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  1. Been into Nottingham city centre this morning with my sister. Went into the Vic centre, went and looked at water clock it always fascinated me. Went down Clumber Street, this was all shoe shops when I was here last it has changed so much. Got really disoriented, didn’t have a clue where I was, wouldn’t dare go in on my own think I would get lost. Going to go down to Market Square next time we go in and explore that side of town if I am up to it. Not sure if it has changed for the better but it seems better than Doncaster town centre which isn’t very good unless you want fast food or Primark.
  2. Decided to steam clean carpets/wooden flooring. Filled it with water, plugged it in, switched it on nothing. Turned switch on and off a few times still nothing. Decided to dismantle it to see what was wrong. Took ages to get it back together, tried again still nothing. Looked at plug, wasn’t switched on. Going back to bed for rest of day!
  3. Drivers who don’t indicate at roundabouts so you presume they are going straight on and then turn left so you could have gone. Those who pull in behind you to let an ambulance/fire engine through and then try to pass when it has gone past.the idiot who blocked my sisters car in a parking space and then watched her trying to get out, waited until she had managed to get out and was waiting to get on Road and then came to move his car and “help” her.
  4. Knew it was going to be bad weather today. Got up this morning went to let my boys out they peered out the door looked at me as if I was crazy and went back into front room and went to sleep. Bet they would have gone out if I had put their leads on for a walk.
  5. Never had Halloween when I was younger, if we had my dad would not have let us go out, said it was begging like penny for the guy and Christmas caroling. This is my first Halloween here, where I was before if I got sweets nobody came, if I didn’t they would come in swarms. Sod’s law I guess.
  6. I did have an independent survey done before buying the house, everything came back as okay. Was a long hot summer though. The damp proof course is okay and haven’t found anything anywhere else as yet. Had someone have a look at it and they said it is condensation, got the window on vent which isn’t a problem as I don’t like stuffy rooms especially when the heating is on. Will have to see if this and the damp traps solve the problem. If not will try other solutions suggested.
  7. Just had txt from Graham (my handyman) he is doing a big bathroom refit but will arrange to come to do my electrics on his first free Saturday. Can’t wait. Can see another blog looming!
  8. my Solicitor was away for a week so handed my file to her colleague. She did more in a week than mine had done in a month. It didn’t help that my buyers solicitors were as bad, could never get a reply from them about anything. On completion day everyone was ready waiting for them but they didn’t reply to emails or phone calls. In the end my sister threatened to come up from Nottingham and sit in their offices until they sorted it. They then did ring my solicitor and a said if my sister phoned again they would inform the police. Did get them moving though.
  9. The house is concrete. It is under the bedroom window and in part of the fitted wardrobe, apparently condensation nothing more sinister. Will look into heat exchangers not heard of them before. Will have to wait until wasps nest is sorted out. Thanks for the information.
  10. Forgot to mention the water stoptap doesn’t, but will have to dismantle some of kitchen to get to it as pipe work needs changing as well. Water in street will have to be turned off (if that works not holding my breath) but will leave that for the time being. Plugs to basin in bathroom and kitchen sink let water drain when closed so have to do things quickly (am getting really good at this). This morning the gas boiler decided I didn’t need hot water to rinse shampoo out of my hair, so had a cold rinse, at least it wasn’t whilst I was in the shower! Rang plumber who serviced it 2 weeks ago but he didn’t have a clue what the flashing code was, neither did instruction book, luckily seems to have reset itself. Every day is becoming an adventure not knowing what will be thrown at me next. I am proud of myself as I haven’t been by myself for long, hubby would have usually sorted things out, but have managed to cope so far. Can’t praise Graham too much who is helping me sort things out, if anyone wants work done I will be pleased to recommend him. He is a brilliant. This house, despite the problems (think the last owner thought he was a whizz at DIY), has a lovely feel, very welcoming, and just feels like home so I will soldier onwards and upwards. It will be right.
