear from someone who remembers the concert or has photos.i was in love with francis rossi (quo)at the time but everyone there was calling him mike ,dont think my boyfriend was too pleased with me staring at mike rossi all night.,but the boyfriend won in the end ,i married him.
  9. my grandma used to have a caravan at chapel st leonards skegness,it was a strange shape like an egg and painted grey,it had gas lights,you had to fetch the water from a standpipe on the site,no toilet in the caravan,there was a toilet block on site.granny used to sit in the vine pub for a drink while we played on the beach...i think there was a cafe or a place where you could play on one armed bandits and other games,this place had a jukebox with cliff richard singing please dont tease ,i couldnt get this song out of my head and kept begging my sister to put money in the jukebox and play it ag
  10. first music i heard was on my dads 78s,bill hayley,everley brothers,michael holiday perry como,loads more.I inherited his love of music,i collected records (45s)since i started work at 15 and could buy them,i still have all my records and a jukebox.
  11. can anyone rememember a pop concert at colwick race course in the 70s? i am sure i havnt imagined it.The edgar broughton band,status quo,yes,and i think rick wakeman,were there.i was there with my boyfriend and my sister,we sat right next to the stage,but i dont think they ever had any more concerts there.
  12. i worked at this factory in the late 60s,it was on stamford street.We made y fronts and vests kids and mens,some were for littlewoods.There were 3 floors of rooms full of machinist,a cutting room below and a canteen.i earned good wages there ,but had to work very hard for it.,i used to spend some of my wages on new clothes from c and a ,the rest i had to give to my mam.i cant remember many of the workers names,i think there was a janet,sue,thelma,kath,there were 2 machanics there to repair machines ,an older man called alf and i think the younger one was john.
  13. I remember my aunty in her house at carlton with the iron plugged into the light socket,she had to get through the ironing while it was light as you couldn't use the iron and have the light on,she got through a few bottles of double diamond while she tackled the ironing.
  14. I was terrified in case the osses got me.
  15. yes 6d bag of chips and crispy bits