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  1. My two boys cut their teeth on my then kitchen table legs. Got them all sort of chewy things but the table legs were the only thing they chewed. One of them did get hold of my new bank card as it came thru the door a few years ago. It did still work luckily, just had a full set of dog teeth marks on it much to the amusement of the local supermarket. NonnaB could she be nesting as in a phantom pregnancy?
  2. My parents had a dog and every time the Hoover came out he laid down to be vacuumed. Used to drive my mom mad as she would do him and carry on hoovering and he would move and lay down in front of hoover again. She had to put him in garden so she could get done.
  3. Vets again this morning, Kai seems a bit better after the injection yesterday, getting up easier, had something to eat last nite without any prompting. Now got anti-inflammatory liquid. Told vet they don’t have wet dog food but she said he will just take it from syringe or put it in some chicken. Couldn’t get the flipping lid off the bottle, battled with it for ages and then got scissors to it which worked. First try with syringe was a disaster, he clenched his teeth so couldn’t get the stuff in his mouth. Tried putting some of it in his cheek, he just looked at me and let it dribble out. Managed to get some in his mouth, didn’t know dogs could spit bit I swear he spat it at me, not impressed. Brainwave, ham in fridge gave him some without and then put a dribble on each bit, folding it up so it wouldn’t run off. Job done. Don’t know if I will be able to do it again, he has to have it once a day until Monday when he goes back to vet and he has probably cottoned on what I did. Vet is on about x-rays, don’t really want to get to that as he has had a traumatic year and don’t want to have to leave him there so hoping this is the solution. Thanks everyone for your best wishes, it is much appreciated.
  4. I have recently moved back to Bilborough. It is really nice where I am. A short walk to shops and vet. Electric bus runs past house and my sisters house is on the route as well as Aldi. Buses into town just down road. It is an area I feel comfortable with, just have to know area and where to look for a house. Did see some rum uns, Jeremy Kyle would have been at home!
  5. Back to the vets again today, thank goodness it is only a 10 minute walk. Kai definately isn’t right, very lethargic and is not eating right (had to hand feed him to get him started but still didn’t eat much).Had blood works done this time, it picked up inflammation/infection, everything else okay. He’s had an anti-inflammatory injection to see if that helps. His temperature was a bit high so we have to go back tomorrow to see how he is. He seems sore on his back legs, never happened before he has always been healthy, bit worrying as he is German Shepherd cross. Just hope the injection helps. He did have a good time at vets though, 4 other dogs there, lots of sniffing and wagging tails. Glad he is insured, bill mounting and they are talking about x-rays and scans.
  6. I worked for MCColls until a few months ago. They acquired a load of the smaller co-op convenience stores this year. They can be very expensive. Feel sorry for the staff.
  7. I am having trouble with my email, only just managed to retrieve the messages this morning. Sorry for no response. Think I am going to have change it to my other address if I can find out how. That was easier than I thought, should be up and running again.
  8. A while ago my husband and I came into some money and decided to buy a new car, we had never had a new one and decided to treat ourselves. Husband decided on a Vauxhall Ankara. We went and viewed the car, had test drive, had excellent coffee and then sorted out a deal. The number plate was about to change but they had some in stock on old number plate and got a really good deal. Went to pick it up and on the wat back my husband said he didn’t think much to gear box it was very awkward and he was having trouble getting it into reverse. The next day we went out and suddenly the gear box went it appeared to be in 3, not good for pulling off at traffic lights. We rang dealer he told us to get AA out as we had free membership. They came out and a small plastic widget (the technical term) had come off, he put it back on. We went out next day and same thing happened, we had to try and time it so we got to traffic lights when they were on green, it was a nitemare journey. Rang dealer and they said they would send someone out to show my husband how to use the gears. That went down very well. They came out tried to put the car in first gear and it reversed nearly hitting our neighbours car. It was taken back and we were given a courtesy car. Went to pick it up, did get a couple of freebies as compensation and it was finally okay. It did take the shine off it a bit and I never really trusted it again but we had no further problems.
  9. I enjoyed working there, except when someone cut themselves on bacon slicer. They had an amazing canteen, the sandwiches had more filling than bread! I also worked for a while in a factory at Beeston putting fancy trimmings for furniture and clothes on cards. Think it was called jenning or something like that, didn’t stay long though as it made your hands sore. But I got the fringed trimming for my jeans for nothing, a must if you were a “mod”.
