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    Walking and breathing at the same time, which is getting slightly harder. Playing terrible electric guitar, getting more and more nostalgic about Bulwell and Transport.

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  1. I can recall my Dad coming back from our shop in Eastwood with some very fine clocks which belonged to Major Barber. The only clock I can remember was an alabaster and gilt French Boudoir Clock which finished up with my mother in her bedroom which looked very grand amongst some rather simple furniture ( I hope my Dad bought it!)
  2. That's a relief...if you could just tell me where I am I'll be happy or even better who I am! I like your pix but could I suggest that a Yorkshire flat hat is more comfortable. I just wonder if meeting outside the Lions' on Slab square is still a meeting place, it worked for me 52 years ago!
  3. Was feeling a need for a bit of nostalgia but found out through some of the replies that my Dad had only one arm, had 2 different shops that I never knew about or else didn't exist at all! Which leaves me wondering if I'm just a figment of my imagination, but my Wife reassures me that I'm certainly still around but suggests an increase of the medication. Why is it that when you return to look at your childhood house it's smaller and seems like it was inhabited by the "borrowers! Who ever took away Northern Bridge?
  4. Throughout life, which in my case is four score years and ten I've met some incredibly stupid people who went to Cambridge etc, with degrees and some brilliant intellectuals who left school at 15 and never passed an examination ion there lives. It's all down to being able to observe and learn. The problem at the moment is that those in the decision making process are not there for their ability or experience even though they may know all the political dogma etc. and couldn't run a whelk stall. Don't know if this really helps the discussion but I'm glad I got it off my chest...back to the tablets.
  5. Used to work at Oscrofts in the early sixties, launch of the HA Vivas ( Brabham tuning was a badge and a change of air filters!) The problem was that the cars arrived without undersealing, six months later having started to rust they were sold having had unseal applied at customers request without removing rust! Result instant decay etc. Collected new cars from depots around England, raced back at speeds to make valves bounce and then delivered to customers and told to run them in...result, you guess. Happy days.
  6. Just past Northern Bridge was the "Brough Superior" factory and I can recall seeing the Brough Car owned by George sitting outside. I believe they used to close of part of the road near Noel Street for speed trials of the Motorbikes, but never saw myself. Northern Baths was a daily swim for me and I'm still happier in water than anything else allthough my wifes ties the bricks too tight!
  7. I hope Penny's mother didn't find out!! Coming from a posh lot I only used soveriegns.
  8. I feel even older, that's where I lived, can't help who your relatives are!! Went back several years ago and was surprised how small it was, used to hide between the sleepers on the railway at the back and let trains run over me, health and safety would have a fit. My brother was far more sensible, although perhaps not now!
  9. Sorry it's an old thread, but the Chemists was Turners whose son I used to go to school with who drowned on holiday which was my earliest memory of being aware that we didn't live for ever!!