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  1. John Buck was my great, great grandfather - his daughter Eliza Buck was my great grandmother..........
  2. Who was the compere at the Heart of the Midlands ?
  3. Fine thanks, have missed you - hope everything is well in your neck of the woods.......
  4. These were my hubbys family….Winifred was my motherinlaw….
  5. I'm back again - will try and spend more time on here again, less on Facebook...luv Lynn xxx
  6. Hello it's me - I'm back......
  7. You was there before me, but I can remember a David Harrison...…..
  8. I went there 1958/61 when it closed down, was very unhappy there, I was Lynn Housley from Hucknall.....I have the school song, thanks to Sonia Dimmock who found it for me...……..'Beside her wheel, the patient spinner lingers - Holds in her hands the shuttle and the weft - works to a pattern of her own contriving, with movements quick and deft'......Hope this is what you want...….
  9. I was there 1958-61 when it closed down...… I think Miss Wenn was lovelly and very modern, you could talk to her about all your puberty problems......I think she hated boys because she was an unmarried mother as they were known as then...….
  10. The film is on Talking Pictures (Virgin) quite often, I watched and recorded it along with a few other 60's oldies which I love - no need to buy it just look for it and record it......
  11. The film is regularly on Talking Pictures on Virgin TV - saw it myself a few weeks ago...………...still a great film to watch.
  12. I can remember him playing at a pub in Gedling on Friday nights in the 60's...….Think it was the Grey friend was very infatuated with him back then, he played at a pub in Hucknall later on...…..Not heard of him for years wonder if he is still alive...…….
  13. When we went to Bulgaria many years ago, we were only allowed 1 sheet of loo paper at a time by the stinker lady who sat outside the loo doors...…..Think I may start doing this again as I never seem to be able to get any loo rolls when I go out...….