  10. My friend and I got Saturday jobs at Woolworths on Hyson Green. I was on hardware and in the spring the gardening section was on there, I’m sure I can remember having to count bulbs as they were loose and priced at so many for so much. Some people probably had a surprise when the bulbs grew as we used to get them muddled up, just didn’t have a clue. My friend ended up on the paint counter so the bulbs didn’t seem so bad after that, although she was eventually transferred to sweets. She got into trouble for eating chocolate brazils, nearly got sacked. We had to get permission from headmaster at school to have the job, he was being awkward about it so my mum went to see him, he soon gave his consent! When I left school I worked there full time until my job at Boots offices started.
  11. I went to see How The I can remember going to see How The West Was Won on The Forest with my mum and dad. There was a bobsleigh film on first, made you feel you were actually on it. The screen was curved I think and in 3 parts?
  12. She was only about 5 when we moved. The car was a Consell, an old banger really but it had these bench seats front and back. You could lay out on the back seat and 3 could sit in front. I can remember going out with my Dad when he first got it, one of his friends was with him in the front, not sure whether he had took his test then or was still learning.
  13. I liked the mint one, must say I can’t remember the orange one.
  14. Went into pound shop and they had the Fry’s Creme bars, original, mint and orange. Didn’t have Fry’s 5 centres though, used to love the pineapple one.
  15. I think I can remember Janice, from what I can remember she wasn’t in our little gang. Went with my sister to see my brother this afternoon, we were reminiscing about Huxley Close, my sister can’t remember much as she is the youngest but my brother could. It was more of a community than Staverton Road, I can remember the street having a “do” where there were races for kids with small prizes, can’t remember what it was for. I was quite sorry to leave there, Staverton seemed a bit posher somehow but my dad wanted a garage for his precious car.
  16. I think I can vaguely remember someone called Janice, don’t know if this is the same person. Did they live towards the bottom of the close, opposite end to the green?
  17. This is the second time I have had 2 dogs, first time it was a bitch that had a litter and we kept a pup. It was fascinating to see her teach him things and even though he was a lot bigger than her she could back him up if he did something she didn’t like. She was definitely the boss. My present 2 boys, although they are brothers from same litter, have such different personalities. Kai is very laid back, takes everything in his stride, Wolf is definitely more needy and does need a lot of assurance. Luckily he instantly fell in love with my sister, he absolutely adores her and it is recipricated by her. She would love to have a dog but works long hours so can’t, think my 2 boys are one if the reasons she wanted me to move down here. Glad to report that Kai is back to normal now after his vet adventure. I think my sister was surprised at amount of vet bill but I would rather go without to make sure they are okay.
  18. Think it was about 1965/66 when we left, used to live at no. 12, had an enormous garden front and rear. It rings a bell but can’t place them, do you know any Christian names of kids. Can remember the Chambers who live across from us and the Pugsleys who had a Great Dane called Pongo. There were twin girls who lived a bit further up, Lillian and Doreen I think they were called. Didn’t know any of the families who lived at top of Close round the green, they weren’t in our gang. Also Fat Micheal who liver down the bottom, bit politically incorrect that now and the Tomlinsons that lived near him, seem to remember their lad was called Leslie.
  19. Had to take one of my boys to (new) vet this morning, his brother went as well. He wasn’t himself yesterday, just laid down doing dog eyes and didn’t really want to move. Same first thing this morning, I got up at 5 to see how he was. As soon as my sister arrived and we got leads out he was back to normal. Decided to take him just to be on safe side, they had a whale of a time, all these new doggie friends to meet, except the snappy chihuahua. Vet couldn’t find anything so clean bill of health, but I did get their flea treatment. Took them to park for a run, everything as normal. They are now napping, I am exhausted! Think I may have been conned
  20. We moved there while I was at Bilborough Grammar, lived on Huxley Close before then. Left from Huxley to go to school and went to Staverton when we finished school. That is so interesting, our house wasn’t built in that picture. I presume the land to the left will eventually be Harvey Hadden?
  21. Yes that is it. I used to have them all the time, two of my favourites nuts and fudge. Used to have a very distinctive taste.
  22. I can remember my Nan putting goose grease on our chests if we had a chesty cough don’t know if it really was. Red flannel round your throat if it was sore. She used to do a lemon and honey mix for yout sore throat as well.
  23. Anyone listen to podcasts? I have just finished Thinking Sideways pod bay, now listening to True Crime All The Time Solved & Unsolved. Any other interesting ones out there?
  24. Got thru the evening with no trick treaters. Shame will have to eat the sweets myself