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  1. Will2017

    County high school Arnold

    Hi Cynthia, I attended ACHS for two years from 1959 before moving to Rushcliffe. We were in the same classes for those years. Regards, Will2017
  2. Will2017

    How's your day?

    Whilst driving on the Gold Coast(Queensland) I sighted a car with the number plate "AYEUP".
  3. Will2017

    Looking for Jill Blanksby

    Jill Blanksby, and her sister Wendy, worked at the Nottingham District Land Registry. Regards, Will2017
  4. I remember the "pretty garden" on Cavendish Road. I also remember walking across the "Alps" and Rusher Field. I never heard the allotments being called "Robin Hood" allotments. The houses on and around the Campbell Drive were commenced in the early 1950s. Regards, Will2017
  5. Will2017

    Car dealers

    The workshop was located on Highfield Drive.
  6. Will2017

    Nottingham Palais

    The first left guy is Mike Jameson. Sons and Lovers together with other Nottingham Bands are able to be found on the playedinaband.com site. Regards, Will2017
  7. Will2017

    County high school Arnold

    Hi Graham, welcome to the Forum, I joined in December 2017. I went to ACHS for two years before moving to Rushcliffe. When at ACHS I remember you being called "Ed". Do you still like baseball? Regards, Will2017
  8. Will2017

    Then and Now

    my cousin wrote the stage play and had two publications about charlie Peace. Regards, Will2017
  9. Will2017

    County high school Arnold

    Geoff Heeley was a friend of mine at Rushcliffe TGS. We sat at the same dinner table for a few years. Geoff became a police officer in Wales but unfortunately has passed away. i was working at the same organisation as Mike Hill when he had his tragic accident. Regards, Will2017
  10. My wife and I used RR engined Vanden Plas Princesses at our wedding held at St.Paul's Daybrook.




    1. Waddo


      And a fine day that must have been, wafting along to the chateau in complete comfort. I have heard it said that the VP princess 4 ltr  r was just as good as the real thing.

    2. Will2017


      It certainly was.

  11. Hi Paradiddle, thank you for the reply. I did not know Pete Mee or Graham Pearce-I attended Rushcliffe Technical Grammar School and not Cavendish SMS. My first post dated 27 January 2018 contains more info. Three of the Tykons, who went to Cavendish and were in a school group called the Cavochords, asked me to join them. We went to a music night at the school and asked a singer (who also went to Cavendish) to join. There are pics of the Tykons, Litter and Younger Generation on the playedinaband.com website. On the site there are also pictures of various groups with other former Tykons members. Ishould have posted some of the group info. on the Nottingham Bands in the 60s thread. Regards, Will
  12. Hi Paradiddle, I was the bass player in the Tykons. I am pleased you enjoyed the Gedling Secondary Modern gig in 1964 and that it inspired you to seek out more live music. The 1960's live music scene in Nottingham was great with so many groups and venues. Regards, Will2017
  13. Will2017

    The Chateau, Wilford Lane

    My wife and I had our wedding reception at the Chateau.
  14. Bitterlings moved to Stoke Lane under the name FMC Products.

  15. Will2017


    Thank you for your reply AfferGorritt, I would enjoy seeing the photographs. Trivia-in a post by Karlton dated 7 February 2015 4th Carlton scouts are mentioned. Former Scout Leader Frank Maddison is my uncle. He was a drummer in the scout band. Gerald Maddison played a bugle. Unfortunately, Gerald passed away a few years ago. Regards, Will2017