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  1. 'As a teenager after playing football at Clifton on a Saturday afternoon. I rushed home for 5 o'clock to listen to the football results after a match at Farnborough Road playing fields. Soaking in a hot bath after my strenuous!!! efforts on the pitch with the trannie radio tuned in to the BBC Light programme 'It's Five o' clock, time for Sports Report' announced the Radio presenter Eamonn Andrews, followed by the legendary theme tune 'Out of the Blue' At that time all games kicked off at 3 o' clock. This was the quickest way to obtain that days scores, alternatively the Foo
  2. As a child in the early to mid 50's, I lived on Wilford Road at my Grandparents House (Hickling family) -- Number 230) right outside the Trolleybus Terminus and fascinated by the Vernons / Littlewoods Pools adverts on the side. My other set of Grandparents lived next door at Number 228, just along from Headon Terrace?? At the time of the Coronation, I remember being invited with some family members, to a House on Headon Terrace where we went to watch the Ceremony on the only TV that I knew about in that area.... Very small screen and grainy pictures, which seemed like 'magic' at the t
  3. Some memories which cover late 50's and early 60's. Relating to recentish posts on Clifton All Whites and David Pleat. David Pleat lived on Farnborough Road (no 10 or thereabouts) and I went to Mundella School with him. The nearest I got to playing football at his level was in the School team, I cannot recall him playing for any team at Clifton. As I have mentioned before, I played for a Youth team 1962 - 64 (Clifton Y.C. who were based at the Youth Club that was opposite St. Francis Church and we played Home games in the Notts Youth League at Farnborough R
  4. Seeing the Memorial Gardens mentioned on recent previous posts made me recall my school days down the Meadoows (Mundella 1957 - 1962). Monday mornings Gym 'lessons' .... First thing we had to do was the so called 'Cross country' run from the school past Trent Bridge school, through the Memorial Gardens (we called them the 'Rock' Gardens) across the Suspension Bridge, turn right, running the gauntlet of the rival school pupils at Becket. carry on at side of theTrent to the old Great Central Railway Bridge at Wilford .... and return. Ok if you were 'sporty' (as I was lucky enoug
  5. Can anyone recall what amounted to a makeshift Cinema at Clifton in the mid fifties? Vague memories of a Large Wooden Hut, situated near to what is now the Tower Block of Flats opposite St. Francis Church, which at that time was a work in progress. (the Church that is). I remember going as a Child to see a Film.... I know it starred Alan Ladd and was about the Canadian Mounties. Must have been the first proper Film I had seen. I don't know whether this was just a 'one off' but I can't remember going again. Lived at Clifton 1953 to 1969 and never knew whether there was any other Cinema on
  6. Probably an automatic random dialling system. I get them and I'm an ex Directory number. Cliff ton has the best idea.... If you've got the time play game with them ... tell them anything, they eventually ring off.
  7. Jill Look on Google under Little Theatre, Nottm... Details and picture are there. this is possibly venue you are seeking.
  8. For anyone needing injections in an eye, I can put your mind at rest. I have over the last year had a series of injections in my eye for a retina problem. Like most people probably would be, I was worried about this but the experience was absolutely painless.... A quick swill of anaesthetic in the eye and then an injection, very slight irritation like grit in eye, but that was all. All over 'in the blink of an eye' as it were.
  9. Re: New Manager. How about a consortium of Davies, McLaren, McLeish and Platt?
  10. Lived on Colleymoor Leys Lane 1953 to 1964 .... then Bridgnorth Drive to 1969., both not too far from Rivergreen!
  11. Paul, I remember going to see a concert at Nottm Albert Hall in March 1963. On the Bill were ...Gene Vincent -- John Leyton-- Jet Harris & Tony Meehan -- Patti Brook -- Johnny Temple -- Sammy King & The Voltairs Advertised as 'Popular Concert' .. Balcony Tickets 7s / 6d .... Can't remember the Balcony, I sat in the stalls. Done a bit of research on on Pattii Brook... Apparently she duetted with Cliff Richard on 'The Young Ones'. Can't find anything on Johnny Temple. (apart from an American Blues Artist... assume it wasn't him!! Sammy King from West Yorkshire, regular suppo
  12. Cliff Thanks for posting the aerial photo of building. Have recently been seen the renovated building while on Tram. St .Francis Church looks a bit rough, windows broken or boarded up... is it still an active Church? .... Was a choirboy there in 50's, on duty when it was officially opened.
  13. Hi TRD .... Next time you see Dave, ask him if he remembers Malc ... Used to call Him 'Bomber' Heard quite a while ago that Ray had emigrated to Australia. Sorry if in wrong thread, as I said, new to this Site and not fully aware of negotiating around Site yet. Benjamin ... Can't remember playing against Coop Pathfinders but school field you refer to would be the Farnborough School which was separated from Council playing fields by a wire fence.
  14. As a recent member, I have been ploughing through past posts and was interested to see Clifton Youth Club mentioned a few times. I remember The Club which was opposite St Francis Church and adjacent to the site on what is now the High Rise Flats. Behind the Club was an illuminated concrete / tarmac sports area where we played 5 a side football as part of training for the Clifton YC Junior Football team, who were members of the Notts Youth League upto under 18's. (1963 /64) Our home games were played on Farnborough Road playing fields on the pitch immediately opposite the changing rooms. T
  15. Yes, remember the entrance on the corner. I went to Greencroft and Brinkhill .... Don't know why I went to each of them ... Didn't have far to go from Home as we lived on Colleymoor Leys Lane, near to the Park. Left in 1957 to go to Mundella.... Can't remember any of classmate names of that year, although my Brother once sent a photograph of me in one of the classes, taken at Harvest Festival. Would be very interested to learn of any names from that photograh or that era.