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  1. Hi Ben, thank you for your reply.
  2. Hi Benjamin1945, did Katrina from Carlton have an Eastern European surname? Regards, Will2017
  3. The first band in which I played performed, along with other bands, at the then Sherwood Rooms. All bands used BEL amps. My own amp. was a Vox. Regards, Will2017
  4. When I first moved to AustraliaI I also had a straight six Holden with a three speed column change. Fortunately, I soon changed that for a much better vehicle.
  5. Hi DJ360, thank you for your reply. I remember most of the bands and knew some of their members. It was a great era for different genres of music both live and recorded. Regards, Will2017
  6. Hi DJ360, Thank you for your comment. The 360 was a good club for live entertainment. Tiny Davis was the singer in Tiny Davis Souls A Go-Go. From recollection,prior to members leaving,the band had lead and bass guitars, drums,keyboard, two saxes,trumpet and female backing singers. Tiny was asked to join Litter after the original singer,Win Jones, left. Tiny (Vic Johnson) was the singer in the Newtones whose bass player later played in the Reg Guest Trio.
  7. DJ 360, I was the bass player in Litter-played at the 360 Club. You may have the DJ. Regards, Will2017
  8. The playedinaband site has information on these groups.I used to sing ""Somethin' Else" in one band in which I played. Will2017
  9. My cousin is the author of the book. Regards, Will 2017
  10. Playwright,scriptwriter and author Michael Eaton M.B.E. is my cousin. Regards, Will 2017
  11. Rob Duffy was a member of the Tykons before he was in the Children. He and I were original members of the Tykons. Regards, Will 2017
  12. Hi Edgar, John Decara and I sat the same dinner table when we were at Rushcliffe. Like you I have not seen John for over 40 years which was approximately two years before I moved to Australia. Good luck, I hope you are able to locate him. Regards, Will 2017
  13. Hi Cynthia, I attended ACHS for two years from 1959 before moving to Rushcliffe. We were in the same classes for those years. Regards, Will2017
  14. Whilst driving on the Gold Coast(Queensland) I sighted a car with the number plate "AYEUP".
  15. Jill Blanksby, and her sister Wendy, worked at the Nottingham District Land Registry. Regards, Will2017