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  1. Apart from giving England a beating in the Ashes we have now taken over the lead in the covid stakes. If we adjusted Australia's population to that of the UK our covid infections would be running at 303,000 per day. All due to the State Premiers following the Prime Ministers mantra of "for the sake of the economy we must open up". Well, hospitals are really struggling, cases in ICU are growing, increasing numbers are on ventilators and sadly more are dying. Many are now scrambling to try and get the genie back in the bottle by re-imposing restrictions that should not have been t
  2. What about Wheels (Cha Cha) I bet our Ben would be into that.
  3. Having had appropriation bills passed by the House of Representatives Fraser used his numbers in the Senate to continually block supply unless Whitlam called an election for the house of Reps and urged the GG, John Kerr, to dismiss Whitlam if he did not call an election. Whitlam went to the GG to seek his approval to call a half senate elction in a bid to resolve the deadlock. The GG denied that request and dismissed Whitlam and appointed Fraser as caretaker Prime Minister. Agreed, the following election was a landslide for Fraser. The Senate still retains its power to block supply and th
  4. Not having to seek approval of the queens representative in the event of a political crisis e.g. the dismissal of the Whitlam Labor Government. We would also save a lot of taxpayer money by getting rid of the Governors General and their hangers on at national and state levels.
  5. Going to get our booster shots today amid Omnicron running rampant throughout Australia except WA who kept their borders firmly shut. Due to the failure of the Federal Government to plan and act in a timely manner they have decided that a rapid antigen test (lateral flow) positive now does not need a confirmatory PCR test. One outcome of this is we will not know how many people are infected as there is no system in place for reporting positive rapid antigen tests (RAT) There is a shortage of RAT test kits as our Federal polliewaffles in Canberra have yet again failed the people of Austral
  6. We would have been a republic now except that the November 1999 referendum proposed a President elected by parliament. Australia's distrust of our political elite was reflected in the poll. 55% voted No in a 95% compulsory turnout. Strangely enough Queensland led the No vote with 63%. The Yes campaign was led by Malcolm Turnbull who later went on to become our Prime Minister, subsequent poor polling led him to be ousted and our current incompetent bumbling buffoon became Prime Minister in 2018. If they had opted for a citizen elected President we would have been a Republic then.
  7. We have a similar system here too. Caused uproar when our then Prime Minister Tony Abbott awarded Prince Philip an Australian knighthood WTF. Awards should only go to Joe Public who volunteer their time freely in support of a cause they believe in. Certainly not public service mandarins, MP's, members of the armed forces etc. and any one else who got one for doing the job they were paid to do. They should never ever go to celebrities no matter how good their "charitable works" or how much they donated from their gazillions, they do not miss it no matter how much it is and anyway it i
  8. In words similar to those of the late great John Arlott. "Its a cloudy day here at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia have won the toss and elected to bat" It looks like the weather will intervene quite often in what has become the "Pink Test" which supports the McGraw Foundation for breast care in memory of Jane McGraw. I do not understand the thinking of the selectors having picked essentially the same team which has been obliterated by the Aussies in the previous three tests. Joe Root has started in his usual incompetent manner by not opening the bowling with Wood who at
  9. Yes Mods on their Vespa or Lambretta scooters adorned with lots of mirrors and lights. I often wondered what would happen to the electrical system of the scooter if they turned all those lights on at once. I remember that The Small Faces were a band much loved by Mods
  10. I remember that at the Palais. I think the original was by Joe Loss and his Orchestra in the mid sixties.
  11. The local pit tip had endless hours of fun, truck inner tubes on the settling ponds, sliding down the slopes using old conveyor belt as a track and stupidest of all trying to ride on the aerial ropeway buckets. Often got chased off by the dozer drivers that were spreading the spoil. Now it is all groomed green slopes with walking trails and fishing in the old settling ponds, no clue that it was ever a pit tip.
  12. New crew came in week or so ago and brought it with them. Reports say that luckily no one is seriously ill
  13. After the Federal government changed the rules on what constitutes a close contact our state chief medical officer said that we would still be using the former criteria of 15 minutes contact. Shortly afterwards our premier slapped her down and said we would be using the Federal measure. So much for following the medical advice and putting the community safety first, our toady premier buckled to the almighty dollar. No wonder people are getting aggravated when 25,000 people are allowed to attend a cricket match at the Adelaide Oval when pubs and clubs are limited to 1 person per 4 sq metres and
  14. Yes, I remember the MGO 209 bus from Mansfield to Newark via Southwell/Fiskerton, used to catch it to go fishing. The other service from Mansfield to Newark was the 208 via Southwell/Upton I never caught that bus
  15. It looks as if they may struggle if the get into the play-offs but it's better than we could have hoped for at the start of the season.
  16. Do the trains still stop regularly at Fiskerton Station? I seem to remember it was quite a way out of the village and that Bleasby had a station at one time.
  17. Happily Ian but only enough to drop our temperature down to 25 deg C which is very pleasant.
  18. Sadly we have had another death of with or from Covid, a two year old girl. My heart goes out to her family at this devastating time. Meanwhile our pollie wafflers have come up with a new meaning of a "close contact". It is now defined as "Someone who has spent four hours or more with a confirmed case in a household or household like setting." What a cop out! Given that Omnicron is a more virulent strain and more easily transmissible can someone explain this logic to me? We have yet further abdication of responsibility by the ruling elite. All in the name of "protecting the system". Ballc
  19. 100 in the old numbers round our way for the next few days.
  20. Good idea BK The grey "meat"? in modern pork pies is also good for fixing holes in your radiator and exhaust system.
  21. Brew, that report is from May 2021, the latest data from HIQA Dec 2021 indicates that for over 65's the efficacy of AZ drops to as low as 36% after 6 months.
  22. On a different level to what is happening in the UK, here in South Australia sadly we have just had our 5th death. It is not yet sure if the death of a 94 year old woman was with or of Covid. However, it was the loved one of families that are now mourning her loss. We had just shy of 1,000 cases today and have had 5,238 cases since the state government stupidly opened our borders on 23 November despite our hospitals, ambulance services and testing capability being woefully under prepared and resourced and the health professionals advising against it. We have moved from protecting the peop
  23. Now that I have got over my anger and pi$$edoffedness at the way England have not performed in this series there are two players that should get an honorable mention. Joe Root for his batting, not captaincy it seems that unless he can get a hundred or more then England are doomed and James Andersen, the oldest in the team and yet again our best bowler.
  24. Bowled out for 68 resulting in an innings and 14 runs defeat, embarrassing! The whole lot of the people in this touring group should be replaced after this dreadful, appalling, atrocious, inadequate, ineffective incompetent, pathetic useless performance. The selectors should be replaced if this is the best they can come up with. Call them all home and send out one of the county sides, minus overseas players of course, they could not do any worse. Reduce the numbers of "hangers on" administrators and ineffective specialist coaches and fly out a bare bones outfit that will at leas
  25. After a half decent bowling effort and getting Australia all out for 267 England have come out in their concrete wellies again. At the close of play England are 31 for 4, still 51 runs behind so an innings defeat is still not out of the equation. Joe Root has been batting well but needs lessons in captaincy. Haseeb Hameed fails again and looks as if he would be more comfortable as a garden gnome sitting fishing near someone's pond than an opening batsmen.