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  1. Hi banjo49strelly the name Wagstaff rings a bell from Broxtowe from the 50s our family the Booths(tribe actually there were 11 of us lol) moved to Frinton rd from Bulwell about 1951. I had 7 sisters, maybe you were at school with a couple of them. Blimey it does seem a long time ago.
  2. Lol good lad glad you didnt fritter your well earned wages away on useless baubles and fancy trinkets.Ok Benj ime sure our Doris would love to hear from you
  3. That is an old saying Benj tipping up, it was either that or paying board.I tipped up when i first started work but Mam never made anything as she would buy me my clobber and after giving me spending money be out of pocket (bless her) Baby Doris said she hasnt been in touch with you for around 15yrs and that she will see if she can find your number and give you a call
  4. Hi Benj, had a nice letter from Baby Doris today. I had told her i had been in contact with you,and she told me lots about Aunty Joan.She said she was always at your Mams house,and when she married Uncle Ben she was one of her Bridemaids. She said when Uncle Ben was made redundant due to the train cuts, Aunty Joan said to her :wheres he going to get a job waving a flag all day; lol. But Baby Doris said Uncle Ben got work on the number 43 and 44 buses and would let her off paying when she got on his bus. She said Aunty Joan taught her how to knit pods, and was always there for her and would often come to our house.She said Aunty Joan and Blondie used to get on well together, both enjoying a smoke. Blondie Senior Service and Aunt Joan Park Drive. She said Aunty Joan was in the Land Army and used to visit our home at Back Cottages, she said she once came all dressed up for a dance,and said she looked like a film star to her. Baby Doris said shes got some lovely memories of your Mam Benj.
  5. I Remember the copper boilers in the 50s,and Mam getting the hoover twin tub,which must have been an absolute blessing for her with 11 children. Can remember Mam getting in the washing and sometimes it would be as stiff as a board does that still happen?
  6. Lol thats right Benj they could populate a small country
  7. Lovely happy times Benj,you have some wonderful memories of real characters and special people,and Uncle Bill still there to reminisce with. You and Baby Doris ought to get together and get those times down on paper,would make a great book.
  8. Thanks Paul,thats lovely ive heard most of those names over time,especially your Mam Aunty Joan,and Gwen and Rose It must run in the family as i get quite emotional when i think of the Family we have lost.They really were/are something special wont see their like again
  9. Hi Benj yes please love a run down on my Uncles and Aunts on the Jackson side
  10. I,me Prudence Pots the pan inspector, Prudence Pots the spot detector.
  11. I remember Mam telling us that Gramma Jackson gave Grandad a bit of a hard time Benj. I can see Gramma now sitting near the fire in here armchair, she liked a drop of sherry or was it port (Bless her)
  12. We practically lived in Broxtowe Woods in the 50s and early 60s, building dens,bird nesting,new nutting. Great in winter sledging down the big bank,if you didnt have a sledge an old bit of lino would do. It was particularly good in the winter of 62/63 when the snow stayed around for months
  13. Yes we used to do that with the black cotton Beefsteak we used to call it Spirit Tapping lol
  14. Did anyone go to the Jersey Fabrics/Kapwood Christmas party in the 50s?
  15. Think there was also Cisco Kid and his sidekick Pancho.Or was that on the tele?
  16. When the rag and bone man came around i used to run in and say ;Mam have you any old rags; she would always reply ;yea tek me; for a few rags i might have got a windmill or a cup or plate and for woolens a couple of pennies
  17. Anyone remember the Rag and Bone man from Broxtowe from the 1950s?
  18. Our Doris loved grandad Jackson i have a group photo that she sent me somewhere grandads holding a dog and wearing a boater looks a bit like maurice chevalia spelt that wrong methinks
  19. Can just about remember Grandma Jackson coming to Frinton rd think she stayed with us a few days did the Jacksons originate from Yorkshire Benj
  20. hello Tom, I must be your uncle john ime not very good with computers and first time ive been on here so might be a bit slow

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    2. frinton john

      frinton john

      sure my lad is in contact with him  this is the first time ive been on here i suppose it will get easier  laptops nearly been out the window a couple of times lol

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      You'll get the hang of it mate..........some nice folk on here........who i know will make you welcome, i said you've made my day John......going to bed now got to get the 'Jackson' beauty

    4. frinton john

      frinton john

      Me too the old woman keeps giving me the evil eye  didnt realise how long ive been on here  been great chatting Paul  look forward to learning more about the Jacksons   would make a great book   night Paul

  21. Blimey Benj theres loads of em, and I only know Brenda and Trevor Auntie Connies kids,and even they could pass me in the street and I wouldn't know them Get me there addresses and I will take out a bank loan and send them Christmas cards lol
  22. Lol it felt like 14 of us at times Benj, especially at mealtimes think i was spoilt rotten for the first few years of my life as i came after 5 sisters
  23. Lol yes think our Fred was just over 6ft , dont know what happened there as we are all quite short, having said that one of my lads is around 6ft. Dad used to fight under the name Sonny Booth and lots of the old boys around Bulwell used to say he was a good boxer