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  1. Fond memories of watching the cricket or bowls on a summer afternoon at the local miners welfare with a bottle of R.L.Jones Sunecta Mixed Fruit or Orange Crush with bits of oranges floating in it and a bag of Smiths Crisps
  2. The good old days, greasing the kingpins, ball joints and steering linkage, universal joints on the prop shaft, checking the oil in the gearbox and diff, adjusting the valve clearances and checking the brakes and wheel bearings before you went on a "long" journey...…. Nottingham to Skegness? I look under the bonnet of our current car more out of habit than the need to do anything. The only thing I ever need to top up is the windscreen washer fluid
  3. Yes, globally they are focussing only on left hand drive vehicles and have or in the process of divesting themselves of any units that manufacture RHD vehicles.
  4. Some recent films that use Nottingham The Dark Knight Rises uses Wollaton Hall as Batman's Wayne Manor Oranges and Sunshine, set and filmed in Nottingham
  5. My mobile phone provider keeps sending me texts asking if, for a few dollars more per month, I would like to increase my data download allowance. If they looked at my current data usage they would see that I typically use less than 2% of my current allowance. So why on earth would I want more? I don't use FaceTwit, InstaTok or SnapWhats. 99.9 percent of its use is a phone/text only. I'd unsubscribe but they do send messages reminding me to pay the bill which can be useful.
  6. Never owned a Austin or Morris but back in 1960's almost bought an Austin A40 as a first car but then I saw a Triumph Herald with its walnut dash, pale grey with red upholstery. It served us well until some clown hit us bang on the nearside rear wheel, it was repaired but somehow never felt the same on the road. Ended my time in the UK with a Ford MKII Cortina. First company car I drove from the pool was an olive green Ford Granada Ghia 3 litre, glad I wasn't paying for the fuel. The automotive components company I worked for in Oz bought cars in proportion to the sales it had with major OEM's. Best car I had there was a top of the line Nissan Skyline with a silky smooth and very willing 3 litre straight six. As the family grew we needed a bigger car so ended up with Ford Falcons until just before I left they gave me a Holden Commodore, very poor build quality and bits of interior trim were always falling off. For those on here that have been in Oz General Motors have just announced that they are exiting Australia so the Holden brand is no more. 700 jobs will be lost at head office and probably thousands more as all the dealerships close or downsize to service facilities only. From being able to design and manufacture a car from the ground up, thanks to the economic rationalists, we now have only a few component manufacturers left. I wonder what we will do if we are ever involved in any major conflicts, a couple of months supply of fuel for cars, trucks and aircraft, no tyres and more importantly no skills.
  7. Quit yer chunterin Stop yer mawnging E wor a rait rummon Shut yer fizzog
  8. If there are any gasometers left in the UK you could paint them like we paint our grain silos. More photos of this amazing community art can be seen here http://viterra.com.au/index.php/supporting-our-communities/
  9. Our erstwhile Prime Minister "Scotty from Marketing" has today activated an emergency plan in anticipation of a global pandemic being declared. If it happens it will be interesting as our hospitals cannot cope with admissions on a normal day let alone a pandemic. Don't you trust our pollies to tell us the truth RR?
  10. There is a cruise line advertising heavily here at the moment, no kids, no casinos. Sounds good to me! Think I'll wait until the Covid 19 thingy has died down before I think about a cruise.
  11. Never knew that, Nottingham History Team says that it is a stainless steel drainage channel that follows the line of the original wall.
  12. Brilliant RR slight echoes of LS Lowry in this one. So much of interest. Looks to me like a Yorkshire mill town workers trip as all the buses are going to Filey. I think the sign says East Ardsley Labour Club. The Ogden's cigarette sign reminded me that my grandad sometimes smoked Ogden's Flake tobacco. Just had a look through the paintings on his website, would love one but sadly beyond my means.
  13. Rob L No, the Admiral Rodney in Southwell is on King Street The one in Calverton is on Main Street
  14. Heard this on the radio the other day, Joe Brown - Picture of You Classic intro on the mandolin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc7y6d9CvCA
  15. Wasn't there an Admiral Rodney Hotel in Southwell too, and I think it was supposed to be haunted? Can't remember if it used to be a tied house or whose beer it sold.
  16. I can't remember the last time I bought a stamp, it must have been in the late 90's. I don't even know what one costs or why anyone would need them any more other than for packages as everything else can be done electronically. Packages or parcels are cheaper and more reliably delivered by courier companies locally, interstate, or international.
  17. Many cars in Australia at that time ended up with black vinyl roofs as a result of hail storms, Boot lids and bonnets were easy to replace but the cost of repairing the roof was prohibitive so hence the vinyl roof. "Wrapping" cars with vinyl or velour I.L.O. a respray is big here at the moment however I do not understand why anyone would want their car to look like grandmas' settee
  18. Alexander Alliott invented the centrifugal drying machine. The 1851 census shows him living with his wife Mary, daughter Mary and son James Bingham, with three servants at Chancery? Cottage, Arnold The 1861 Census records him living at Western Terrace, Nottingham with his wife Mary, daughter Mary, one visitor (Mother in Law?)and four servants He went into business with Edward Manlove in 1837 He died in 1870 at Biarritz His son made many improvements to the dryer and was instrumental in the company making equipment for the sugar industry. One of their products was Fryer's Destructor, a machine for destroying refuse used in many UK cities at the time to incinerate household rubbish.
  19. The airfield you mentioned was known as No 35 SLG (Satellite or Relief Landing Ground) RAF Blidworth It is known that among the aircraft stored there were Westland Whirlwind fighter bombers It was used for aircraft preparation. storage and training, it was a grass field situated approximately where Rigg Lane meets Longdale Lane. It was managed by 51 Maintenance Unit Lichfield. You can view where it was here http://www.abct.org.uk/airfields/airfield-finder/blidworth/ For Ben's benefit it would have been about a two mile walk to the Fox and Hounds at Blidworth Bottoms
  20. Our Dansette had one of those BSR Autochanger decks, I think it may have had a Monarch tone arm (not sure) but I know you had to turn the stylus over to play 78's. The autochanger never worked reliably, it would often drop three of four of the ten records at one time and even drop one on top of a record when it was playing. I do have a 16rpm record, it is an instructional disc on how to remove and service a gearbox, YouTube is much better these days.
  21. Round our way it was Inky Pinky Ponky Father had a donkey...……………..
  22. Still doing the rounds and as popular as ever One of my favourites was this one, covered by many artists over the years Can you believe this jazz standard was written in 1917????
  23. I had a problem with the title of the thread too The A610 goes to Ambergate and is nowhere near the A614 which ends up at Bridlington. As soon as Pete Ford mentioned the Banyan Tree and Philmayfield mentioned the Little Chef I got my bearings straight away