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  1. The photography company was Wrates. Regards, Will2017
  2. It was located near The Oval cricket ground. Regards,Will2017
  3. Played a few times at Digby College Saturday night dances. Regards,will2017
  4. Supported Brian Poole and the Tremeloes at a Manchester gig. Regards,Will2017
  5. I used to know Graham, and drummer Steve Hardy, before the Marbles. Regards,Will2017
  6. The duration (4 Hours) is too long considering it only took seconds to catch the Delta variant. It is too drastic a change so early in the "living with covid" phase and too narrow in its scope. What about work places? People will baulk at paying for the RAT when they can have the PCR test for free in spite of the excessively long queues and wait times.Will2017
  7. I bought a Vox AC 30 amp. and a guitar fro Papworths. Will2017
  8. Paul Jones using the pseudonym Sheila McLeod wrote "I Want To know" that was recorded by Ten Years After. Regards,Will2017 '
  9. There used to be access to Huckerby's (Rusher) field from Cavendish Road approximately opposite Belper Avenue.There was a well in the garden of of the house on the right hand side, I think it could have been a market garden. I thought that the Hatton family lived in the house. Regards, Will2017
  10. We, "The Litter" asked Tiny to join the band after "Souls A Go Go" had broken up and we played twice at the 360 as was mentioned in one of your earlier posts. Regards,Will
  11. I played in the support band to the Big Three at the Elizabethan Rooms in 1964. The Big Three members were Johnny Hutchinson-drums,Paul Pilnick-lead guitar and Faron Ruffley-bass guitar. The Big Three arrived with no pa so used ours. Will2017
  12. Unfortunately I do not any further info. The EP and N archives would be the most reliable source of info. Good luck in your research. Regards,Will2017.
  13. Hi Barrald, welcome. My recollection is that a female was found deceased by her young daughter. Regards, Will2017
  14. Hi Dick, the playedinaband site has some excellent information. Regards,Will2017