  11. After searching for a while and viewing some properties I couldn’t wait to get out if I finally found “my” new home. After the stress of having a solicitor who did not know how to multitask (even though it was a female) I finally moved in. Felt at home straight away, near shops, somewhere to walk my 2 boys (very important) and near my sister. It seemed perfect, just a few things that I wanted to do or so I thought. Got someone in to do the few small jobs I wanted doing. Started off with small things like locks that were a bit “iffy” on patio doors, this was just the beginning, the patio door was off its bottom runner, lock had to be changed and was told the patio door was at r the end of its life. After this every small job threw up something else, strange plumbing work under the sink, french doors not fitted properly with a gap underneath that could let in rain, sink & draining board not sealed to worktop and the worktop is delaminating (is that a word?). The tap to the sink wobbled about (we had noticed this on viewing but thought it should be an easy fix). This has been tightened but is a bit too far away from the sink so worktop is always getting wet hence the delamination. Yesterday had a few more small jobs done with great trepidation as it was electrics. Success with some of them, but there are now 2 further things that need putting right and a switch that we couldn’t work what it was for. There is a wasps nest in the loft (council going to sort this out thank goodness). I noticed a bit of loose paper in bedroom and peeked underneath (wish I hadn’t) found black mood on wall under window. Stripped off wallpaper and cleaned it off . Went to see neighbour and apparently it can be a problem in these houses, now have damp traps all over and windows upstairs on vent. Halfway through all this I seriously thought about putting it back on the market, in fact had a bit of a meltdown, but I do love this house despite all its faults so hopefully the end is in sight. At least until next year when I start to think about redecorating!
  12. He was one of the few teachers whose classes I enjoyed. He made them interesting, think he started my interest in history.
  13. Spent most of the morning chasing leaves around the front garden. Everytime I got them into a pile there was a gust of wind. Eventually rounded them all up. Sure the tree across the road was watching and waiting for me to go in so it could unleash a load more.
  14. That would have saved much embarrassment and strained backs.
  15. I’m afraid mine are in the don’t catagory, it can be embarrassing as once they decide “no” it is very hard to change their minds. Even if they go on scales there is always a leg not on, put that on and there will be another one not on. At least they enjoy going to vets, meeting other dogs etc. My friends dog will not even get out of her car and wedges herself into a corner, if they manage to get her into vets she screams the place down. Being a very large German shepherd their consultation is usually done in the car park.
  16. The vet in Doncaster had a thing about overweight dogs. He said they should have a waist and no fat on their ribs. Could never work out where the waist should be! Mine are very hairy and do look big but it is mostly fur, he always insisted on weighing them every time we went. It was a right performance as they can set their paws and can’t be moved. It isn’t easy picking up a 43kg dog who doesn’t want to go on scales. They dont eat every day although there are always biscuits down, some days they just snack occasionally, it worried me at first but am used to it now. They don’t have tinned dog meat, they have raw beef and chicken, each once a week. It is how the breeder fed them and we continued with it, although they do have a Sunday dinner with me which always goes down well.
  17. I love the drumming gorilla advert, was it for Cadbury’s chocolate. Best films, Shining, Kelly’s Heroes and Gone With The Wind. Always watch them when they appear on tv.
  18. They do have their moments but they kept me going after my husband passed away, gave me a reason to get up in the morning. The groomer came last week, he is excellent, so they are looking at their best at the moment. No running thru muddy puddles yet!
  19. this This is my other boy his name is Wolf, the other picture is Kai. Thanks for all the help with transferring pictures.
  20. http:// Dont know if I have done this right but hopefully should be a picture of one of my boys.
  21. I always burn my thumb when getting stuff out the oven. Tend to lift up and out not out and up. Always in the same place, have a small scar there now. Must be an age thing!
  22. Lionesses killed a male lion at Yorkshire Wildlife Park near where I used to live. Rangers went in but they killed him before they could get to them. There weren’t any cubs. It was very sad as they were rescued from appalling conditions in Romanian zoo.
  23. She was in Broadchurch I think wasn’t she? No screaming and running away then, good looking forward to watching it with the new baddies.
  24. Can’t remember what soap she used could it have been sunlight but can remember the smell I loved it. She had a big stick and used to stir the copper and push the clothes down as well whilst standing on a stool. So glad for my washing machine.
  25. I had a flat in Nottingham and Jon Pertwee had relatives nearby. He used to turn up in a vintage car wearing his Dr Who coat. Used to hear the local kids shouting “It’s Dr Who”. He was always mobbed and was very good with them as they used to ask him all sorts of questions. He was a very imposing figure. Haven’t watched it since a David Tennant left but have recorded new episodes to see how the new one will go.